H2000 wrote on 11/10/2004, 11:57 AM
Well, I don't really know if they are ready for it, but:

1.) Fix the track pan so that it is like versions 1-4
2.) Allow Busses to send to Assignable FX
3.) Rewire Master mode for use with ACID5

That is about all I need, but tempo mapping could be useful also.
H2000 wrote on 11/10/2004, 12:01 PM
Oops - I forgot the UAD-1 issue. One easy way to fix that is to allow VST effects (it's already implemented in ACID5).
CDM wrote on 11/10/2004, 1:09 PM
I think it probably is time. As a beta-tester, I know that by the time the beta comes out, it'll be too late to add anything major, so best to get things on their list now and let them know just how important what things are to how many people.

I know they read this stuff and they do listen.
RickZ wrote on 11/10/2004, 2:27 PM
1. I've been wondering why the .NET stuff was forced upon us w. V5. What purpose does it serve ?

2. I'd used V4 for live recording with good results for several concerts, no gaps in audio, but first time out with V5, 2 gaps which I didn't notice until a customer pointed them out and I had to replace 30 CD-R's from backup DAT. After reverting to V4, I've done 2 concerts with no problems at all, and I've listened to every minute of them. Using RME Multiface/Cardbus, ASIO.

Rick Z
Cold wrote on 11/10/2004, 5:15 PM
1.Feedback to motorized control surface faders in the generic mode.
(This is the main reason I did not upgrade last time)
2.Tempo mapping.
3.VST support
Cold wrote on 11/10/2004, 5:30 PM
midi and soft synth support.
PipelineAudio wrote on 11/10/2004, 7:01 PM
1. Tempo Mapping

2. Sensible, long overdue, real world useability issues, that bring vegas the last 2 or 3 inches to being a True PT Killer, such as

2a) Senisble routing, including ways to get directly out without panning

2b) ASIO DM, no more excuses, latency free monitoring with the ability, as in all the other major players to control both the input path and the playback path in one seamless motion. In Nuendo and Samplitude, this is already implemented and working under both software fader control and the mackie control

3. Related to the above, the ability to make and control separate cue mixes, latency free from the software under ASIO DM

4. Related to above, under ASIO DM, true sends and returns latency free to external hardware devices for mixing and tracking this is already implemented fine in other apps

5. Efficiency, bring vegas back up to the position of worlds most efficient app, give us more tracks and fx ability per the same CPU as when we used to womp on nuendo

6. Make the keyboard preference and control surface preference assignment UI something that resembles normal sonic foundry apps in ease of use and intuitiveness. A little box will let you hit a key and it will tell you where it is assigned no muss no fuss.

7.Bring back the easy right click pitch shift UI, with the little boxes for quick change of cents and pitch as in Vegas 4

8. Same as 2, bring back a sensible routing, with further enhancements to make buss, aux and assignable fx all separate useful functions

9. SOME WAY whether in vegas or without so we can record midi while we record audio
ibliss wrote on 11/10/2004, 7:43 PM
Pipe -
re the pitch change thing, do you not find the V5 incarnation fast?
+/ - for 1xsemitone change up/down

Ctrl & +/- for changes in cents up/down

Shift & +/- for changes in octaves up/down

Ctrl & Shift & +/- for pitch reset to original pitch

You can also select mulitple events and pitch shift them at the same time. Values stay relative.
PipelineAudio wrote on 11/10/2004, 9:10 PM
that way is cool, but then I need to "show active take names in events" (which I have assigned to a switch on the mackie control) in order to tell whats going on. Vegas performs much better for me when the mackie control is inactive, so sometimes I'd like to use the right click UI. I miss the old one and dont understand why it had to go away
PipelineAudio wrote on 11/11/2004, 1:39 AM
slap me in the face I forgot : OMF support! Lets stop playing catchup 3 or four generations behind everyone else
Geoff_Wood wrote on 11/11/2004, 1:47 AM
- Integrated project (VEG file + media) archiving to CD/DVD

- "LOCK" buttons per track, or at least R-click option (it's so easy to accidentally alter something, then it takes forever to figure what you altered and fix it).

- extra plugin chainer *per event* . Alternative to using envelopes - split and put the wanted plug on the desired bit only.

- "Remove and delete unused media" command , to clean out all those unwanted old takes in one foul swoop.

- Rewire

- At least one simple single synchronised MIDI playback track.

.... more later...

stakeoutstudios wrote on 11/11/2004, 2:52 AM
When events are grouped, event fades and fade changes should also be grouped.

Import MIDI Tempo maps

TEMPO CHANGES!!!, decent grid / bar / zoom.

Enhanced bussable metronome, with ability to add sub beats (I.E. Boss Dr. Beat Drum machine)

Broadcast wave!

All manner of export to other program friendly methods!

Rewire to give us MIDI sequencing functionality.

When copying / pasting groouped events, CTRL + drag should drag the entire group without having to highlight the whole group.

Glue tool - to glue together split audio events.

VST FX, to improve the CPU usage when using UAD1 powered plugins.

Folder tracks.

Optimised audio engine, especially for projects with thousands of events.

Status indicator for whenever Vegas is thinking, I.E. grouping 800 odd audio splits takes some time!

Render crossfades option to ease computer strain?

Freeze functionality!

I love Vegas dearly, but there seems to be progressively more and more work demanding these features, and I really don't want to move to another application. The interface here is so sensible and seamless. I feel like we've been waiting for years for Vegas to blossom could six finally be the answer?

Interested in beta testing this one - email (aka webpuppy from the old boards)
stakeoutstudios wrote on 11/11/2004, 3:21 AM
I almost forgot! Add/Remove/Bypass/Enable plugins seamlessly with no gapping during playback or record!

Maybe that's impossible?

Sure would make sessions smoother and easier!
HM wrote on 11/11/2004, 5:01 AM
look at steinberg / pro-tools / cakewalk and yourself (acid) : then you know what is missing and where you (sony) are better.
HM wrote on 11/11/2004, 5:01 AM
look at steinberg / pro-tools / cakewalk and yourself (acid) : then you know what is missing and where you (sony) are better.
BWO wrote on 11/11/2004, 7:28 AM
1.Real-time event FX to audio clips.
Use of real-time FX on audio clips without rendering or using complex track FX envelopes.

2. Nested timelines
Timeline nesting that will preserve premixed surround information.
ibliss wrote on 11/11/2004, 8:09 AM
Please can we FINALLY have the audio track names displayed in the plugin chainer window, as per video tracks, instead of 'audio track 1, 2 3 etc.
PipelineAudio wrote on 11/11/2004, 11:00 AM
"Status indicator for whenever Vegas is thinking, I.E. grouping 800 odd audio splits takes some time!

Render crossfades option to ease computer strain?

See Im not the only one who notices the Vegas "edit limit"
stakeoutstudios wrote on 11/11/2004, 12:06 PM
whoa nelly.. big one I forgot here!

The ability to apply non-realtime event FX to multiple events! So annoying it greys out at the moment. This would be a major major time saver!

Also realtime event FX would be a nice option.
stakeoutstudios wrote on 11/11/2004, 12:17 PM
yeah pipe, it's painful sometimes! The higher the edit count the slower vegas gets!

I got an improvement running the paging file on a different hard-drive to the multitrack audio....

I'm thinking perhaps upgrading the ram from 512 MB to 2-3GB may ease the situation?

Streak wrote on 11/11/2004, 2:14 PM
Please make a way to lock events in time and still edit them. ie: trim edit front and back, level changes, fade changes. Now if you lock an event and need to change it you have to unlock it and risk slipping it out of sync.

Also a better way of importing and naming CD audio. Maybe the ability to import as different file types as well.
adowrx wrote on 11/11/2004, 2:37 PM
Deja Vu all over again. arrrgghhhh.
CDM wrote on 11/11/2004, 3:25 PM
If you don't think that the Vegas team looks at this, you're wrong. They do. The only problem is that it's hard to consolidate these threads and make a list of the "most asked for features" Maybe someone will when this is done.

Anyway, here's my list:

1) better time stretching. Could always be better, especially with voice only.

2) pitch envelopes

3) tempo envelopes

4) ability to record in different formats (i.e. .pca, aif, etc.)

5) ability to archive to .pca (save and copy - choose file format)

6) an envelope drawing tool

7) better plugin chainer and preset management: in other words, plugin chains and presets should behave the way files do. When they are altered in any way, an asterisk should be placed by the name so we know it's been modified. We should also be asked if we want to save over an existing chain in Vegas when saving with the name of an existing chain (duh). Also, when opeing a project that already has a chain loaded, it should show you the chain name and not just Untitled.

8) A media manager would be nice, if you can work out the kinks from Acid 5. I'd love a way to organize all my SFX

9) Nested timelines

10) True solo behavior

11) Lock events but still allow editing and trimming.

12) remove all unused takes and media

13) Event plugins

14) OMF integration!!

15) Folder tracks and hidden tracks

16) hide markers and regions command

17) copy and paste effects from track to track (or drag and drop)

more to come...!
wazer wrote on 11/11/2004, 4:46 PM
I saw many-many of my wishes in your list, but let me give you (and hopefully Sony) my plusses.

When a new folder "take" is created, i wanna loop it "logically" - without "phisically" copying the datas inside. It's really unnecessary to for eg. copy the kick drums through the whole song. And (almost) impossible to bulid a perfect 4/4 while listening the pre-mixed 32/4 refrain. And the CPU power..

2. SWING FACTOR. I think the perfect 16th is painful to the most rock and "live" music. Is this really hard to implement the swing to the grid? (in%)
I do mostly quantizing live tracks, and they're crying for this!!

3. FADES WITH NON ZERO-START/END. This should be done by pushing up the start/end point of the fade. ("pre-compression")


5. BETTER TIMESTRETCH. Or at "least" a bridge to 3rd party app. (TimeFactory for eg..)

6. EASY SAMPLER-TYPE PITCH. I can not do a simple pitch corr., couse the time-corrected-pitch-shifter is programmed to the +/- keys. Right click, properties.... c'mon..

7. SEAMLESS MEDIA UPDATES. This is very frustrating to me. I use min. 2-3 instances of Vegas at the same time on the same computer to keep my edits "managable".. (more than tons of...) I render the 1st session and use that file in the 2nd session. And if that's not fit perfectly i do the changes in the 1st, and render again with the same name as before. In this situation sometimes the 1st sess. says something like "that media is used by another app..".. Not always...

8. ADD TAKES TO THE TAKES FROM THE TIMELINE. (i'm perfect take fanatic..)