skeeter123 wrote on 5/6/2016, 2:29 AM
Couple of quickies: (mainly looking at Resolve)

Frameserving compatibility? I get great results at 8Mbps streams from VP13> DeBugMode> Ripbot264 from 1080p60 source... IOW, how are the render engines from GoPro and DJI mp4 sources...

I use SonicFire Pro music scoring software and the integrated scripting in VP13 is sooooo easy...

Anyone with experience with these two?


K-Decisive wrote on 5/6/2016, 8:21 AM
"hold ALT and zoom with the wheel."

vtxrocketeer , you are my hero!

Wolfgang S. (and others)
"I do not know what Kind of footage you edit "

I've been using it for last few years with my BMCC for RAW and prores. I also work with footage from the 4k ( I hate the cmosis sensor ).
and some C100 stuff. For the 100, I had to develop a weird process due to the file naming convention. It involves some batch files and
doing some search and replace in the xml. It's the same issue in Prem. Resolve doesn't understand file paths and defaults to timecode.

With the BM cams, I think of Resolve as the second part of the camera. Prcocesses like NR, sharpening, LUTs happen there instead of the hardware level.

cineform is great for two reasons:
1) .AVI container, no more .mov issues
2) Plus it seems to render out of resolve substantially faster then DNX or anything else, not sure why that is.

I have a full license of Resolve beasue of the BMCC, and it has the GPU noise reduction in it, which is priceless. I think of it as an
external renderer for vegas. I've played around with 4.6 stuff too. Amazing, but they need a couple months to work out the bugs in manufaturing.

"Use an external grading application"
I guess it depends on the project, but I use it for everything either single pass or round trip. I like the idea
of going back to the source footage to minimize rendering generations. There are certain things only Resolve can do (well).
FWIW the CC process in Vegas is very similar to resolve, so it's a simple transition (sort of).
You just need to go through the learning curve for a week or two.

"Resolve or Catalyst?"
Resolve. Catalyst is a very sad joke, I've already wasted a couple hours of my life on it, but that's been beaten to death already.

I need to look at Edius at some point. I gave Light works a whirl, which was ok. I just can't get past losing all the audio features in Vegas.
Vegas is really unique. On one hand it's a video NLE competing with the likes of prem and FC. At the same time it's also a DAW
competing with the likes of Pro tools, Sonar, Audition, etc. What else does that?
Wolfgang S. wrote on 5/6/2016, 1:02 PM
"When my Shogun is updated to record CDNG, I'll import into Resolve, export an HD proxy (Cineform), cut that in Vegas, then export an XML back to Resolve for the grade on original CDNG sequences. I've done this with DNxHD source material and it's really slick."
What camera are you using? An FS7? As far as I know the conversion to DDNG with the Shogun works for Sony raw only.

I love Cineform too, because it allows me to edit my Shogun footage in Vegas with 10bit 422 (after conversion from ProRes).

I would have loved to use Catalyst Prepare for the grading - but Prepare still does not allow the ProRes Import. I agree with you that Resolve has some superior Features compard to Prepare - but we have Resolve now in Version 12.5 but Prepare in Version 2. I like Resolve but have not a lot of experience with it - but the grading Interface of Prepare is better, to my opinion. But there are a lot of other Features where Prepare is not able to Keep up with Resolve yet.

Terje wrote on 5/8/2016, 3:07 AM
I moved to PP somewhere around the middle of Vegas 11. I have bought every upgrade since, hoping against hope that SCS would eventually fix Vegas. Having a big Windows rig, FCP was never an option, but for various reasons I am now in possession of a Mac, and when vacation strikes, I will spend a few days looking into FCP X too. It looks like an attractive alternative, and even though PP works, I don't really like the work flow.

Maybe I'll become a Mac dude in my old age :-)
John222 wrote on 5/8/2016, 8:14 AM
I've been working with Davinci Resolve lately. Really liking it so far, but I still have some learning to do in combining nodes. Amazing how you can selectively apply color correction and enhancement using trackers and mask.
Former user wrote on 5/8/2016, 8:21 AM
I find it interesting that a lot of people suggest using Resolve as an alternative to Vegas. But then they suggest using the FREE version. How long can software be produced and distributed if it is FREE? What will happen to the converts when DaVinci decides to charge you for it? What if they go to a subscription? Free can't last forever.
John222 wrote on 5/8/2016, 8:37 AM
Blackmagic sells pro hardware. The paid version of Resolve and Fusion offer the things big studios need, rather than most of us. The free version is an indoctrination to their products.

Depending what you do, even if you had to pay it saves you money. It can do everything Beauty Box can do and better with active tracked mask. The biggest advantage of BCC10 is tracking and it does that.

It's a nice package, especially for me because I hate plugins. They cost money and they are always tied to versions.

Just my 2 cents

Former user wrote on 5/8/2016, 8:40 AM
John222, that is true and I assume you wouldn't pay the $1000 or so for the full version software, so you would not be an ideal customer. How much would you be willing to pay for the FREE version?
Wolfgang S. wrote on 5/8/2016, 9:11 AM
I do not think that people suggest Resolve to be used instead of Vegas. But it is a very great extension that can be used as a preparation tool to edit footage in Vegas. I test at the moment Resolve 12.5 beta 2, and so far it looks great.

I do not know if it will be free forever, but at the moment it comes free. Maybe it will be a nice idea to purchase a Blackmagic camera anyway - since units like the Sony FS5/7 tends to become outdated anyway (with their old hdmi 1.4 and SDI 3G interfaces what is terrible).
John222 wrote on 5/8/2016, 9:40 AM
Why not instead of Vegas? What doesn't it do?
deusx wrote on 5/8/2016, 10:03 AM
Resolve is a joke.

On an older laptop it crashes without doing anything, on a new laptop with nvidia 970 playback is about 1frame per 5 seconds, no matter what, .avi, mp4, etc......

Even if you do get it to work there is a whole bunch of stuff in there that just boggles the mind. Like it was programmed by chimps on acid. Such obvious and common sense stuff completely bonkers or missing altogether.

I am sure a machine can be built that will run it, but why bother it's 2016. If they can't get it to run on a top of the line laptop in 2016 I am sorry, I will pass.

Fusion is far more complicated and it does everything resolve will do + 1000 other things and it runs great on both of these laptops.. I hope blackmagic doesn't screw with it further and release version that runs like resolve.
There is just no excuse for this kind of crap.

So to answer the question above. Resolve doesn't do anything on a lot of pretty good hardware. If I wanted software that I have to use hardware specifically built for I'd go with AVID.

Looks like Vegas + Fusion for the foreseeable future.

Wolfgang S. wrote on 5/8/2016, 12:22 PM
"I am sure a machine can be built that will run it"

Well I have here such a machine. And the Playback of UHD footage works here like a charm. It is a 8 core i7 5960X with a R9 390X with 8GB. For the preview I have a Decklink4K Extreme.

So such a machine can be build. Maybe it is not as cheap as you wish - but that is another story.

vtxrocketeer wrote on 5/8/2016, 1:11 PM
@deusx, why the vitriole? On the matter of Resolve, BMD couldn't be more clear on published computer specs that will run Resolve for HD, 4k, etc. Off-the-shelf laptops typically will not cut it. Most of Resolve forum users' rigs, like mine, are fire-breathing monsters, often with multiple high-end GPUs.

Like it or hate it, the fact that BMD tells you what you need to have removes some mystery. Vegas seems a lot of more forgiving in its hardware needs, but also somewhat less clear.
deusx wrote on 5/8/2016, 1:48 PM
Because my laptops are not exactly off the shelf. They are $2500 laptops and because Vegas, Fusion and any 3D app like Softimage run on them without any problems.

The fact that resolve won't just shows how badly it's coded. Resolve doesn't do 1/4 of what Softimage or Fusion do processing wise. There is no reason for it to be slow at all.

Resolve is the only program behaving like this so far
Wolfgang S. wrote on 5/8/2016, 2:10 PM
Have you set Vegas to 32bit floating Point Modus, if you compare it with Resolve? And then you have a better performance with Vegas? Do not think so.
Kinvermark wrote on 5/8/2016, 2:17 PM
I have been testing resolve 12.5 BETA for two weeks now and it has not crashed - not even ONCE.

Performance with 'optimized' media (quick/easy proxy system) is great.

Many "vegas like" editing features exist.

Definitely NOT a joke!

deusx wrote on 5/8/2016, 2:49 PM
Vegas runs at full frame rate on both laptops no matter what the setting 8bit, 32 bit, best/full. ( HD video )

Fusion, Softimage, DXO, Samplitude with usually 5-6 software synths and a bunch of plugins + a dozen audio files, no hickups at all.

Resolve is simply crap code, leftover from its $10,000+ days.

I don't doubt that it will run well on some systems, just like AVID always has, but in 2016 there is simply no reason for such bull$hit. It should run on any decent machine like all these other programs do.

And it lies too. When you install it it checks your system, CPU, GPU and told me I should have no problems unless doing heavy color correction, then it chokes just trying to play back a simple clip with no color correction at all.

Well, anyway. I have been using Fusion for 10 years. It can do all the color correcting one needs + a 1000 other things resolve will never do.

>>>>>I have been testing resolve 12.5 BETA for two weeks now and it has not crashed - not even ONCE<<<

Vegas has not crashed since 2005 here. At least.
Wolfgang S. wrote on 5/8/2016, 3:01 PM
Sure but what kind of footage do you use? Go into UHD 10bit, even with Sony Vegas friendly codecs like Cineform (native implemented in Vegas) or XAVC. Set Vegas to 32bit floating point and then compare. I love Vegas but sorry to say so: in terms of playback performance Resolve will be superior to Vegas, especially after adding some effects to the footage.

So I would not say that Resolve is a joke. Maybe your hardware is not compatble with Resolve, but that is another point.
vtxrocketeer wrote on 5/8/2016, 4:10 PM
Before I invested in Resolve, I was dismayed that Vegas did not offer smooth (full rate) playback of 4k UHD or full 4k source material, here DNxHQ, even at 8-bit color depth. No FX. At 32-bit depth, timeline playback in Vegas all but halts.

In Resolve, 4k timeline playback is butter smooth, and introducing its noise reduction so far is the only thing that will slow playback. Why? I don't know. I don't care. Resolve hits the GPU really hard, and my GPU isn't exactly a slouch.

I don't mean to suggest that my experience negates yours (deusx), but clearly something about Resolve's coding likes my rig more than Vegas does.

BTW, how is your media organized on your laptop? For a point of comparison, my source media is on a RAID-5 set of HDD's, whilst Resolve and all other apps (and Windows) are on an SSD.
set wrote on 5/8/2016, 6:48 PM
Comparing 12.5 Beta1 and 2 to Release 12 version of Resolve in my system 1,

on Release 12 (Win7) last year, sometimes I got crash during startup and AMD ATI Catalyst driver require restarting.
But, on 12.5 recent Beta (Win10), I got no issue on any startup session, even after running other application such as Sony Vegas. Everything goes smooth, except when I accessing OpenFX (or Edit Tab for the first time), it crashes. So the next time I run, the OpenFX is disabled.

NewBlueFX TotalFX3 and Red Giant Universe OFX installed. No idea which FX causes the problem. (or due to underspec 1GB GPU of my Radeon?)

Resolve depends heavily on GPU, as stated here:, so that's why I'm still thinking decide on how should I upgrade. I have Radeon 5750 installed right now, and I'm thinking to add R9 380x.
But, the other 'complexity' I must think, is that my CPU case is not large enough for attaching this long card! And, probably the Power Supply must be upgraded too (already 650W).

Another my personal question is, how far I will depends on DaVinci Resolve 12.5 or future 13 and later versions? I better answer this first by planning learning this book first before seriously doing hardware upgrade.

John222 wrote on 5/8/2016, 9:17 PM
If your having speed issues, you might want to check out this thread. It helped my system a lot.
deusx wrote on 5/9/2016, 12:39 AM
Just normal HD footage from Pana GH4. I even rendered out samples from Vegas to a number of different formats to import into Resolve, nothing works in Resolve.

On one laptop resolve only lists integrated Intel 4600GPU, It doesn't even see nVidia card and there is no way to change that. In Vegas you can choose.

All of this footage runs at full speed even when set to 32 bit in Vegas, preview best/full. In Resolve it does not play at all, it's literally a frame every 4-5 seconds.

Vegas and Resolve installed on same laptops, so it is not storage ( SSD ) or GPU issue, it is a Resolve issue.

Thanks for the link. I have seen those and tried Resolve mauals and support pages. Just does not work.

So I guess Resolve has some unResolved issues here.
deusx wrote on 5/9/2016, 1:02 AM

Figured something out. It's actually a Resolve vs. sound interface issue ( at least on one laptop ).

Unplugging RME fireface, playback is fine but that's not a solution.

In Vegas you can easily pick what to use for audio and video, in Resolve I can't pick anything, obviously geniuses over there need to brush up on some common sense.
deusx wrote on 5/9/2016, 8:48 AM
OK, if anybody runs into the same problem ( common with laptops and poorly designed software ).

It's exactly the same thing that used to happen with AVID 10 years ago ( maybe still does ).

Resolve cannot decide what exactly to use for audio. In Vegas you can choose ASIO or something else. In Resolve you only have a checkbox next to use system audio and it does absolutely nothing in this case because Resolve has no clue what exactly system audio is.

The workaround is to go into device manager and disable on board sound chip. Then you can use your USB or Firewire interface and things seem perfectly fine.
When you take your laptop on the road for other reasons you will have to turn the on board chip back on if you want sound.