K-Decisive wrote on 5/9/2016, 2:56 PM
"Resolve is a joke."

I would guess It's used on about half of the feature films out there. It is high end mojo s&$t. I did my first DCP with it (and DCP free) last year, it's a monster.

It's worth using for the GPU acceleration alone.

I have one dongle that I move back and forth between two machines. A newer win8.1 with a 970 and a 6 year old PC with a 780.
I had a 580 in it originally and that worked too. Resolve isn't really meant to run on laptops, most people who do get the souped up
asus laptops with the high end nvidia cards in them.

I don't cut with it yet, it's still not as easy as vegas for editing, but that wasn't really my point. Going forward, it's essential to work with the new cameras. They're all higher res, deeper bit depth, log, etc. It's really the best way to deal with them.

For most of us, just run proxies and cut away on your laptop with vegas.

Resolve has it's share of bugs like anything, I would say I have the same amount with vegas in my experience.

"Why use Vegas"

Audio. Can't stress this enough.
Resolve has a long way to go on audio and like most NLEs will never get to what Vegas is on the audio side.
deusx wrote on 5/10/2016, 3:27 AM
>>>>Resolve isn't really meant to run on laptops, most people who do get the souped up
asus laptops with the high end nvidia cards in them.<<<<

All of my laptops are exactly that, only most of them are Clevo, just one Asus.
It should run on all of them without problems. Everything else does, including far more complex 3D and compositing programs.

Anyway, I can now use Resolve on the latest one if necessary. Once I figured out that it was the onboard audio and disabled it, runs smoothly.

I will keep it installed just in case. Vegas + Fusion is still the way to go.
sonycreativesoftwarebug wrote on 5/12/2016, 8:08 AM
What kind of graphics card do you use for Resolve
deusx wrote on 5/15/2016, 3:13 AM
If you are asking me it's nVidia 970 series
Wolfgang S. wrote on 5/15/2016, 4:37 AM
Here it is an AMD R9 390X with 8GB. My quadro K4200 works too but has only 4GB -and 8GB are recommended for UHD in resolve. So since I edit UHD footage I disable the quadro in my system before I start resolve.

Desktop: PC AMD 3960X, 24x3,8 Mhz * GTX 3080 Ti * Blackmagic Extreme 4K 12G * Atomos Sumo * QNAP Max8 10 Gb Lan * Blackmagic Pocket 6K Pro, EVA1, FS7

Laptop: ProArt Studiobook 16 OLED (ProArt Studiobook 16 OLED (i9 12900H with i-GPU Iris XE, 32 GB Ram. Geforce RTX 3070 TI 8GB) with internal HDR preview on the laptop monitor
HDR monitor: ProArt Monitor PA32 UCG

VideoFreq wrote on 5/19/2016, 12:09 AM
I agree with many that changing just because Vegas Pro is end of life doesn't make it irrelevant. If you stay, you will have to endure some name calling though, from the FCXP users.....

But just to make the obvious more relevant, the word Vegas was mentioned 289 times. That includes the deduct for the forum headers used. DaVinci Resolve = 151; Edius = 31; Catalyst = 15; Hitfilm = 15 and Apple FCXP = 11. It's not scientific but it seems obvious that Sony Creative Software is going to lose its base. Catalyst appears to be the impetus for change.
Terje wrote on 6/30/2016, 2:00 AM
@deusx >> Resolve is a joke.

By your definition, so is Vegas. I run Premiere, Resolve, Lightroom, Visual Studio and all kinds of stuff on my PC. Everything works wonderfully. Try to use Vegas and it crashes within seconds.

Hyperbole is hyperbole.
Terje wrote on 6/30/2016, 2:09 AM

Considering the fact that you use a Panasonic GH4, your praise of Vegas over Resolve seems a little fanboi-ish to me. Why? Here's my situation:

Panasonic footage on Vegas time line hasn't worked since the GH2 at least, and the problem has been ignored by SCS. There are scripts to fix the "bad code" in Vegas, but it is an OOOOOOLD problem that no other software has. So, Vegas is, by your measures CRAP!

I drop Pana Cine-D footage on my time line, add Fiilm Convert, click play from start. Within 5 seconds Vegas crashes. I have one installation of Film Convert on my PC, it works great as an OFX plugin and a Premiere Plugin elsewhere, so Vegas is, by your measures CRAP!

Premiere and Vegas on the same computer using the same version of Film Convert so it is not a Film Convert issue, it's a Vegas issue.

I have [...] tried Vegas mauals (sic.) and support pages. Just does not work.

So I guess Vegas has some unVegased (hmmm, that didn't work) issues here.