MH7 wrote on 1/30/2023, 2:50 AM

It seems that unless you purchase VEGAS Post, except for VEGAS Pro (just for clarification, every software package of the VEGAS NLE includes VEGAS Pro, whether that be VEGAS Edit, VEGAS Pro, or VEGAS Post, but it seems that neither VEGAS Effects nor VEGAS Image can be trialed in the VEGAS Post software package), you cannot use VEGAS Image or VEGAS Effects in the VEGAS Post 20 trial.

My good friend @Reyfox can verify this as well as myself and some other users on here. You seemed to be only able to trial VEGAS Pro, unfortunately.

Just To Note: I do see this was posted on the 24th of October last year but never received a reply. I am hopeful my reply helps you and anyone else’s who adds theirs.

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Reyfox wrote on 1/30/2023, 4:51 AM

@MH7 you are right, you have to purchase Vegas Post to test it. I tried the trial, and like you, only Vegas Pro worked. And while Effects and Image installed, I could not use them.

Writing to sales, the answer I received was that you had to purchase it and have 14 days to test it, where you can apply for a refund.

I am in a "holding pattern" waiting to see what happens over at FXHome, where people who were vital to Hitfilm have basically moved on. But, even though I have Hitfilm Pro 2021.3, I still might consider Post in the next major update of Vegas Pro, for it's integration.

With Happy Otter Scripts, I can send timeline images to my photo editor and back with zero problems.

lan-mLMC wrote on 2/15/2023, 1:10 AM

@MH7 @Reyfox 

This appears to be a bug of VEGAS Effetcs 4.0.1.

When I use VEGAS 20 trial + VEGAS Effetcs 3. I can start the demo version of VEGAS Effetcs 3.

But when I replace VEGAS Effetcs with VEGAS Effetcs 4.0.1, starting VE fails.

So, it's almost certainly a bug of VEGAS Effetcs 4.0.1.

Reyfox wrote on 2/15/2023, 6:13 AM

@lan-mLMC thanks for the reply. I've wanted to test Vegas Post, but paying first wasn't in the plan.

Hopefully they will address this in the future.

lan-mLMC wrote on 2/15/2023, 6:59 AM

I am in a "holding pattern" waiting to see what happens over at FXHome, where people who were vital to Hitfilm have basically moved on.

@Reyfox FXHome's updates to VEGAS Effects in 2021 are very frequent, and they make a minor version of VEGAS Effects when almost every minor version of Hitfilm:

Hitfilm 2021.1 -> VEGAS Effects 3.0.11529

Hitfilm 2021.2 -> VEGAS Effects 3.0.11716

Hitfilm 2021.3 -> VEGAS Effects 3.1.12120


But in 2022 :

Hitfilm 2022.1 -> VEGAS Effects 4.0.1

Hitfilm 2022.2 -> No

HitFilm 2022.3 -> No

HitFilm 2022.4 -> No

Something does seem to be changing with FXHome after being acquired by Artlist ...


Recently Artlist also shut down their FXHome forum:

A fond farewell to the FXhome forum

Hello everyone,

It has been an absolute honor to be such an integral part of this incredible community of creatives. In what may seem like sad news (if only at first), we must announce the retirement of this forum. Providing a platform for the discussions that have taken place here over the years has been a privilege, and we are incredibly proud of the community you have built. And so, in the same breath, we want to assure each and every one of you that this community is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

As we strive to provide all creatives with the best possible product, we are redoubling our efforts internally. Exciting developments are underway, and we sincerely believe they will bring unmatched value to your creative pursuits. In the meantime, while we centralize our focus, we want to keep this community as vibrant, inclusive and nurturing as it has always been, through our social media channels and customer support. 

Our commitment to this community, and our shared passion to create, is unwavering. This is another step toward the future of video creation, and together we will continue to do truly remarkable things. Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to this next chapter we’re entering together.

Thank you, 

FXhome by Artlist

Thankfully Magix retained and renovated the Vegas forum after their acquisition of Vegas!

Reyfox wrote on 2/15/2023, 7:07 AM

@lan-mLMC their user forum is a ghost town with most saying something about the lack of updates and a focus that has changed from video editors, to the 9:16 and pushing Artlist content.

Where this leaves Effects updates in the future is anyone's guess.

I think that Effects is vital for the future of having an "AE" alternative with integration with Vegas.