VEGAS Pro 16 Update 4 (build 361) - General Discussion


Kinvermark wrote on 4/1/2019, 12:36 PM

so in my experience, most people here who state that they don't have any giant issues are probably still editing in 1080p

Nope. Work with UHD material all the time.

fr0sty wrote on 4/1/2019, 1:01 PM

I work almost exclusively with UHD material.

j-v wrote on 4/1/2019, 1:22 PM

@Quindor It is a pity you are complaining, but give no settings of the program, no info about your sourcefiles or codecs to render to and you are mistakenly compare gaming or video playing with editing videos with maybe wrong settings.

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Both Nvidia GPU's have driver version 441.28 Studio Driver, desktop the Studio DHC driver
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joost-berk wrote on 4/1/2019, 1:30 PM

The discussion is not whether Vegas works in UHD or not. Because UHD runs just fine in Vegas. That is not the issue. The problem lies in what kind of codec's are been used. I only shoot with Sony camera's and I have the best UHD experience with the XAVC-i 3840x2160-25p. But even 60p works without stuttering. This codec runs 250 MBit/s to 500 Mbit/s.

These files are coded in intra-frame and aren't verry difficult for decoding. So no frame lagging during editing and playback.

So what i'm try to say is, try different codec's during shooting. This will improve your workflow.

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Audio: M-Audio M-Track Eight ASIO

Controller: Behringer X-Touch

Kinvermark wrote on 4/1/2019, 1:39 PM

The problem lies in what kind of codec's are been used

100% Agree! To any long time Vegas user this is quite apparent.

And seeing as it seems to be OK to make illogical sweeping generalizations (not really OK) I am going to play devils advocate and say 99.9% of complaints are coming from people using non-standard oddball gaming capture footage. Usually at 60p.

Quindor wrote on 4/1/2019, 3:43 PM

I quite clearly stated that I use Panasonic G7 footage 4K30 @ 100Mbps (nothing fancy or weird) and use proxies all the time because otherwise editing is almost impossible. The origin footage are in MP4 files, but again, I use proxies.

I talk about important settings regarding my usage of Vegas and which settings seem to have the most influence on it actually working, or not.

I also wrote my export format is NVENC encoder with HVEC using a NVidia GTX1080, this works fine btw. But output format makes no difference in my tests, I used to he XAVC-L for export, same issues. For some image and clip change rendering issues I used to use the Intel encoder but that has since been removed. :(

Gaming and transcoding for hours are workloads that do test stability of those components specifically. But as mentioned, this same PC has no issue performing the same tasks in other video editing software either.

I don't use any non-standard format footage, I occasionally use some OBS captured screen grabs in 1440p@60 but my OBS settings are specifically geared towards being compatible with Vegas. I sometimes also use IP camera footage but I always transcode that with FFMPEG to standard CBR 50Mbit main H264 material. But again, proxies for everything.

And it's great to hear you don't have problems with UHD footage, are we talking editing and or rendering there? As I stated if I edit a project and try to render it to 1080p it flies without issue but rendering the same project to 4K (75Mbit) causes all kinds of hangs, visual glitches and issues from time to time, not always, just sometimes but without any logical reason why.

I understand your desire to defend the product if something works for you. I never said Vegas as a whole was bad either, 4 out of 10 projects I don't encounter any issue with, 2 projects the issues are minor but that still leaves 4 that do have issues, especially when there is lots of footage (more than 1 hour, often condensed to 15 minutes) and 10 timelines involved but nothing too fancy, not using any 3rd party plugins either.

I do not believe in my case (and that of others who have posted) the used codecs are the issue, there is also no way to change the footage I get from my G7 so.... Also as mentioned, the exact same workflows cause no problems in other software, we just *like* Sony Vegas and *want* to use it, it's just frustrating to do so because of some of these issues which have existed for a long while.

It also has more to do with program inefficiencies and non-optimization for 4K workloads in my opinion. There are very easy to spot issues during parts where the rendering pipeline grinds to a halt and only uses a part of your CPU during 4K rendering where it uses almost all of it during 1080p rendering, it needs a whole lot more optimization there, especially with 8+ core CPU's now a days.


p.s. To clarify, I can decode a single track with a video file on there just fine. Even cutting between 2 works fine too. But as soon as there is a fade or especially an overlay, performance tanks horribly. Often after going over that segment multiple times it does becomes smoother, but it just sucks a lot during editing so in the end the editing experience if you want to actually create something becomes very frustrating after a while.

fr0sty wrote on 4/1/2019, 4:21 PM

Vegas does decode some formats poorly, more poorly than competing products, and in those cases you have to either rely on proxies or intermediates. That said, for the best quality production, you really want to capture video using all I frame codecs anyway, temporal compression not only reduces quality but requires more CPU power to decode, and that isn't good when your CPU is decoding 3 or more 4K streams at once while also applying effects.


Kinvermark wrote on 4/1/2019, 5:31 PM


As I said before, posting long detailed accounts of your own specific situation belongs in it OWN THREAD, not in the general discussion. How on earth is anyone supposed to make sense of umpteen long-winded, vague, stories from multiple users simultaneously. All this thread becomes is pointless Vegas-bashing without any possibility to actually work through and solve a problem.

fr0sty wrote on 4/2/2019, 12:43 AM

My setup i7 6700HQ, 16GB RAM, 4K display, 1TB SSD as C:, iGPU HD530 + GPU 970GTXm with 6GB VRAM.. i edit through a 2.5" 2TB USB 3.0 WD (not SSD). In Vegas 13 in 8bit project 1080p 25fps and Preview (full) in preview window i have NO dropped frames even with 3 video streams one below the other in the timeline (no multicam mode activated) in Vegas 15 and 16 with the same settings with Preview (half) it cannot keep up the realtime framerate unless i solo one of the 3 videos which play same time and wait 5 seconds to load the buffer and stop lagging and dropping frames!!!!!! I use only iGPU HD530 since the nVidia GPU i noticed hanging and crashing Vegas after 20-30 minutes of editing. Files from Canon 80Ds are 85Mbps which is quite high, still in Magix (V15, V16) preview engine works CRAPPY!!!!! :((((

Also even if i make proxies of my GH5 4K files in V15/16 plays normally only in Preview(half) which is unusable for the purpose of previewing since it is too pixely!

Newest info about my problem is when i edit a big project like a wedding which is 3-5 hours long i experience these performance problems. Because i tried to edit a small multi camera project in V16 build 307 and had same performance described as V13. Maybe it has to do with each clips thumbnails when there are hundreds of clips.

I edit multicam GH5 4K 10 bit files all the time just fine... Just finished a 5 camera 4k shoot with 4 4k gh4 tracks and 1 4k gh5 track. must be your system.

Can you please share with us detailed hardware specs of your system? Because I am sorry to say. On our 5 different computers in our studios (hi-end PC's) is VEGAS 16 unable to edit multicam GH5 4K 10 bit files "just fine"... it's more like power-point presentation, but it doens't work. So actually using Power Point is better because VEGAS crashes after some time in playback for no reason. We discuss it here for 2 years straight, and I am still surprised that there are people which are defending bad state of the software.

It's not a stable software, if it crashes after 10 minutes in project without any plugins, just because you edit videos. That's why it's video editing software and not video crashing software. It's weird that it works for you "just fine" and for so many people and PC's don't. So please, share with us your hardware pick - so I can setup same PC here in our studio too and finally have good VEGAS PC...

Right now: I have great playback performance without major crashing on Resolve and Premiere. Yes, there are times that even these crashes, but it's minor, minimal chance they will.

I am going here every week. Every week I am working on one project (releasing one episode of our show each week), and everytime the VEGAS crashes, I am going to see here if someone finally explained or shared news ... but for some months quiet now.

What I see MAGIX needs to do, is to sit down and INVEST in finally fixing the code. And stop making any upgrades/new plugins/new features. They need to firstly have stable editing. That means playback + cut. After that they will be back on track.

It's hard to say this on loud. It's also kind of arrogant from me - I get it. But I am not satisfied consumer right now. And I want to be one! I am working through many lost hours which I could spent with my family instead of launching VEGAS every few minutes over again and again when I hit spacebar to see preview and all I get is crash.

Try to understand this perspective.

The NVIDIA site shows two different drivers for your RTX 2080 Ti card, both with the same version number. One is labeled "Creator Ready" the other "Game Ready". Which do you have? The "Game Ready" is the preferred driver as it passed the Windows Driver verification/qualification tests. As such, these drivers shouldn't be considered "safe" to use in a Vegas production environment.


petran79 wrote on 4/28/2019, 10:07 AM

Hallo. After updating to 361,Vegas crashes with the following message:


Extra Information

Problem Description
   Application Name:    VEGAS Pro
   Application Version: Version 16.0 (Build 361)
   Problem:             Unmanaged Exception (0xc0000005)
   Fault Module:        C:\WINDOWS\System32\gdi32full.dll
   Fault Address:       0x00007FFAAC658421
   Fault Offset:        0x0000000000008421

Fault Process Details
   Process Path:        C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 16.0\vegas160.exe
   Process Version:     Version 16.0 (Build 361)
   Process Description: VEGAS Pro
   Process Image Date:  2019-01-07 (Mon Jan 07) 16:54:52



fr0sty wrote on 4/28/2019, 10:11 AM

When does it crash? When you boot? In the middle of editing? When you do something in particular?

"The gdi32full.dll is a component of the Microsoft Graphics Device Interface in Windows. So, it is vital for the functioning of your graphics, video displays and printer. "

Going by that, I'd start diagnosing by disabling GPU acceleration in preferences, assuming you can get to that point. See if that helps any. If so, we know it's something with your GPU driver that is causing problems, or maybe even the GPU itself (unlikely, but possible).

petran79 wrote on 4/28/2019, 10:19 AM

When I launch Vegas. Even after reverting back to version 307, same problem. I only updated Nvidia driver to latest 425. I'll revert to the older driver version to see if it fixes the issue

307 launched fine. Updated to 361, it crashed. Uninstalled 361, installed 307, now it crashes too

Even after reverting back to old Nvidia driver, problem persists. I'll try a system restore and if it works I'll avoid updating the software

Edit: After System Restore, Vegas 307 launches fine. Until this issue is resolved, I will not update

Edit 2: Had to restart system after launching DISM repair too and now programm updates and launches fine. Had same issue with Acid 8 update

arthur7 wrote on 6/22/2019, 9:26 AM

Serious performance issues AGAIN! I realized that when i edit projects with many clips and long timeline duration, lets say about 20-30 minutes and above the performance declines rapidly and even if i make proxies to my MP4s i cannot get smooth preview playback (Preview>Half if someone wonders)... i strongly have the feeling it has to do backstage of the software.. i believe it has to do with the thumbnails of start-middle-end of every clip and to my frustruation again whenever i zoom in/out of the timeline and do Undo action they load all of them from the beginning making it even worse and having me wait some minutes till it finishes loading those thumbnails!!! I am the only one who have noticed that or i am making fool my self!??? HELP!

j-v wrote on 6/22/2019, 9:45 AM

or i am making fool my self!??? HELP!

Your working with an old build, there is already a new one with a lot of fixes

met vriendelijke groet

Camera : Pan X900, GoPro Hero7 Hero Black, Samsung Galaxy A8
Desktop :MB Gigabyte Z390M, W10, i7 9700 4.7Ghz,16 DDR4 GB RAM, Gef. GTX 1660 Ti.
Laptop  :Asus ROG GL753VD, W10 home, version 1903 build 18.362,295 CPU i7 7700HQ, 16 GB RAM, GeF. GTX 1050 (2 GB) + Int. HD Graphics 630(2GB).VP 16,17 and VMS PL 16 are installed
Both Nvidia GPU's have driver version 441.28 Studio Driver, desktop the Studio DHC driver
TV      :LG 4K 55EG960V

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