❓ VEGAS Pro Scripting FAQs & Resources

NickHope wrote on 11/21/2016, 1:09 AM

1. Where can I download the official VEGAS Pro Scripting FAQs?

See this page. Direct link to the file download. This is a great start to learning scripting.

2. Where can I download the VEGAS Pro Scripting API Summary?

See this page. Direct link to the file download.

3. Is there an SDK for VEGAS Pro?

An SDK (software development kit) may be available for some developers by contacting VEGAS Creative Software.

Legacy Sony Vegas Pro SDKs may be downloaded from the Internet Archive including (slow direct links; be patient):

Much is still relevant to later versions of VEGAS Pro.

This project on Github may be a helpful reference in developing OpenFX video plugins for VEGAS Pro.

4. Why don't my Vegas Pro 13 (and earlier) scripts work in VEGAS Pro 14 or later?

For VEGAS Pro 14 and later you need to change the namespace in the script. In Javascript (*.js) scripts change this line:

import Sony.Vegas; 

...to this:

import ScriptPortal.Vegas; 

In C# (*.cs) scripts change this line

using Sony.Vegas;

...to this:

using ScriptPortal.Vegas;

If the script references a "Sony"-branded FX, that should be changed to the equivalent "VEGAS"-branded FX.

5. Which versions of VEGAS support scripting?

Scripting was introduced in Vegas 4.0 and is supported in all versions of VEGAS Pro since. Scripting is not supported in any version of VEGAS Movie Studio.

6. Where can I find more scripting help?

Besides this official forum, jetdv.com also has scripting information, and this post links to some of the tutorials on his site.

While the current forum search feature is still in development, a search of the Sony Creative Software forum archive may help in finding old forum posts.

7. Where can I submit requests for future scripting features?

Add your wishes to this thread.

8. How can I run a block of code as a script?

If you find a script posted on the forum or elsewhere as simple text, this is how you run it in VEGAS Pro:

  1. Identify if the script is written in Javascript or C#. Javascript scripts start with lines beginning with "import...". C# scripts start with lines beginning with "using...".
  2. Copy and paste the text to a text editor (e.g. Notepad).
  3. Make a change to the script's namespace if necessary, as described in section 4 above.
  4. Save the script with an appropriate filename and a .js file extension if it is Javascript, or a .cs file extension if it is C#. Save the script in your [My Documents]\Vegas Script Menu\ folder (create it if you don't have one).
  5. Restart VEGAS Pro, or choose Tools > Scripting > Rescan Script Menu Folder.
  6. Run the script from the Tools > Scripting menu.


NickHope wrote on 11/21/2016, 1:14 AM

Please send me corrections or FAQ suggestions by personal message. You may add them in a comment here but comments may be deleted later.

FocusOnVegas wrote on 11/23/2016, 12:14 PM

Sony Vegas Pro 12 and 13
. net version = 3 (or 3.5)
namespace  = Sony

Magix Vegas Pro 14
. net version = 4
namespace  = Magix

Magix Vegas Pro 13 (rebranded)
. net version =  ??
namespace  = ??


VEGASDerek wrote on 11/23/2016, 1:05 PM

The rebranded Vegas 13 had no changes to the scripting interface over what was in Vegas 12 or pre-Magix Vegas 13.

NickHope wrote on 11/23/2016, 9:42 PM

Thanks MagixDerek. I removed my error about the need to change the namespace for VP13 builds 543/545.

Jam_One wrote on 3/2/2017, 3:55 PM

Q.: What is the script's "toolbar button" format? I wish to create my custom one!

A.: It's PNG in 24 bit RGB color, 16x16 pix. It is to be saved as an Object / Layer not combined / flattened with background. With transparency / alpha channel "on". The name is to be the very same as the one of your target script plus .png extension.



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Martin L wrote on 3/23/2017, 6:37 AM

My wish: In Batch rendering, there should be an option to select just some of the regions in the timeline (not all). For example, there are 25 recorded seminars on the timeline and each one will be a separate video, so each has its own region. Let's say I have already rendered them all but find that some of them need to be rerendered.

As for now it's all regions or just one. No in between. Could that be implemented please?

rick-m wrote on 7/19/2017, 1:30 PM

Hi Folks. I am desperately needing someone who can write/ tweak the BATCH RENDERING SCRIPT in Sony Vegas. We will pay for your consulting on this. The Batch Rendering is great EXCEPT. EVERY time, we have to enter the: file type, file size (128kpbs) hit "Batch Render" then find the folder it goes into. ITS REALLY frustrating having to enter all those items EVERY time- for over a hundred times. We need a TEMPLATE for the batch rendering that won't change- so we wont have to enter ALL that info EVERY TIME. Whoever can help, we'll pay you for it!

Marco. wrote on 7/19/2017, 4:24 PM

I can't help modifying that complex batch render script but if you are willing to pay for such a service then why not buying Vegasaur which contains a really good batch render and render assistant tool. You define your batch job(s) there and recall whenever needed.