What Features Would You Like Added to V7b ??


NickHope wrote on 9/15/2006, 12:49 PM
1. I would still love direct feedback on the event itself that tells me on the fly how long it is as I'm ripple editing it. Not stuck away in the selected events edit details.

2. I'd also love to be able to configure the position of Vegas popup windows so they don't alway appear across the join between my dual screens. Loads of us have dual screens these days.

3. Event names to appear in a tooltip (like Premiere).

4. Smarter reconnecting to project media when it's been moved. I've clicked literally thousands of times in the last few days to reconnect files to projects after I changed my directory structure. But none of the filenames had changed, only their location, and a bit of intelligence in Vegas could have got everything reconnected with a few clicks.
GeirOtto wrote on 9/15/2006, 12:53 PM
Yes but then we maybee can call it 7.5

#1: Real EDL I/O
#2: 10 bit (or more) pipeline
#3: Full SMPTE MXF support, not just XDCAM.
#5: BWF export with T/C
#6: Preset T/C to tape
#7: Proper handling of A/V pairs, ditch the whole track grouping concept for handling this, it's not working, trying to make it work is flogging a dead horse.
#8: Capture logs to be included in projects.
#9: Track locking.

%10 A real titler "like" deko/inscriber....
%11 better import control on images, aspect/size/placement
%12 no 2048 pixel limit
%13 DVD From timeline
%14 Blue-ray & HDdvd From timeline
%15 DVR-MS format suport
%16 Format&settings browser (like premier)
%17 HI-Speed mode, turn of all resizing and picture processing everything is pxel for pixel and a "proxy" for slow highcompressed files.
%18 Capture from streams: mpgts, wmv, qt, real..

winrockpost wrote on 9/15/2006, 12:57 PM
i never have used the vegas titler, i just use photoshop , and AE its pretty painless with vegas,, but i would like to see in 8 or b,c,d or e a new titler just because so many have wanted it for soooo long. (polite way of saying I'm tired a hearing about it, hope madison is also :) By the way the draw on envelopes in 7 is way cool.
Rosebud wrote on 9/15/2006, 12:58 PM
CD-Architect have audio event fx, so why not Vegas ?
dand9959 wrote on 9/15/2006, 1:18 PM
Mike said:

In addition to the suggestion of at least adding a drop shadow to the credit roll, fix vidcap so that it at least recognizes the fact that I've created a specific capture folder.
I work at a community college and it's not uncommon to have 10 or more groups of students working on projects. If they don't remember to set the capture folder correctly, it defaults to the last one used and, consequently, their footage ends up in someone else's folder (and sometimes it's mine!!!).
And yes, I've submitted as a request in the past and I'm still waiting :-(

I say:

AMEN! This can't be a difficult fix!!! It is such a no-brainer, and such a PITA the way it is now. This has grown to be a big pet peeve for me. I'm always capturing clips into the wrong directory because I forget that stupid step.
pjb2222 wrote on 9/15/2006, 3:35 PM
1) A way of setting all volume or composite envelopes to 100% or 0%.
2) A way of detecting blank spaces between video or audio clips.
3) I generally end up enditing at least 2 and often more video tracks. Vegas does not make this easy. It would be nice if there was a way of making each individual video track visible, without having to manually turn all tracks above to 0%, and put video envelopes back to 100%.
4) Native support for multiple cameras (without having to run scripts, as with Infiniticam plug in or Ultimate S.) In particular, ability to switch from multiple camera view to seeing individual cameras full screen. (May be this is not version 7b, but for the version 8 wish list.

bruceo wrote on 9/15/2006, 4:07 PM
A must is being able to paste attributes with OPTIONS instead of pasting another clips attributes and it adds on top of the attributes of the clip filters/speed/pancrop etc etc. What if I want to paste a consistent look with filters across certain clips when finishing but I dont want to affect the speed changes I have applied or cropping etc etc? FCP does this......
bruceo wrote on 9/15/2006, 4:10 PM
Smart render like FCP. When something is rendered on the timeline let any part of it that has not been altered stay rendered. Not dropping the render when it is even only moved 1 frame.....
ibliss wrote on 9/15/2006, 5:15 PM
Another vote for per-event audio FX.
ibliss wrote on 9/15/2006, 5:21 PM
Here's an idea - for any of you that have used photoshop or paint shop pro, when you output a file to JPG, you can run an optimizer just before saving.

Wouldn't it be cool to do the same in Vegas. Select a 5 second segment (or similar time selection, chosen from within the "Render Optomizer" box) and tweak render settings before rendering the whole project.

Would be really good for web authoring, to set a decent quality/file size ratio without constantly going through the "Render as>Custom settings" process over and over.

The time selection mentioned above is important so that you can pick a bit of video that pushes the limit quality-wise - for example, the first 5 seconds of video might only be credits text; you'd want to check out the quality of your render further down the line.
ibliss wrote on 9/15/2006, 5:32 PM
And another one: Temporary or Ghost markers.

Markers that don't have numbers or names, but can be dropped in via a keyboard shortcut ("T" doesn't seem to be assigned at the moment, and stands for "temporary"!).

This means you could still use 'real' markers for marking and namine points in a project, and use ghost markers for things like multicam editing, or tapping out rhythms to music for creating cutting/editing in sync to the music. Ghost markers could then be cleared completely or hidden using right-click (on marker) "Delete all temp markers".
Shortcut for hiding these temp markers would be good too.
fwtep wrote on 9/15/2006, 5:33 PM
Spot said: A thought on why you can't use clip-dependent audio features...Audio can be temporally added to, whereas video cannot. There isn't a video "delay" or "reverb" that can over time, generate more frames of time in audio so to speak, where as in audio, events need to tail out, and have somewhere to go.

Well just make it so you can't use plug-ins like that on a per clip basis. It seems silly to not allow the use of the other zillion audio plug-ins on a clip-by-clip basis just because a couple of FX (which I never use) wouldn't work with like that. Simply don't have those FX show up in the list when you open the plug-in chooser on a clip.

Or make it so you have to stretch the audio clip to allow for the extra space needed for the reverb or echo-- if you don't stretch it, it just cuts off at the end of the clip.

Problem solved. Next!

Edit: Here's an example of why this is important to me. I use a LOT of audio FX because I do all of my audio work in Vegas. For my current project (a feature film) I did at little teaser and for just a one minute movie I had to use 14 audio tracks. Imagine what my project would be like to work with when the movie is 90 minutes. There are lots of sound effects-- pretty much the whole soundtrack is created in post-- and each one has special needs.
ibliss wrote on 9/15/2006, 5:43 PM
Speaking of markers PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add a 'goto marker' in the right click menu when in the Edit details window.

This would apply to events, markers etc listed in the edit details. Right click, choose "Goto" and it takes you there on the timeline.

I know this has been asked for in the past.
ibliss wrote on 9/15/2006, 5:46 PM
Speaking of the edit details window...

who else would find it useful click on an event the in the timeline and have it high-lighted automatically in the edit details window?
ken c wrote on 9/15/2006, 5:46 PM
and of course, by the way I love Vegas and make my living with it, which is why I feel so passionately about hoping the developers can really add significant functions to it and new features, like you've all described. I use Vegas nearly every day of my life. So it counts.

When you make your livelihood with a tool, you are very much concerned that it delivers all the professional functions that you need. Money is not an object (within reason); I'd pay a few hundred dollars more, for significantly expanded features, as you've all described above.

It's an app with so much potential, and it does ok as it is, but it could really be so much more for all of us... and I realize that the numbers dictate headcount allocated to product development...

I do hope that the folks in charge of Vegas product development can really make it sparkle and shine to be an even brighter star than it already is.

poetically/hopefully/still one of the faithful,

pwppch wrote on 9/15/2006, 6:02 PM
If it were only as easy as you believe...it isn't.

- Not all FX tell us when they are done.
- FX can't be asked consistently for information like 'tail length' produced. Not being able to know exactly when an "event" is not longer producing data is a problem.
- Output can be variable if an FX has parameter automation. (If we let you put FX on Events, I cann't imagine that you wouldn't want to automate them over time...)
- Some plugins - UAD - can be very problematic when used in any way out of how they define them. (They define their own variance and rules on the VST SDK/Spec.)

For example.

You cannot just feed data into a UAD plugin when you want. You must process ALL UAD plugins at the exact same time relative to the current sample frame all the time other wise the hardware yells - loudly. So let say you have 10 events, each with a different UAD plugin. You must feed silence into all of the UADs so that the hardware limitation of the UADs is met. Sure, you could disable and enable the plugins on the fly, but you can't do this arbitrarily. It would still have to happen on sample frame boundaries. Disabling and enabling the UAD plugins has an overhead associated to it as well.

While it seems trivial on the surface, it is not. Sure we could guess and try to determine the output of a plugin in realtime, but now we are spinning CPU cycles on listening for "silence" or detecting tails.

WRT limting which plugins can be used:

I could just hear those users that have Brand X or "Type X" plugins that we choose not to support as Event level plugins. Ugh! If we can't make it work for every plugin, then we are just digging a different hole for ourselves.

I am not saying this can't be done or that we wont do it, but understand it is never as trivial as it looks on the surface. To do it right and make as many users happy is no small task.

FWIW: CDArch is not really giving you Event level FX. They GUI just makes it appear this way.

winrockpost wrote on 9/15/2006, 6:32 PM
have no idea what half of what you were talkin about , but
..........it is never as trivial as it looks on the surface.......
Words of wisdom ,,
and p;ease get these people a titler
jetdv wrote on 9/15/2006, 7:46 PM
Markers that don't have numbers or names, but can be dropped in via a keyboard shortcut ("T" doesn't seem to be assigned at the moment, and stands for "temporary"!).

Umm.... "T" switches between TAKES.
DavidMcKnight wrote on 9/15/2006, 8:04 PM
Thank you SonyPCH for the information.

Now, my take on the titler, worth about .02 (my take, not the titler...)

Sony has already included a Boris titler and has a bundling relationship with them. I don't think they would dump that to develop a whole new titler. Might be more likely that at some point they would bundle a different title product. So, perhaps, let them know WHICH titler you DO like, and maybe they'll go after that.

And it may cost more. Be careful what you wish for.
ibliss wrote on 9/15/2006, 8:26 PM
"Markers that don't have numbers or names, but can be dropped in via a keyboard shortcut ("T" doesn't seem to be assigned at the moment, and stands for "temporary"!).

Okay, OKAY! So it was 1:45 UK time when I posted that. T does nothing when you don't have any events selected... Ctrl+t... button on the toolbar...

any suggestions? What do you think of the concept of temporary markers?

fwtep wrote on 9/15/2006, 10:03 PM
Sony PCH, thanks for the reply. How about making Track EQ (or Graphic EQ) just a default parameter that each event has, rather than being a plugin that you apply? Doing it that way would prevent people from saying "I want the ___ plugin to be suppored per event!" See, it wouldn't be called a plugin or FX, it would just be a right-click *parameter*, maybe under that event's Properties. EQ is really something that is a default that's used constantly, like brightness/contrast for an image.

At the very very very least, please put your minds on it, don't just give up on it. I know you've got your hands pretty full, and I know how tough it is to write something as complex as an NLE, I work for a company that makes 3D animation software, which is even more complex than an NLE. There's got to be a way to incorporate this funcitonality.

I wouldn't even mind if having EQ on an event meant not being able to use any track FX. I'd just have a track that was for EQ'd sounds and put anything that needed track FX onto another track.
GlennChan wrote on 9/15/2006, 11:53 PM
#2: New and Improved Image Processing and Color Correction tools to rival Adobe Premiere's. Development to the video filters is needed and overdue anyway. Besides, we still haven't gotten the new Red Eye filter.
If I may ask, what's so good about the color correction tools in Adobe Premiere?

I like Vegas' much, much better.

EDL support
What about using the script to export EDL. This seems to generate a proper EDL (ok, I haven't looked really really carefully at it). If not, EDLMax may help (although it costs $$$).

industry standard metafile support
The problem here may be that each NLE vendor will have their own standard. Sometimes it's just because not everyone has implemented the latest features, or that there are misinterpretations to the standards, or because some vendor does some oddball feature (i.e. 24pA on the DVX... which some NLEs simply can't remove because they don't have that feature).

compatibility with selected NLE's particularly FC, FCP and Avid
Same idea as above. Even with Final Cut --> Final Touch the compatibility is not perfect. XML was supposed to solve things with FCP, but it doesn't!! I think those two companies are working closely now, so that may change.

Per-event audio FX
Ok now i see why this hasn't been implemented. On the other hand, it's so un-intuitive not to have it there.

Perhaps let users apply "non-realtime audio FX" but in a style that lets you change around the FX. i.e. when you exit the audioFX dialog, it'll render the audio and add it as a take (ok ideally you wouldn't even have to do that). But you can go back in and tweak the FX.
Of course, the caveat is still that reverb will get cut off... perhaps notify users of this somehow.

3) I generally end up enditing at least 2 and often more video tracks. Vegas does not make this easy. It would be nice if there was a way of making each individual video track visible, without having to manually turn all tracks above to 0%, and put video envelopes back to 100%.
Use the solo and mute functions for the tracks.

If you do this really often, I think you can get a MIDI controller and map the mute+solo for the video tracks onto the MIDI controller.

These features could be scripted. Of course, the problem is that you need some way to be able to find out if the script you want exists (and not spend too much time doing this).

I agree... the paste event attributes window should pop up a dialog like FCP.
Another option would be to have filters "inherit" FX from groups... i.e. you can assign a bunch of clips into filter groups... and you see the filter group as effects at the videoFX level. However, this may be a complicated feature since you want to determine whether it's pre or post pan/crop. Or you could set a filter group to either pre/post, in which case that isn't a problem.

Smart render
It may be that if Vegas gets GPU acceleration, you wouldn't really need smart render and so forth. However, GPU acceleration runs into hardware compatibility issues... and 3rd party plugs may not do GPU acceleration.

Temp markers
You could workaround this by putting the markers in the audio file.

I'd like to be able to search markers and regions... this would help me in finding footage. The media manager is too tedious for this purpose IMO... although I may not have given it a fair chance.
Wes C. Attle wrote on 9/16/2006, 1:43 AM
My requests are simply to bring Vegas into the 21st century:

1) Complete native 64-bit rewrite of the code. Most Vista users will be on 64-bit starting in 2007. It does make a difference in performance for media work, a huge difference.

2) Complete support for DirectShow GPU offload rendering, including utilization of dual (SLI) graphics cards. (Like Boris Red 4).

3) A complete rewrite of all 1st party effects and utility processes to fully utilize balance across 2 to 8 CPU cores. (After all, quad-core CPU's will be the standard in a couple months.
malew wrote on 9/16/2006, 2:14 AM
1) possibility to use any hardware accelerators avaiable by DirectShow - for example - mpeg2 hardware encoder Ati Theatrix 550 Pro for rendering to mpeg2 format,
2) faster HDV preview - I don't understand, why I can watch HD m2t clips on f.e. VideoLan (VLC Media Player) and other DirecSHow-based software with full speed, but in Vegas preview window is slow? 15 fps?
3) This is probably impossible, but possibity to use After Effects plugins would be nice...
4) Better chromakey module