walter-i. wrote on 1/19/2018, 3:57 AM

As the FAQ say:

VidMus wrote on 1/19/2018, 4:19 AM

Is one paying for the entire year or 3 months upfront or are they paying the monthly amount per month? The 'Purchasing Details' does not make this clear.

VEGAS_CommunityManager wrote on 1/19/2018, 4:27 AM

@VidMus You are paying for either the entire year or the 3 months upfront. The checkout is very clear regarding this.

VidMus wrote on 1/19/2018, 9:34 AM

With my older age and my lifetime learning disability, as well as other disabilities, nothing is clear anymore. I am very slow, but I eventually get there. Even the snails complain about me. LOL!

Even for a disabled person like me, Vegas Pro is very easy to use and VERY EASY to learn!

Thanks for the reply.

rickyaz wrote on 1/23/2018, 10:41 PM

how did I over look that in the faq, 😑