Will Rewire be a part of V5?


VegUser wrote on 5/25/2004, 6:11 AM
perfect, that's rich man.

Doubtful he'll follow through though. Red might have a synapse breakdown deciding on whether to relenquish all echo audio cards....errr...the one echo audio card as restitution for his idiocy.

pwppch wrote on 5/25/2004, 6:55 AM
SMPTE - and therefore Video - are 'real-time' or clock on the wall type time, so any tempo changes would not affect them. Only "musical" times would be affected by a tempo map.


Rednroll wrote on 5/25/2004, 8:41 AM
"He stated that Vegas was a NLE – *not* a DAW and clearly explained this."

drbam, I believe what Peter said is that Vegas is an NLE, and works on the same priniciple that a multitrack tape recorder would. Closer to what he said, is that it's not "musical" like a sequencer, which is more focused for the creation of music. Vegas, is your Record,Edit, and Mix utility. It works like a tape machine does, in that you can't change tempos and such, like a tape machine. I don't believe that he ever said it wasn't a "DAW".
Rednroll wrote on 5/25/2004, 9:55 AM
"An apology would also be in order. I invoked the name of Flanneljammes simply to remind people here that real reasonable contributors are being attacked simply for posting ideas or suggesting brand names that ,strangely, "rednroll" cannot tolerate. "

I expect the apology from you flanneljammies, newf, or whatever your name is. I never attacked anyone for suggesting a brand name. I infact stated, the M-audio card suggested is probably a good card. What I outlined is that the M-audio 410 card had unbalanced I/O, and looking at a balanced I/O card, should be something to "consider". I further went to explain of how balanced I/O works. So before you go further on your crusade against me, please read a little more carefully of what I DID and DIDN'T say. I don't appreciate you taking things out of context and making your own conclusions and posting misleading information that I never said.

As far as the discussion with TMRpro, you can look at it the other way too. Everytime someone recommends an Echo card over an M-audio card, he comes in and has to discredit their information. He has to assert, that him and 100 other "professional" engineers use the cards everyday with no problems. Good for him, I'm glad they work for him. I personally don't care, which card you use, it doesn't effect my workflow in the least. Here's another post stating the same thing from him: http://mediasoftware.sonypictures.com/forums/ShowMessage.asp?MessageID=284871&Replies=17&Page=0

I gave informative information for another consideration, for "balanced" I/O. Tmrpro came into try and discredit that information, stating that their is rarely any concern for RFI issues and if you have RFI issues it's most likely due to a bad chord. That's a load of crap, I disagreed with it and gave the facts behind my disagreement. What is wrong with that? It makes the users well aware of concerns with buying unbalanced I/O cards, that they may not be aware of and leads them into making a wiser purchase, instead of buying something and finding out later, they now have hum and buzz issues. When they run into that problem, is Tmrpro going to refund their money for them? You bet your bippy he's not...he'll sit back and say, "oh well I was wrong, your loss." I was recommending something to avoid the problem in the first place. Is this wrong? For some reason, the person asking the question thanked me for the information more than once.

Some advice for you. Instead of taking on your crusade, playing forum police, and making me out to be the evil villian that I aint. Why don't you share some information and help other users out? That will make a much more of a contribution to the forum, than you just coming in here to criticize my posts. Once you make a few contributions, and you'ld like to debate something and criticize something I said, I have no problems with debating you back and backing up all the information I post.
VegUser wrote on 5/25/2004, 10:05 AM
<<I expect the apology from you flanneljammies, newf, or whatever your name is.>>

Geez, did hell freeze over today? Why don't they tell us these things?
Apologies should come from your end ace, otherwise I expect you'll be waiting a LONG time there red.

Ah, another "busy" day for rednroll. Wake up, sneek on moms computer and resume playing "sony tech support technician" for yet another day.
Man, how are you employed at your car stereo installation store and allowed all the time you have for posting LONG WINDED Sony posts all day - every day? Christ, I'm on a week vacay and can barely find the time to post.

tmrpro wrote on 5/25/2004, 10:20 AM
Maybe Sony would be nice enough to provide the forum users with an apolgy forum.

I would love to go there and post my apologies to Red for all the mean things I've said about him....

I wonder if anyone would apologize to me...


ZAZKUASH wrote on 6/1/2004, 1:50 AM
I hope Sony reconsider implementing Rewire in Vegas.

Or it would be nice to see an Acid 5 with multitrack support, control surface support, and other tools .
gjn wrote on 6/1/2004, 3:04 AM
I wonder if those who find AUDIO VEGAS formidable and without needs of upgrade, do not work for the competition!!!

Finally, it will not be said that we shall have made everything to alert sony.
Rednroll wrote on 6/1/2004, 6:52 AM
"I wonder if those who find AUDIO VEGAS formidable and without needs of upgrade,"

I've never seen a thread like that, could you send me a link where
I could find a post that says that? Everyone wants upgrade that is a user, that is definately one area that there will be no debate. So I'm wondering what you are talking about?
NickHope wrote on 6/12/2004, 8:48 AM
I would like to see Vegas include rewire so that I can use it with Reason. I would like to be able to add audio in Vegas (Reason is MIDI only) and use the tracks in my Vegas video projects.