Advanced Color Grading in Vegas Pro?


Grazie wrote on 6/2/2019, 12:28 AM

It is a shame that Vegas Pro does not have scopes (unless I missed it). Though I think early versions did have this.

@fathomstory - Hi there! Along with great Power comes Great responsibility. Set your CC and FX-ing to a dedicated VegasPro Windows Layout and "in-bed" your Scopes there. Here's my "Colour Correcting+Grading+Effects" Layout. I have this Mapped or Key-stroked to ALT+D+7. Marvelous!


Howard-Vigorita wrote on 6/3/2019, 8:33 PM

I often end up shooting with volunteers who have consumer cams and need to get their footage to look something like mine. What I do is take a custom white balance with white cards before the shoot and ask them to set the color temp that I read... if their cams can even do that. Then I put up one of those x-Rite cards and get everyone including me to take a quick shot of it. In post I use a Vegas fx called Color Match to try and force their shots of the card to match mine and apply it to their entire tracks. If you don't have the x-Rite card, just shooting the same scene or a white table cloth works almost as well. I've also taken a quick look at the free OFX LUT plugin for Vegas which is an inducement to get you to buy their 3D LUT Creator product that looks pretty much like DaVinci-styled color grading to make your own LUT... I haven't used the Creator product itself but the free plugin fx seems to only work right in Vegas attached to clips or the output stream... it cuts out completely during crossfades when attached to tracks. Hoping they fix that. OFX, btw, seems to author most of the fx including Color Match that come with Vegas. I also have an X-Rite iStudio contraption I use for monitor calibration and still photography which also has the ability to do in video something like what I do with their card, but the white balance plus Vegas color match fx works so well for me that I haven't gotten around to figuring it out yet.

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fathomstory wrote on 6/4/2019, 12:51 AM

@Howard-Vigorita I always shoot with a greycard. It makes life easier and my work look lightyears better. Sometimes I need to make adjustment due to under/overexposure or fix specific lighting issues. My eyes sometimes play tricks on me so access to scopes and such help make sure I stay within parameters. I am not at the colorgrade level yet, but do believe in color correction and accuracy. The x-rite color card looks like the next investment to make. I used a certain paid NLE program that had a glitch and no support for bugs or even a place to file a bug/support ticket apart from an open forum of volunteers. That is why Vegas is looking quite nice...