An error occurred while recording

ritsmer wrote on 11/3/2016, 1:54 PM

I always used Vegas for recording audio internally on my PC.

After "upgrading" to Windows 10 I get an error message:

An error occurred while recording.

The file could not be opened. Make sure the file existx and that you have access to the file/folder.

I'm using Vegas 13 pro - and hoped that time might cure this issue as it has cured many other Windows 10 issues over the last couple of months.

I have, of course, marked the recording folder as useable, tried to run Vegas 13 ad administrator etc. etc. - but still get the error message.

My question: can you all record audio in Vegas under Windows 10 - or do you also get this error message after changing to Win 10 ?


NickHope wrote on 11/4/2016, 1:10 AM

Just tried it and no problem here recording audio from my mic with VP13, although I am using Windows 10 Pro version 1511. I rolled back from Windows 10 Anniversary edition (version 1607) because it broke my Media Manager.

Also, I am recording to an internal hard drive. Are you using an external USB drive?

So 2 things that just might be at play.... 1st might be a later version of Win 10 (search "about your PC" in Windows to see you current version). The other might be an external USB drive, which has caused issues before with WAV files.

ritsmer wrote on 11/4/2016, 4:49 AM

Thank you, Nick.

I'm recording to HDD.

Guess you are right about the Win10 version where I have 1607.

But I will continue recording using Vegas on my Win 7 laptop - or use the Windows Voice Recorder on the Win 10 pro machine - which does work - and then check from time to time if my Win 10 pro will be updated properly to work with Vegas.

I have not tried recording on my Vegas 14 as I - since Vegas 3 - always have waited for an update or two before installing it if I did not really need the new things. And as to Vegas 14 it might last longer as I really can not get acuaintained with the new buttons.

At the very same time, btw. - where recording on Vegas 13 started giving these error messages also my scanner stopped working - also moaning about some file creation problems. Here I could remedy it allowing the scanning folder specicically for the scanning program - and it worked for a couple of weeks - until the next Windows 10 "update" installed itself.... wonder when the Win 10 developers will get all their - always quite surprising and unexpected - mess sorted out...

set wrote on 11/4/2016, 4:50 AM

Try using other recorder... maybe the free open source one: Audacity - for comparable purpose.

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NickHope wrote on 11/4/2016, 5:03 AM

I'm recording to HDD.

Internal? By "USB drive" I meant a USB-connected HDD. I think that is where some people had mysterious trouble with WAV files in Vegas.

ritsmer wrote on 11/4/2016, 8:46 AM

Thank you all.

Set: Yes - I do use another recorder - the Windows Voice recorder - but I would like to continue using Vegas for these recordings (because I can normalize the wav before rendering to mp3) and hope that Win 10 pro will allow it again in the future.

Nick: Yes - I have internal HDD's only.

Cornico: Yes that is what I do - and not the problem - the problem is that my Win 10 pro does not allow Vegas to create the output file. Strangely enough even if I run Vegas as an administrator and/or under a full administrator user account :- )


Starting this post I just wanted to see if it is a general problem not being able to record with Vegas under Windows 10 pro AND getting the error message:

An error occurred while recording. The file could not be opened. Make sure the file exists and that you have access to the file/folder.

john_dennis wrote on 11/4/2016, 3:09 PM

While cleaning up from the Vegas 14 Trial, I decided to take a side trip. I loaded my Windows 10, Vegas 13-453 image that I have in the can. I was able to record to the Vegas timeline without incident with Windows 10 1511 and my network cable pulled for safety. 

Now, Im going back into my Windows 7 Pro hidey hole.

ushere wrote on 11/4/2016, 9:42 PM

no problem recording under 10 anniversary with 13. however, i'm finding that recent m$ updates want to reset MY default apps back to windows own, eg. groove for mp3, etc., and this has cause collateral problems at times.

of course complaining is impossible and i just have to waste my time reset defaults back to my preferences.

btw - i've given up on wlm (windows live mail) app completely. seems they want to kill it next year anyway but in the meantime, it's turned into a mess of endless problems. hate outlook so am back to thunderbird. looked at a number of other email clients but none seem to have any decent spam filtering... if it wasn't for work apps i'd probably simply move over to linux, even though i've never particularly liked it i can see it's advantages...

PeterWright wrote on 11/5/2016, 6:36 AM

Hi Leslie, 
Interesting that you raise the subject of email - I'm still hoping to find a program or app which receives email simultaneously on all my computers plus my mobile.  I'm in China currently, and having lots of other internet problems, but because I keep all important received and sent emails in folders in WLM on my "main" computer at home, I have problems when I'm away because any emails I receive and deal with here are not on my main computer at home.
I use WLM on my main Computer - I changed from Outlook when one of the new Windows - can't remember if it was W7 or W8, did not appear to include Outlook, but on my main PC I have always also used Mailwasher as a "monitor" program because it lets me see all emails at server level so I can delete all unwanted ones before they ever get to my PC.   
If as you say Windows Live Mail is to be discontinued, I need to make plans, particularly to save my huge email archive in a form that can be imported into whatever program I decide to use next - I'd appreciate any tips you may have accumulated from your experience.

ushere wrote on 11/5/2016, 7:02 AM

well i played with i don't know how many email clients... all suffered some problems, but mostly spam. since i have 4 different email services - live, gmail (one private, one business), and website domain i really didn't want to lose any more hair than necessary (there's not much left to go anyway), so...

for simplicity's sake, and for future proofing i've ended up doing the following.

a. all my individual accounts automatically forward email to my gmail personal account.

b. i installed thunderbird and imported ONLY my gmail personal account to it - so ALL my mail comes into gmail on tb, however, since i hate gmail's lack of folders and can't abide their tagging method, i simply have created folder within my gmail account on tb so EVERYTHING is actually stored in the cloud (as well as on my pc) in folders and accessible from all my devices simply by using my gmail personal account.

c. i archived most of my wlm emails and simply forwarded the active ones to gmail. to be honest i was so pissed off with m$ i did a pol pot and considered my email life to have started the moment i installed tb ;-)

btw - i was using spamfighter since i was getting a huge amount of spam via (another m$ problem), but gmail really does catch most spam automatically, and you can set up filters in tb to handle such things as .eu crap...

wish i didn't have to have gone through all this crap, but now i have i'm feeling confident this system should work indefinitely...

btw - i've kept wlm on my pc with all it's existing folders, emails, etc., as an archive...

ritsmer wrote on 11/5/2016, 7:25 AM

Just solved the issue:

If I share the recording folder with "Everyone" and with read/write rights then Vegas can record to that folder.

Quite strange as I use the Vegas temporary files folder for this - because Vegas can create files for autosave, redo buffer and prerendered files in that folder - but obviously fails when creating a file for audio recording.

Hope the developers see this and correct the file creation call in the software.

NickHope wrote on 11/5/2016, 7:33 AM

Glad you got it solved. If you haven't already, please report it. That's the best way of getting it into their backlog.

ritsmer wrote on 11/5/2016, 9:29 AM


PeterWright wrote on 11/6/2016, 5:45 PM

Thanks you Leslie (sorry for straying from the theme of this thread).
Yes, the cloud seems to be the place to collate emails from all - I'll investgigate your method when I return.