GPU option not showing up in VP18 (Win 7), works fine in VP16.

kplo wrote on 12/19/2022, 12:49 PM

Hi All,

I'm on Windows 7. I got VP18 in the Humble bundle and got the "Render As" to work by copying the .dll from my V16 install. However: my Radeon 460 gpu does not show up anywhere in V18 prefs, only the Main concept encoder when rendering.

Is there a setting from V16 that I can copy over to get my video card to be seen by V18? Yes, I understand that things in V18 break with Win 7, but I won't be upgrading to Win 10 until the new year.

Any help is much appreciated.





Howard-Vigorita wrote on 12/19/2022, 2:47 PM

Your best bet is to wait till you update to win10 and then reinstall vp18 and update to current Amd drivers. The Amd site indicates their Win7 driver updates for that board are no longer available. If you can't wait, you might try the most recent Amd drivers for Win7 before they shelved it...

kplo wrote on 12/20/2022, 12:38 AM

Thanks Howard,

I re-installed that driver and it now shows up. Seems V18 does rely on features in Win 10 for optimum performance...many things appear to be "broken" running it in Win 7. I did notice that it plays back UHD 30p .MOV files a bit faster/smoother in a 1080p project than V16. Hopefully, I can transfer my saved FX settings, etc. over to V18 when I upgrade the OS.