Has the Vegas Hub copyright issue been solved yet?

raul-c wrote on 2/28/2023, 8:08 PM

I know that some people have complained in the past that the Vegas Hub music in their videos will trigger a copyright claim when they upload it to Youtube, and I know that there is a process that one can go through to have the claim taken down. But rather than having to dispute every single copyright claim individually, have the people at Magix implemented a way to automatically whitelist their Vegas 365 customers from copyright claims?


Howard-Vigorita wrote on 2/28/2023, 9:10 PM

Compliance with DCMA dispute provisions is the only system YouTube has since it doesn't actually pay royalties in compliance with the Music Modernization Act. Personally, I think everyone would be better off if DCMA were repealed and compliance with MMA was mandatory.

RogerS wrote on 2/28/2023, 9:11 PM

Haven't seen such a change in Hub.

As far as I understand, the upload itself doesn't trigger a claim, rather third-parties who don't own the rights to the footage improperly file claims which need to be challenged.

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Try the
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Howard-Vigorita wrote on 3/1/2023, 12:43 PM

Here's how it works:


Problems arise from non-exclusive rights claimants who are usually distributors, like CDBaby. I could foresee much confusion and complications if, for example, Vegas Hub registered all of its content into this system. Even if they went so far as to also turn over and sync their user data with YouTube user identities... I don't think anyone would go for that.

mofobo wrote on 3/2/2023, 2:29 PM

Last year I asked about a license notice or some way to avoid such conflicts when uploading to YouTube (when "license free" music first became available through vegas

Of course, my content got claimed, multiple videos and multiple claimants. Simply put; save yourself the hassle and don't use audio from the Hub for YouTube videos. In the end I had to pull videos and add new music.

planetdelirium wrote on 3/12/2023, 12:51 PM


Please release this copyright claim as I have acquired this audio (OR VIDEO) content from MAGIX (a Storyblocks API Partner) legitimately. Please find attached the End User License Agreement between Storyblocks and MAGIX end users that outlines my license to use this material. Please reach out to my Storyblocks Account Manager, Shelby Wolford, at shelby@storyblocks.com if you have any questions. 

I have successfully used this numerous times and all claims have usually been released within an hour.