Moving the logo png to lower thirds

ikhider wrote on 6/8/2020, 2:23 AM

I imported a png logo image and want to move it to the lower third of a video, at the end...but the options do not let me. I can only move it around the middle, not at the bottom. Also, I do not see alot of options for working with images.Surely there must be some panel that allows the user to work wth images; move, change, etc....?


3POINT wrote on 6/8/2020, 2:31 AM

Use Trackmotion or PIPfx to scale and reposition the logo.

kplo wrote on 6/8/2020, 11:57 AM

Pan/Crop works well for this at the event level.

3POINT wrote on 6/8/2020, 1:12 PM

Pan/Crop works well for this at the event level.

Looks like it does, but has some restrictions. Better to use the tools where they intended for.

ikhider wrote on 6/8/2020, 1:14 PM

I notice the titles (on VP) I use are pixelated. Is there any way to make them look smooth?

Marco. wrote on 6/8/2020, 1:20 PM

Which title tool, which font, which font size and which project size do you use?

ikhider wrote on 6/8/2020, 1:22 PM

@Marco.The Vegas Pro title tool. Helvetica (22 to 30 points). HD footage.

Marco. wrote on 6/8/2020, 2:39 PM

In Vegas Pro there are 4 different title tools: (Legacy) Titles, Titles & Text, ProType Titler and Credit Roll.

If one isn't aware of which of the title tools is in use, I assume it's Titles & Text.

Using HD footage does not automatically mean the project properties are same, while often they are. I assume the project properties are 1920x1080.

And I can't test Helvetica. It's not on my system. But if the font isn't broken in a strange manner, I would guess the pixelation you see is caused by using a poor preview quality setting.

Set your preview to "Best (Full)" and be sure "Adjust size and quality for optimal playback" is unchecked (preview right-click options). Then try again.

ikhider wrote on 6/8/2020, 2:53 PM

@Marco. It is indeed 'titles and text' and this is the output, not preview render. Usually this is an (anti) aliasing issue. Helvetica is more common than roaches. It's a very safe font. I think some box just needs to be checked. It's always an Easter egg hunt when learning a program.

Marco. wrote on 6/8/2020, 3:08 PM

Then which are you're render settings and which render codec did you use?

ikhider wrote on 6/8/2020, 3:17 PM

@Marco Big ones and little ones, multiple. There was one with YUV, which is about 30 gigs for five minutes. The video looked nice, the titles not so much. The big one is the most important because high res should look good on all fronts.

Marco. wrote on 6/8/2020, 3:31 PM

"Big ones" and "little ones" is zero information, unfortunately.

ikhider wrote on 6/8/2020, 3:38 PM

@Marco. You are right, I think I am supposed to buy one of the title packs from BorisFX or the other company to get the titles to look decent. Vegas Pro has a more modular approach to editing. Clean titles on native settings could be asking a bit too much.

michael-harrison wrote on 6/8/2020, 3:55 PM

@ikhider Marco has it right. We can't read your mind nor can we see your screen.

You've given vague information, so you're getting vague answers.

Post a screenshot of the problem and since the issue is one that happens at render, make sure to give your project and render settings.

I can tell you that I'm using stock VP titles in all my videos and they're perfectly fine resolution-wise. Nice and sharp.

3POINT wrote on 6/8/2020, 3:58 PM

@michael-harrison +1

walter-i. wrote on 6/8/2020, 3:59 PM


I think you should send Marco the information he's already asking so hard for.
A complicated plugin won't bring you fulfillment if you don't really get along with the simple ones.
If anyone can help you here, it's Marco or 3POINT.
But they doesn't have to, if you don't want to .......

Edit: Michael Harrison and 3 Point were faster.....

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ikhider wrote on 6/8/2020, 4:00 PM

@michael-harrison Marco's query comes down to, "what format are you exporting to", meaning, the format impacts the quality of the titles. So if you export in format xyz, no matter how good the resolution, the titles will look like absolute merde. That is my understanding of where this is going. Rather than where in the titles settings to go to make the titles look 'nice and sharp'. That in Vegas Pro, it is all about the export and not the title settings per se. I did mention a YUV lossless format, but fine. So if it is an export format, simply say, export into format/codec whatever and you will get awesome titles. In other vid editors, the fuzzy/pixelated title is an aliasing issue and it is just a matter of checking a box.


So what's a good format to export to for nice and sharp titles?

michael-harrison wrote on 6/8/2020, 4:28 PM

@ikhider you ignored the first part of his request "which are you're render settings" which was likely the more important part. You're right that resolution is probably an aspect of the issue you're having which is why we've asked for project and render settings. There is no "make the fonts look non-shitty" checkbox. They should look non-shitty normally.

ikhider wrote on 6/8/2020, 4:37 PM

@michael-harrison Yes, I dual boot my work station and do not have Windows as my main OS. Windows is for special tasks like video editing, so I will go and look. But I was expecting as you mentioned that no matter how good or bad the video, the titles should at least look good. And other video editors do have the, 'make the titles look less merdy' check box. But each editing system has their own approach. It could be a font rendering issue ('hinting', perhaps?). Some video editors handle fonts more easily than others. My font library has been known to kill video editors. 😀

kplo wrote on 6/8/2020, 11:23 PM

@3point: What restrictions might those be? Scaling and repositioning without losing apparent resolution is of prime importance for me when utilizing Pan/Crop.

EricLNZ wrote on 6/8/2020, 11:43 PM

Like Marco I don't have Helvetica, had a few roaches lately though. I do however have Helvetique, which I gather is similar, and it performs perfectly in Vegas MS so would expect it to do the same in Vegas Pro.

3POINT wrote on 6/9/2020, 1:11 AM

@3point: What restrictions might those be? Scaling and repositioning without losing apparent resolution is of prime importance for me when utilizing Pan/Crop.

@kplo Your talking about zooming in. Track motion and PIPfx are meant to zoom out and repositioning an event.

With pan/crop you cannot crop and scale at the same time. Also you're limited by a max zoom out.

john_dennis wrote on 6/9/2020, 1:33 AM

I have Helvetica and Titles and Text doesn't seem to be a problem for Vegas 17-452.

ikhider wrote on 6/9/2020, 6:14 PM

Greetings all, I exported this at YUV 25 fps and then used handbrake to optimise for web. Here is the video with titles.

It is a draft, but you more experienced can critique and guide and let me know the best way to enhance using Vegas Pro. I am new to Vegas Pro and am not aware of all the tools to probably really make this work shine.

This was shot @60fps and the client is the artist. I shot it last year and then a couple of weeks ago he called me said he wants it edited for his portfolio.

michael-harrison wrote on 6/9/2020, 6:18 PM

You really need to separate your questions/problems into different posts. This started out as a PIP question and has morphed twice since then