New Poll-----Who Actually Bought the Upgrade

rextilleon wrote on 9/16/2006, 12:38 PM
Okay, now that we have had close to a week to play with Vegas 7.0 and DVDA 4.0, how many of you have bought it? I am torn. I see this as a rather poor upgrade (considering it had an 18 month cycle) but the price is right, and the Cinescore deal makes it more attractive. I am still debating it.


SHTUNOT wrote on 9/16/2006, 12:40 PM
Did you recieve a email on a deal??? I haven't gotten one. So I can upgrade my Vegas+DVD to Vegas 7+Dvda4+Cinescore??? How much?

J_Mac wrote on 9/16/2006, 12:47 PM
NO e-mail here, but I bought all 3 here


MarkFoley wrote on 9/16/2006, 12:52 PM
Granted...on the surface it would appear Version 7/DVDA4 may not have all of the ground breaking changes everyone was expecting...however as I use it more and more, the changes to workflow and other subtle differences makes this just as valuable as previous versions...especially if your shooting HDV. Probably one of the more stable versions to come out of the gate....
fldave wrote on 9/16/2006, 12:53 PM
Bought here. V7, DVDA4, Cinescore, and $180 worth of the two Cinescore theme packs. All for $300 and change. Great upgrade so far. No crashes yet.
mark-woollard wrote on 9/16/2006, 12:57 PM

I would humbly suggest that if a week of playing with the upgrade hasn't convinced you to buy, then don't. It would appear that it's not providing you enough value added to your work.

For me it was a no-brainer, and I came to that conclusion before I discovered how useful the new "snap to other tracks" feature really is.

I suggest you might try working with a complex project with many tracks of video, stills, narration, music and see how moving stuff around has become a real snap with Vegas 7.

But as always, YMMV.

David Arbogast wrote on 9/16/2006, 1:35 PM
It may not be a new-feature-rich release, but the upgrade comes with an extraordinary low price. $139 to upgrade to a new version of any professional-grade software is absolutely stunning. The low price is a clear indicator that the company understands that this isn't a huge release, so they've priced it to make it a no-brainer. The new features were worth $139 to me (and I'm just a non-hd hobbyist), so I can only imagine that they would be worth far more to an hd-editing pro. When I consider the ratio: new features - to - upgrade price, it's actually a fantastic release IMO!
Paul_Holmes wrote on 9/16/2006, 2:06 PM
V7, DVD4, Cinescore Bundle
JJKizak wrote on 9/16/2006, 2:31 PM
V7, DVD-A4, & Cinescore. I had a contrast problem (too much) until I deleted media manger 2.1, Sony setup files, DVD-a3c. and V6d. Everything seems to be working fine with a 1.5 hr project. Installed new Cineform beta and all the Vasst stuff. I like the windows settings and the Cinescore worked well. The only thing that is not as before is I have to click the external monitor icon every time I open Vegas. I haven't tried the Hi Def stuff yet. All the magic bullet stuff stayed in as the Mike Crash filters. The Pixelan and Debug wax stuff stayed in ok. Have not tried the render speed yet. Excalibur does not work. Lost a ton of old scripts. All this after adding 43 windows critical updates, .net 2.0, 3 software updates and 2 driver updates. Also latest Matrox Parhelia driver that uses .net 1.1 without messing with .net 2.0.
Windows media player works the way it is supposed to now also on the overlay out of the Parhelia. What is cool with Cinescore is after highlighting a section of the project Cinescore makes music only for that highlighted area. No crashes at all. So far happy as a pig in mud.

farss wrote on 9/16/2006, 2:44 PM
I just pay the rent.
Even though I have SFPro Cinescore was a no brainer.
LJA wrote on 9/16/2006, 2:50 PM
Bought V7 and DVDA 4 only.

Native m2t editing was my big need. V7 seems to work well there. Cineform problems appear to have been solved. Snapping to other tracks is very nice. Haven't used DVDA4 yet.
Tech Diver wrote on 9/16/2006, 3:04 PM
I'm definitely planning on upgrading, but there are too many errors at this time. I can't afford to have my work disrupted so I'll probably wait until version 7b or so. Hopefully the upgrade price will hold for a while.
jeremyk wrote on 9/16/2006, 3:18 PM
I bought the upgrade. I've been using V5 and DVDA2, and this seemed like a pretty cheap way to get up-to-date. The DVDA4 features interest me more than the new Vegas features, at least from what I've read about them. HDV is in my future, but I'll wait until the customers have something to play it on.

I got the boxed version and it hasn't come yet, so no experiences to report.
Zion wrote on 9/16/2006, 3:26 PM
No upgrade for me. I can think of many other things I could buy to enhance my projects at this time. I'll wait and see what Vegas 8 will bring. If there not there then I will be looking for another app. I'm not impressed at all. I'm really disappointed. I really would like to have seen DVD ARCH with HD DVD or BlueRay and Vegas with some kind of hardware assitstance for HDV 1080i full preview for more than one at least two video tracks with Effects transition ect.
Faster rendering time better than 15-20%. I'm looking for perfomace! I think we already have some good features we just need to do what we do better and faster in Full Best preview screen with full frame rate.

kentwolf wrote on 9/16/2006, 3:41 PM
I bought the Vegas 7 upgrade + DVDA4 from Sony.

The only reason I buy DVDA is so my AC3 files have the nice icons. I actually *use* Encore 2.0.

I already use Sonic Fire Pro. Too much invested in music to jump ship at this time.
Konrad wrote on 9/16/2006, 4:03 PM
If you did not get the email go Support>Knowledgebase>1st entry. It's the text of email with the links.

I have a lot of versions of Vegas (V3 LE, V4 & VMS 6) but not Vegas 6 so $135 was a no brainer. I added the $15 hard copy and Cinescore deal. Today I got the green light to upgrade my Sony D8 to a HVR-A1U. My reward for a hard and succesful summer.

PixelStuff wrote on 9/16/2006, 4:19 PM
"I already use Sonic Fire Pro. Too much invested in music to jump ship at this time."

Oh, but the integration of Cinescore with Vegas is just sooo sweet.
[r]Evolution wrote on 9/16/2006, 4:28 PM
I've been around since Vegas Audio & Vegas Video. 2 seperate apps.)

V7+DVDA4 was given to me as a gift.

I was NOT going to upgrade if I had to pay for it though.
In my workflow... the only thing that changed in V7 was its name.

Does VEGAS & ACID have that same integration?
PixelStuff wrote on 9/16/2006, 4:37 PM
Well, I plan to upgrade. Just haven't had a chance yet. I skipped V6+DVD3 last time. So this time seems like it will be worth it. The plan is to get the V7+DVDA-4+Cinescore if the budget allows. Looks like a great deal.

Hopefuly I can get some dual processor action going on by the end of the year. So that will make it even more justified.
Serena wrote on 9/16/2006, 4:55 PM
yes, bought the package
DGrob wrote on 9/16/2006, 4:59 PM
V7-DVDA4-Cinescore-Connect3.2beta-Excaliber-Ultimate2-Pixilan-NewBlue, Radiance, WAX, etc., YES. Sweet on an Alienware AMD dual core, Z1, 32-bit, dual monitor, home video setup. I owe it all to Grazie.

Darryl, LOL
Teetow wrote on 9/16/2006, 5:08 PM
I don't get it. Why can't I just buy Vegas 7? I don't need all the DVD features.

This constant flipflopping on product names is very confusing.
bStro wrote on 9/16/2006, 5:18 PM
So, just don't download DVD Architect. If I recall correctly, Vegas 6 standalone wasn't much cheaper, if at all, than this version of Vegas+DVD.

Not sure what you mean about "constant flipflopping" -- this product has been called Vegas+DVD for about four years. :)

ken c wrote on 9/16/2006, 5:55 PM
For the $135 upgrade for download, it was worth it to me, for the minor workflow improvements... I can't complain about sony's disappointing lack of features too loudly at that price.


I would've rather paid a $295 upgrade cost and gotten a kick-butt REAL Sony Vegas 7 that did what I needed, like better titling and the other significant functional improvements we've been waiting for.

Sony let us down. Again. There's virtually no big improvements from Vegas 4 to Vegas 7 - just a few minor enhancements here and there that are nice. But Sony could've done better, and should've, to retain and build market share. And meet our expectations.


p.s. I find the "Stack Traxx" at digital juice 100000% better than cinescore sounds, so I'm sticking w/DJ for all my audio backgrounds. They truly rock.
Jøran Toresen wrote on 9/16/2006, 6:36 PM
I bought V7, DVD4 and the Cinescore Bundle.