Removing the major program update window

Leonce-Barbezieux wrote on 11/20/2023, 7:45 AM

Hello everyone,

I am writing to you because I have a small practical issue. Is it possible to make this annoying update window disappear at startup, which wastes a lot of time for nothing?

Indeed, I have stayed with Vegas 19 for software speed reasons, as it runs 20% faster than the following versions in AMD VCE (my setup: 5950X and 6900XT)...

And so, even though I try each year for the new versions, after noticing that the renders were always slower, I go back to version 19. However, for some time now, a window has been appearing to prompt me to switch to version 21, and it won't leave me alone.

Is there a registry hack or something similar to stop being bothered and let Vegas let me work in peace?

Thanks to everyone for reading,

PS : I apologize if this topic has already been discussed... I didn't find it.


RogerS wrote on 11/20/2023, 7:56 AM

I figured out a way to do this before (and just did it for VP 19).

Under C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 19.0 look for install.cfg. Copy the original to your desktop, edit it with notepad and under [web] put say // before update URL and VEGAS won't be able to find it. Copy it back to that folder.

Want it to work again? Delete the slashes.

VP 21.187 is pretty good and HEVC is getting faster with it so I have both it and 19 installed here.

Custom PC (2022) Intel i5-13600K with UHD 770 iGPU with latest driver, MSI z690 Tomahawk motherboard, 64GB Corsair DDR5 5200 ram, NVIDIA 2080 Super (8GB) with latest studio driver, 2TB Hynix P41 SSD, Windows 11 Pro 64 bit

Dell XPS 15 laptop (2017) 32GB ram, NVIDIA 1050 (4GB) with latest studio driver, Intel i7-7700HQ with Intel 630 iGPU (latest available driver), dual internal SSD (256GB; 1TB), Windows 10 64 bit

VEGAS Pro 19.651
VEGAS Pro 21.108

VEGAS 4K "sample project" benchmark:
VEGAS Pro 20 "Ad" benchmark:

Leonce-Barbezieux wrote on 11/20/2023, 8:14 AM

RogerS, solid, as always! A thousand thanks.


Petersson wrote on 11/20/2023, 12:58 PM

@Leonce-Barbezieux @RogerS

As a sidenote, you can also block the update-servers at root-level.

Search for hosts in your Windows directory and add those lines to the block-rules; *

Now no single program can access the update servers.

I did this, because I am still working with Vegas 20 / build 370 and the nagging of "update now!" was annoying me.

You don't have write access in the hosts folder, but you can copy the file, adjust it and place it back there.

When filtering is to strict (it also blocks communication through the browser) just remove a line or place # in front.

Source : I used Fiddler to track all traces from the Vegas client to the mothership online.

Howard-Vigorita wrote on 11/20/2023, 1:40 PM

Doing it in hosts blocks the URL for all versions of Vegas installed on a machine... in which case the only way you'd find out there's a new vp21 update is by reading about here. On the brighter side, not hitting the update url all the time seems to get rid of the annoying delays I was seeing after not running an older version for a while.