Vegas 5 : Tell us what you need


Rednroll wrote on 2/10/2004, 7:28 PM
This stuff makes me glad I'm not a software programmer. It's suggestions like this that would kill me. Basically, you're telling me what you would like is a compressed file size, but you don't want to lose any sound quality. Wouldn't that be incenuating, that Microsoft would dare write some software code when developing the .WAV format, that has redundant, unnecessary information in it, making it bloated? Do you really think they would put something extra in there if we really didn't need it?! Come on now!!! Microsoft would never do anything like that.....<cough..cough> <uhm..uhm> WINDOWS.....oops, did I say that out loud?

Really though, the thing I find ironic about the whole compressed formats is that hard drives keep getting bigger and cheaper in size, but everyone always wants smaller file size with no loss of data to put on it. Isn't that kind of like buying a house the size of Buckingham Palace and having 1 person living in it?
jester700 wrote on 2/11/2004, 4:30 AM
That's true. I was also thinking of uploading/downloading speed so that I and my brother in Seattle could share files (he's a drummer & I suck at drum programming) and it'd be nice to do everything in one storage format to avoid the hassle of conversion.

Thanks to Sony for a hint at the difficulti\es involved. I have no knowledge of these; I simply saw that a couple of these formats were available for use in Audition and not Vegas and thought it might be worth mentioning. Perhaps not... ;-)
SonyEPM wrote on 2/11/2004, 7:21 AM
WMA9 lossless is present in Vegas. Set mode to "Quality VBR" and then you'll see lossless in the format dropdown.
jester700 wrote on 2/11/2004, 8:47 AM
Thanks again, Sony. Now I'll go wipe that egg off my face... ;-)
ramallo wrote on 2/23/2004, 12:09 PM

DSD recording and edit, and if is possible AIT1 support (For send the SACD masters).

Just a dream.

twinsen wrote on 3/16/2004, 12:11 PM
Easy-to-implement but powerful additions:

1. "Velocity" envelope on audio events: will accomplish:
- reverse on audio events
- pitch-shift/time-stretch envelope on audio events
- pitch bend/time bend

Or at least an option to reverse audio clips nondestructively if not the above. This graphical pitch/time control on clips will be unique to any multitracker.

2. "Since i can preview samples from the explorer in vegas then why not add the ability to add samples to the timeline in realtime, like using space bar to play the snare over a few bars and its added at the correct time to the timeline." (another user suggestion) also sounds great.. Multitrack recording with events instead of just audio. More on this:

3. While we're at it, maybe we can implement a very simple keyboard mode - mapped to the computer keyboard (or midi input) so Q is C, 2 is C#, W is D, 3 is D#, E is E, etc - and the realtime placement of clips go in with that pitch (well, include the usual option for preserve-duration or not, or preserve-pitch even, so the notes hit would be speed instead).

this keyboard mode can also be available any time a clip is selected and it jumps to the pitch of the key you press (depending on the "Time stretch / pitch shift" mode). then the active take name can also just have the note - as in C-4 (C in octave 4). believe it or not this really opens up a ton of composition possibilities, nearly eliminating trackers. and envelopes will be available to edit independently for each event, unlike in trackers and others! the pitch will need to be able to change more than +/- 24 semitones.

Each of these I believe are very simple additions - it is already possible in Veg 4 (except the pitch-bend) but the interface does not allow one to do it quickly (5+ clicks to change pitch). And it would not be any more CPU intensive than the current interface.


In any case, the keep it simple idea for Vegas is good - let's not recreate Cubase!
wazer wrote on 3/16/2004, 7:01 PM
we have THE SAME point of view, i thik. I wish all of those thing come together in V5. Exactly the same idea.. maaan.. :)

Just one more thing (sorry if it is double-post.):

how about to reach the TimeFactory (for e.g.) from the V5?
Same way as PT does with Serato PnT, or VocAlign..

btw VocAlign...


SonyMLogan wrote on 3/18/2004, 11:40 AM
> Easy-to-implement but powerful additions:
> 1. "Velocity" envelope on audio events: will accomplish:

Powerful? yes!

Easy to implement? Absolutely not!

Many features are deceptive in their ease because it seems intuitive that if something similar is already going on in Vegas, extending that behavior is trivial. It is tempting to suggest that because video velocity envelopes exist, the audio corollary is trivial. But the reality is that the audio corollary is much more complicated from a number of standpoints - performance of drawing audio peaks with the envelope applied - maintaining low latency and performance levels during playback (video has the luxury of being able to drop frames without substantially degrading your perception of the media – if I let the audio engine drop sample frames I would get a million bug reports from users complaining about “stuttering”).

Bottom line: if it was really that easy, it would have been in Vegas 1.0. – or at least in Vegas 3.0, when I first started thinking about adding it.

That being said, it's not impossible, just harder than the casual observer might think.
Rednroll wrote on 3/18/2004, 2:16 PM
"Powerful? yes!

Easy to implement? Absolutely not!"

You mean it isn't easy to run 1 million samples through 1 math equation for a pitch change as compared to running the same 1 million samples through 1 million different equations all calculated in realtime, to corolate with a UI envelope? Sounds easy enough to me :-)
twinsen wrote on 3/18/2004, 10:56 PM
Well.. there was the "somewhat" prefix in the subject :]

I know it's not super easy, but all decent trackers have no problem pitchbending stuff on 50 channels in realtime, as well as reaktor, etc.. Can do the "enveloped" timestretching in reaktor too. I can see how drawing the waveform appropriately could be more difficult/cpu intensive.

As for "frame dropping", I imagine if it took up too much processor, we can do horrible things like lower-quality previewing, or I wouldn't mind waiting for 100 ms or whatever before it started playing after I hit space bar while it got ready. hmmm..

The other things - easier and farther pitching to notes using the keyboard, and recording of event placement during scrolling, are easier, right? I'm just hoping to make Vegas the ultimate program without it getting too complex. For Vegas to finish what it's started ;]

Well, something else to think about adding - record automation envelopes in realtime from knob movements of the effect, instead of having to draw the envelope. Same for video event keyframes, motion and stuff ?

Thanks for quick responses.
Sidecar wrote on 3/25/2004, 7:39 PM
I want to change the thumbnail that represents a given clip in the bin.
Sidecar wrote on 3/25/2004, 7:42 PM
I want to be able to select everything in the program after the cursor point. Select All Events to End doesn't pick everything up reliably.

I want to know positively that everything past a certain point has been selected so I can move it left or right and not foul up relationships.
Nat wrote on 3/25/2004, 8:05 PM
you simply need to select an event on each track you want to select prior to selecting media to end, works well for me...
stakeoutstudios wrote on 3/26/2004, 1:44 AM
the ability to pitch shift events by cents or semi-tones using a keystroke would be very useful. It would be even better if this was displayed in the event wavform.

Along with this feature it would be helpful to change the pitch shift type in a similar manner and also have this written in the wavform!

At the moment it takes ages to do small manual pitch tweaks to a vocal that you can't autotune etc!

roger_74 wrote on 3/26/2004, 4:28 PM
I want to be able to select everything in the program after the cursor point. Select All Events to End doesn't pick everything up reliably.

Select Events to End is quite clever in that it requires you to tell it where the selection starts on other tracks. I can make a script for you that selects everything on every track from the cursor, but how do you want to handle events on the other tracks? Do events under the cursor that start before the cursor position get selected, or only events that start after the cursor position? The built in Vegas command makes you decide.