Vegas 5 : Tell us what you need


Rednroll wrote on 1/30/2004, 8:54 AM
"3)A rewire style sync option for simultaneous operation with acid. That way i don't need
MIDI in vegas, can keep things seperate, but work in tandem."

Also Paul,
Rewire would be nice, but you could also do this using Midi Beat clocks and the virtual midi router, without having to get any additional midi hardware. Both Acid and Vegas have Midi Beat clock generate and sync options, where you could use these to have them sync together.
klyon wrote on 1/30/2004, 11:01 AM
Only thing is, you could drive a truck through the sloppy timing holes if you do it that way.
Arnar wrote on 1/30/2004, 5:11 PM
I mean while thr recording is rolling....
Shmuel wrote on 1/31/2004, 1:13 AM
ignor silence at the begining of project when rendering.
behleem wrote on 1/31/2004, 8:39 AM
VSTI Support
Rednroll wrote on 1/31/2004, 11:14 AM
"ignor silence at the begining of project when rendering."

Why would we want that? A lot of us use that silence for time allignment at later times. You also can select the project, with the timeline selector, thus unselecting the silence at the beginning, and choose "Render Loop Region Only".

How about we just "ignor" the fact, that you don't know how to use Vegas?
cervama wrote on 2/2/2004, 4:15 PM
a film look plug in would be nice?
DAFenton wrote on 2/3/2004, 9:00 PM
64bits (x86-64) - to support RAM fo large sample libraries

VSTi support nd MIDI sequencer...would love to do it all in one app...many are close but no one's there yet...Apple seems poised to accomplish this.

-david abraham
Rednroll wrote on 2/4/2004, 7:32 AM
I've come up with a "Vegas Exclusive" feature that no other app has, and I think no recording studio should be without one.


You may think this is a joke...well it is kind of funny...but I think this would be a good thing, to lighten the atmosphere of a stressful session sometimes. Anyone who's worked in a professional studio has heard of the Producer Knob/adjustment, it's a running joke throughout the industry.

For those of you who have never heard of it, it's a knob that does nothing. A lot of times, you get new producers in the studio, and for you being a good engineer, they usually just sit there and follow your lead. Well, near the end of the session when it's time for the final mix approval, this newbie producer feels left out of the whole project and feels like they need to make a contribution. So although, everything is probably perfect sounding, they'll say, "It sounds pretty good, but there's something that needs to bring the vocal out, I'm not sure how to describe it". This is when as you being an experience engineer, know that everything sounds fine, but you need to pacify the producer. So you grab the producer knob and start turning it, and somewhere within you turning that knob, the producer will usually pipe up and say, "Right There!!! That's it!!!!"

I've actually, used a producer knob, accidentally on 2 seperate occassions. Late night mixing sessions, the producer asked me this exact same type of thing. I had to brighten the vocal. I reached for the console EQ, dialed in my frequency, then started to slowly adjust the gain control. While adjusting the gain control, the producer said, "Right there, that's it!!!! Perfect!!!!". At that point, I looked down, and noticed I forgot to push in the EQ enable button on the console, so therefore I was just spinning a knob and doing nothing, but the producer swears they heard a difference. He'll never know :-)
CDM wrote on 2/4/2004, 9:34 AM
I love it. Great idea!
JamesHE wrote on 2/4/2004, 8:18 PM
Better track FX. I do not find any of the EQ's very exciting compared to most 3rd party plugs. And i would love to have a limiter, instead of trying to make the track Comp act like a limiter, which it does a very poor job at musically.

Export to/ import from protools would be nice.

And support for a control surface!
ibliss wrote on 2/5/2004, 2:49 AM
More controls on the track Noise Gate plugin - variable range, high pass filter.
Arnar wrote on 2/5/2004, 6:09 AM
hehe...i second the producer knob....A little humour never hurt!:)
lineout wrote on 2/5/2004, 4:17 PM
Let us set it up in the plugin listing so we can premake settings like "vocal presents" with a range of "in the mix" to "out in front"
Rednroll wrote on 2/5/2004, 5:24 PM
I sent the feature request in with a concept drawing. My idea, was similar to your plugin Idea, where it was like a track slider with and enable check box. So you could do an A/B comparison. It also had scribble strips for the control name for custom naming, and then scribble strips on the left and right of the slidder. This way you could taylor the control to be what you name it, and also put values on the slider. One of the ideas came up of a Spinal Tap Volume control where it could go zero to "11". Thus, Vegas sounds better because you could turn it up to "11", while everyone elses DAW just goes to 10. :-)
stakeoutstudios wrote on 2/7/2004, 2:09 AM
Oh boy, I use 'producer knobs' a hell of a lot also! hehe it works on bands as well as producers...

Incidentally, the knob should have a purple light. Everybody seems hipnotised by the purple light on my Universal Audio 2-610 preamp... Purple lights are the way to go.

Perhaps the producer knob could vary the intensity of the purple light...

(of course we need one we can call up on every channel, perhaps it should really be a plugin! Call it 'warmth' or something!)

Jason :o)
jester700 wrote on 2/10/2004, 5:21 AM
A little convenience thing...

How about support for lossless audio formats other than Sony's proprietary one? I'm more comfortable with Cool Edit/Audition as an editor, and it would be nice to render as something like .ape format (Monkey's Audio) to share between apps.
Rednroll wrote on 2/10/2004, 11:00 AM
"How about support for lossless audio formats"
There is support. The Wave Format is the Standard on the PC side and is in Vegas and Cool Edit Pro, along with every other audio application out there including the MAC side. Did you happen to send a request to Adobe also for Sony Proprietary formats so you can go back and forth? That's why they're called "proprietary".
RichMacDonald wrote on 2/10/2004, 1:54 PM
>And i would love to have a limiter, instead of trying to make the track Comp act like a limiter, which it does a very poor job at musically.

Good call. I thought I was the only one who couldn't make this work. One issue is that the limiter cannot work at "0 ms attack time" and/or "infinite compression ratio", so you can still go above 0 db. (Granted, analog limiters cannot do this, but a digital limiter should be able to look ahead). I've sometimes placed 3 track limiters in series and *still* been unable to limit the output. (I sometimes get nasty pops from my onboard camera mic and its a PITA to have to adjust the volume envelope for that split second.)

IOW, give us a limiter that's *guaranteed*. Or is it ignorance on my part? Incidentally, I'd like to hear more details on your "musically" comment. What do you feel is musical vs. unmusical limiting? TIA.
jester700 wrote on 2/10/2004, 2:05 PM
But Adobe DOESN'T have a proprietary one (well, maybe they do, but I'm talking about open source ones here). There are filters for several of them, including WavPack and Monkey's. Now admittedly, these filters were written by those companies, not Adobe. So I'll bug them, too. But hey, this is what a wish list is for, ain't it?

And of course, I meant lossless COMPRESSED formats, smarty... ;-)
EEA513 wrote on 2/10/2004, 3:30 PM
Ever since i bought my Mac G5, i miss Vegas cause i can't have the ease and facility that i used to. I am praying on that Mac release.
1. Mac OS X compatible please !!!!
2. A shortcut for locking the audio tracks
3. A reverse effect or plug-in for certain desired sound effects
4. and maybe some more Resonant Filter/Radio sounds.
Rednroll wrote on 2/10/2004, 4:07 PM
"And of course, I meant lossless COMPRESSED formats, smarty... ;-)" that makes a bit more sense doesn't it? But that's not what you said. :-) I'm sure Sony would like .PCA to be an industry standard lossless compressed format, to get a piece of pie like .MP3 did. You might want to send your request into Microsoft, they're probably the leader all the audio apps will follow just like .WMA and .WAV.
jester700 wrote on 2/10/2004, 5:22 PM
Actually, WMA 9 HAS a lossless option, but it seems it's not implemented in Vegas. Prolly because of the presence of pca...
pwppch wrote on 2/10/2004, 6:24 PM
How about support for lossless audio formats other than Sony's proprietary one? I'm more comfortable with Cool Edit/Audition as an editor, and it would be nice to render as something like .ape format (Monkey's Audio) to share between apps.

Get Monkey's Audio to write a proper codec for Windows and you will have exactly what you need. This is why Microsoft defined an "open" codec model, so anybody can write a "plugin" to support any format they want. They do this, and it will become and option to render in Vegas to this format.