Vegas 5 : Tell us what you need


bplogic wrote on 9/25/2003, 3:07 PM
I agree, MIDI would really complete the package.
One more BIG thing, for me. I love Vegas' editing, easily the most intuitive. But one thing that's been overlooked on every new version is this:
Please, make it so when I have multiple events selected, and I change a fade on an event, this same fade is applied to all selected events. It really sucks when I want to fade out 10 drum tracks, and I have to apply the same fade 10 times. I realize that being able to apply fades at the bus level went a long way to making this a non-issue, but there ase plenty of situations where I'll have drums (or horn sections, or layered guitars, etc.) assigned to several busses at once (i.e. I'll send the overheads to one bus, kick and bass guitar to another, snare to another, and toms to another). Being able to just select the events and apply a fade would make a nearly perfect editor perfect.
bgc wrote on 9/25/2003, 4:36 PM
AC-3 can only handle up to 48kHz. It doesn't encode the higher sample rates.
imac wrote on 9/25/2003, 8:23 PM
Soundscape has a method where you select an event (and add a keystroke)and all events belonging to that take are highlighted
imac wrote on 9/25/2003, 8:33 PM
-Stop recordings dissapearing when you push stop

-Tempo map

-Tempo display and entry as a tool you can add to toolbar

-one midi track. Even with no editor. Then VSTi's can run elsewhere without having to update arrangement changes

-hardware control. all elements linked to a mapping window where a user defines what midi data controls what element. Best example I have seen is Soundscape, with Nuendo second

-Reverse (backwards) option under 'channel' menu

-"Freeze" like Logic 6

-Grouping also applies to fades

-Buss has fx sends

-Hide tracks. Non operational, just out of view

-Save as trimmed, not to w64

-multiple fx windows open

-reassignable keystrokes
mcgeedo wrote on 9/26/2003, 8:17 AM
A temporal smoothing filter to be used to reduce graininess (like from VHS/8mm/off-air captures) without damaging detail (edges).

Vegas' "median" filter goes a long way towards reducing grain but it DRAMATICALLY increases render time, and doesn't do exactly what I'm describing, i.e. it seems to smooth out details as well as grain. Even though I like the effect, I never use it due to the render time.

A temporal smoothing filter is available for VirtualDub, and I occassionally use it. But obviously I would prefer to stay in Vegas.
AlexD wrote on 9/26/2003, 11:17 AM
I 'd like to see a tighter coupling between the video and audio clips that came from the same file. May be making a user selectable default setting. If it is checked, there is no way to trim, cut, delete etc. video on the timeline without doing the same change to its audio. Also, syncing between them would be assured. Right now it is very easy to loose sync between video and its audio while working on the timeline. Also sometime I have to "S" video, then as a second step to "S" audio. For the users preferring more flexibility, as it is now, the default way of operation could be the "old" way. But for the users working with the relatively simple projects, with a few tracks/files, there would be a way to interlock them and be able to override the audio/video lock as needed.
DJPadre wrote on 9/26/2003, 12:05 PM
"Excellent suggenstions DJPadre, Do you think you could offer a few more Video features in the Vegas "Audio" forum, we really enjoy those here? "

Actually i can,
But the reason i posted here was because i couldnt find a similar topic in the Video forum, so if SoFo are reading this, i may as well use THIS forum to be heard.
Fact remains, the application is an Audio AND Video tool.

"Your post was way too concise and direct to the point also, I think a few more lines and all of us could have gotten a good nights sleep. :-) "

Glad you feel that way, and if you didnt want to read on, you could have stopped and saved yourself the effort of posting a useless reply to a legitimate post.

Im glad my rivetting ramblings at 4am intrgued you to a point of slumber thou, hope the bed bugs didnt bite :)~
ditnoj wrote on 9/26/2003, 1:11 PM
And, what was that other thing? Oh yeah, MIDI
doctorbassjr wrote on 9/26/2003, 5:38 PM
Suggestions for Version 5 of Vegas: (some may already be in 4.0 and I have over looked them)
*Allow video to be recorded directly to timeline, allow video and multiple audio tracks to be recorded at the same time, allow video punch ins etc (in other words treat video just like audio in timeline)
*make vegas compatable with the current crop of audio controllers (mackie hue, tascam etc)

*Allow effects to be added to audio on a per clip basis (just like they are for video)

*Export to flash w/ control over load times

*Add midi capability :)

*Import photoshop files as layers

*Allow exchange with Avid,pro tools sessions

*Create more attractive interface

* Hardware support, and nested timeline (like premiere pro)
* allow creation of "enhanced" CD's
* data storage management for CD and DVD (easy CD creator)
wazer wrote on 9/27/2003, 6:22 AM
I think these functions should greartly enhance my (and hope others too)creativity:

1. FOLDER TRACKS (like in Logic, Nuendo, SX) actually i can do some folder-like thing with 2 opened Vegas sessions (using Copy and Paste), but it's not the same. I need double click on a folder track, and a "new" session opens including the contenets of the folder only.

2. VIRTUAL LOOP FOR FOLDER TRACKS. Shared copies, or the Logic-method. For creating NON BOUNCED/RENDERED LOOPS.

3. SHUFFLE GRID, USER GRID I neeeeed them so much!! These 1,.2. and 3. points let me create for e.g. a PERFECT-timing drum loop, without looping the whole song with..

4. EASY OFFSETS FOR AUDIO TRACKS. Becouse i have some outboard i wanna delay compensate them. Every track should have an independent offset control (-/+ samples), but the graphical overviews must stay at the original position.

5. MULTIPLE PLUG-IN WINDOWS OPENED. Becouse of easy mixing.

6.SELCTABLE HDD MENU FOR SEARCHING MISSING FILES. (like in Total Commander for e.g.) At tis time i can only search independently or all HDDs. It takes unnecessary time.

7. RENAMING POSSIBILITY FOR OPENED COPIES IN SF. xyzTake2Take8Take3.. Come on.. Aply non-realtime FX in Vegas is not the way i like. SF is more accurate for me.

8. SPECIAL FADES. Sometimes i need to fade in a take, but not from ZERO. Just need some linear fade with 6dB attenuation to no att. "Precompressing"..
VOL automation takes more time than using the fade in/out.


10. PROGRAMMABLE SHORTCUTS. I prefer for e.g. R and T for zooming.

Mmmm.. That's all

Thanks for reading and thinking about..


risenwithhim wrote on 9/27/2003, 8:24 AM
I'm still a newbie at using Vegas for music production, but...

1- MMC for external transport control, track arming, etc. (eg, via a digital console)

2- I haven't really looked deep into it, but the ability to side-chain the compressor plugin (for ducking delay/verb)

3- Mono buss sends, or foldback monitoring per track during playback, and not just input monitoring (like any linear multitrack offers). One may simply prefer to mix outside of Vegas, say to 1/4" reel-to-reel. Granted, this isn't really that important because there are ways around it, but just a little irritating that the busses are stereo only, forcing you to utilize 2 channels of your i/o device, and thus pan each track right or left to separate into "mono" channels.

4- MIDI would be cool. I have Cakewalk, but I honestly can't stand it, and don't wish to re-install it.

5- I haven't used ProTools, but it is lauded for it's arsenal of available plug-ins. As I said, I'm a bit new to this, but does Vegas offer the same kind of pro plug-in options?

6- Definitely punch-in/out on the fly, as well as track arm/disarm on the fly.

7- And I'll echo what others have said with a way to clean up HDD from takes that aren't used.

Randy, Highly satisfied customer
JonnyMac wrote on 9/27/2003, 11:23 AM
My wish is simple: I would like to have independent parameter control over all elements in a rolling title -- that is, I would like to independently control font, size, and color of any object that appears in a rolling title.
JohnnyRoy wrote on 9/27/2003, 12:12 PM
Here is my list in no particular order.

For Vegas 5:

1. MIDI record and playback with VSTi/DXi support.

2. ACID style loop tracks but allow more than one sample on a track. So I could have a drum track with several samples that I could loop and control the tempo as a single track (I don’t like the fact that ACID makes you have multiple tracks for one instrument)

3. Import AC3 (so we can re-edit our VOB files)

4. Insert another project in a project. (Not sure how tracks would be handled. If tracks share the same label then add the media to the existing track, otherwise add a new track)

5. Better text/title tool like TitleDeko or Inscriber (or a plugin for those tools)

6. Ability to import mattes for the cookie cutter.

7. Hollywood FX Pro plugin (I can dream can’t I...)

For DVD Architect:

1. End Actions (you know the ability to make the video return to the menu or continue to the next video)

Serco wrote on 9/27/2003, 9:22 PM
A way to interface with my digital mixing console (Yamaha 02R96) like Nuendo, Soundscape and ProTools can for transport.
LarryP wrote on 9/27/2003, 9:46 PM
Automatically keep a second copy of the .veg file in a user definable directory.

I keep the .veg file with the .wav files because it is convenient to save with the project. I also manually copy the .veg file to another disk drive because I’m paranoid. The same would be true for a video capture file.

imac wrote on 9/28/2003, 12:00 AM
I forgot to list one important item, that someone else mentioned but I have to second;

-offset per track, + or - (logic style)

Is one feature I find so useful in Logic. As it is to compensate for a non compensated plugin or time aligning drums etc you have to physically move all the events in a track, and not easily put them back.
Or alternatively a 'negative delay' plug in to do the same thing
eyeshow wrote on 9/28/2003, 3:08 AM
Time Signature - Beat - Tempo changes

I can't believe this program doesn't have it already, a multitrack audio recording program w/o the ability to change the time sig or tempo??? Especially when syncing to external sequencers via MIDI.

please please please create a way to allow these changes to be dropped like markers... or something!!!

craftech wrote on 9/30/2003, 5:37 AM
stusy wrote on 9/30/2003, 12:39 PM
98SE compatible...
black_eyed_angel wrote on 9/30/2003, 2:29 PM
**equivalent of Pro Tools beat detective**

...And everything else mentioned above (especially VSTi/MIDI)
jbrawn wrote on 10/1/2003, 3:14 AM
Warning, wild ideas included. Read at own risk. (number is priority: 1=high, 10=low)

2) Fader "automation" from a control surface.

3) Stereo audio phase scope: I'd like to see one channel on a horizontal axis and one on the vertical. If I see a straight line from 1:30 to 7:30, I've got mono, if I see an oval cloud form 1:30 to 7:30 I've probably got reasonable stereo. If I have a a circle of stuff, I have unrelated channels (perhaps unaligned in time). And... If I see an oval cloud or line from 10:30 to 4:30, then I've got problems.

4) accept unprotected .VOB files on the timeline.

8) Master mono button.

And since you are going to ask...

3) I'd like to time align multiple tracks (like a 3 camera wedding shoot) and then select which camera I want on a new track as I'm watching a 4 way or 9 way preview. You know "ready to take 2... Take 2!" Then I can come back and clean up the transitions after I have the basic track selection done.

5) A direcTV codec to allow unencrypted DirecTIVO files on the timeline.

9) Network renders using render clients on farms of networked PCs (assume gigabit ethernet.)

3) Stop motion frame recording from streaming DV source into AVI file

4) Full screen preview of streaming DV source (probably not possible, but I'd use it often.)

7) Real time switching between 3 simultaneously streaming DV sources during capture.

1) End actions

1) Multiple audio streams (director's commentary or multiple language support.)

2) Support for DVD cover picture (select an image file, and have DVDA create the various size image files which allow high end DVD players to display the current DVD cover artwork when in stop or long term pause mode.)

4) Ability to save changed menu layouts as templates

8) DTS encoding

9) Ability to add extra files and/or directories onto a DVD +-R/RW (Load source image files on a "slide show" DVD).


hookmeister wrote on 10/1/2003, 7:55 AM
Vegas has changed my work habits, it's that good at making me that much faster.

1) quick lock / unlock of time index ( start / stop / timeline location ) of anything on the timeline...

Why: I turn off ripple edit lots these days and use the timeline to block in video mixes i hadnt considered during a 3 cam shoot - my storybd and shotlist already has planned cameramoves at time indexes so i would like to take those segments and quick-click a padlock or thumbtack to pin down the position temporarily.... to prevent any accidental timeline sliding when i'm working envelopes and such and the mouse position misinterprets my need.

Sometimes i get to where i think i'm all set to find the in/out changed or the blcok moved a frame or 2 on me and that costs me time to go back and pin down.

2) DTS and DVDA-centric editing features - Elliot Scheiner has pineered 5.1 for Automotive Audio and vegas should be the system of choice for supplying that market - not nuendo etc ..

3) 2ch audio scope for detecting phase issues. ( yah i'm an old guy i need this )

4) simple paintbox heal/clone area mask automation.
Sometimes a zepplin gets in the frame and i would love a simple removal tool that replaces that with local blended replace area masking like the pros have.
artifact abatement too... masked de-speckle when i get noisy footage from a crummy cameraman. same tool different use. I dont want to leave Vegas to deal with this ( ok i havent installed boris red yet so this may be moot )

5) time strech /compress automation to include both audio and video management that cleans up things for me.

forgive me if i ask for stuff that is actually there but not quite the way i would like to have it happen. - I love vegas

Jacose wrote on 10/1/2003, 10:10 AM


FREEZE (integrated, just like samplitude 7)

---keep it simple guys, you have a great product
Jacose wrote on 10/1/2003, 10:21 AM
if you make acid a rewire soft synth, it would be coool to make vegas a rewire host!