VEGAS Pro 16 Update 1 (build 261)

VEGAS_CommunityManager wrote on 9/3/2018, 5:35 AM

Dear Community,

Big changes have arrived in our VEGAS Pro 16 release last week and we are definitely not done! We are planning on several updates and we want to start today with our first update for VEGAS Pro 16.

You can download the build 261 now at:

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New Features

  • You can now split tangents on the Bézier Masking OFX plug-in so you can create curved masks with perfect accuracy
  • You can now preview HDR using the 10-bit OpenGL pixel format
  • A new script enables users to create text that is "pinned" to a motion tracked object
  • An improved interface makes the stabilization plug-in more intuitive and easy to use
  • It is now possible to automatically create subtitles based upon named regions in your project

Bug Fixes

  • A proper error message appears if the user attempts to insert subtitles from a file without actually choosing a valid file
  • All QuickStart window buttons are now active when the user opens a project that already has media on the timeline
  • Stabilization now more properly handles accurate mode
  • Stabilization now recognizes black initial frames and works properly regardless of a black frame's presence
  • The Live Save function no longer conflicts with Master fader operation
  • Crosshair interacts for position parameters in OFX plugins now works as intended
  • The Stabilization plug-in's avoid Black Borders option now works more effectively
  • Bézier Masking Edit Mode is now properly limited to only one mask at a time
  • When you copy an event that has Video FX on it, then paste event attributes onto an event of a different resolution, the target event's Pan/Crop settings are properly handled
  • HEVC files rendered through the MAGIX HEVC QSV encoder now play back more efficiently


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