Tom Pauncz wrote on 4/14/2010, 2:06 PM

I experienced the atrocious slow start on both SD and HDV projects and I don't have any Cineform files on this system - anywhere.

SD is vanilla NTSC DV and HDV just uses the .M2T files.

Once I reverted to the 9.0c DLL as above, startup is back to 9.0c performance. This is on my System #1 (in specs).

JJKizak wrote on 4/14/2010, 2:54 PM
I opened a project and it was slow then opened another and it was slow and so on with about 6 projects. When I re-opened one that was already opened and closed it was real fast as with all the rest. I closed Vegas then re-opened vegas and everything was blazing fast. Re-boot and the same thing happens all over again.
IAM4UK wrote on 4/14/2010, 4:57 PM
This forum is a valuable resource. Thank you all for alerting users to the terrible problems with the new "patch." I would normally just install new patches as a matter of course, but I downloaded "d" and then read these posts before installing. Needless to say, I did not install it. I will stick with 9.0b-64 and 9.0c-32 for now. Neither work as I need them to, but with the two of them, I can work around Sony's problems.
Salamander wrote on 4/14/2010, 5:38 PM
I uninstalled 9.0c, cleaned the registry, and deleted all references to Vegas. Then I installed 9.0d. No problems at all.

64 bit versiion of Vegas and WIndows 7.
PNguyen wrote on 4/14/2010, 9:48 PM
Anyone know if you still have to do the CFFExplorer editing and switch for 9.0d?
Marc S wrote on 4/14/2010, 10:12 PM
Yes if you uninstalled you'll need to use the CFFExporer fix for 32 bit. That fix has solved my render hangs.
TLF wrote on 4/14/2010, 11:40 PM
I uninstalled 9.0c, cleaned the registry, and deleted all references to Vegas. Then I installed 9.0d. No problems at all.

I did this, and had no luck.

What did you use to clean the registry?
Paul Fierlinger wrote on 4/15/2010, 5:46 AM
I fixed the slow load problem. Vegas projects now load faster than ever before. I reassigned all my file types (with the exception of mp3 from QT to DivXX Pro.)
JJKizak wrote on 4/15/2010, 5:57 AM
"Open copy in Forge" also takes forever the first time.
UlfLaursen wrote on 4/15/2010, 7:54 AM
What did you use to clean the registry?

I use Ccleaner - it's free, I think it is good, but beware of default settings, it cleans cookies...

UlfLaursen wrote on 4/15/2010, 10:07 AM
Just found time to install it my self and play a little bit with it.

Running on my i7 / 12GB / win7-64

Uninstalled 9.0c 64
Ran CCleaner
Installed 9.0d

Opened od project - all fine and fast
Tried AVCHD TL playback, and it just was great, started with 25 fps almost asap - not the old lack for ½ sec., seems faster than before.

Have yet to try it out more, but so far it seems great for me.

Salamander wrote on 4/15/2010, 5:21 PM
C Cleaner, and then TuneUp Utilities - ok, so maybe I'm anal.
apit34356 wrote on 4/15/2010, 5:38 PM
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Harold Brown wrote on 4/15/2010, 7:13 PM
I wouldn't use a registry cleaner. I have used them in the past and they have damaged my registry creating an unstable system. Additionally I personally have never seen any difference in my system performance during the time I used them.
Harold Brown wrote on 4/15/2010, 7:19 PM
I had to open 2 Vegas projects that I created in 2007. I update two segments on a DVD for a 2010 version and everything went very smooth. Used 9d 32bit. No problems at all. Plus I was able to create a much better image because of 2 additional plug-ins that I own to handle chroma key.
mobass1 wrote on 4/20/2010, 4:05 PM
Thanx for the timely info *S*. I'm just left wondering if the un-install routine will scrub all the reg keys instead of having to manually go thru regedit.

Any advice / suggestions etc.would be greatly appreciated ( 9.0d is unworkable ).

Again, thanx for your consideration,

Legacy Videos Arizona

2.4g amd
4g ddr2
Nvidia dual head card
sata drives
JJKizak wrote on 4/20/2010, 4:27 PM
Yes, and it will put a dent in the global warming. I am worried about the super duper humongous one in Yellowstone which is 40,000 years overdue and will pretty much eliminate humanity besides throwing us into a 2000 year ice age. There is a 5 square mile deep magma buildup underneath Yellowstone and it is rising every year by satellite measurement. Where are you located?