VEGAS Pro build : don't start on win10

Francois_73 wrote on 5/5/2023, 6:14 AM

I start VEGAS_Pro_19.0.0.648 on my computer ( win 10 )
I was worked ( about 01.2023 ) Note that : Nothing is changed on my computer
And now, It start, and crached. Just I can see splash screen, and stop
I 've try to :
- reinstall VEGAS_Pro_19.0.0.648
- remove all in appdata about vegas
- start with shift + ctrl to remove all prefs
- reinstall my graphics card drivers
- download VEGAS_Pro_19.0.0.651 ( without issue ) but I've see on forum that version don't work
( from this : )

And now ?
please help me !


NOVAdash wrote on 5/5/2023, 6:24 AM

Look at top threads for Build 651 patch. Download and install.

Francois_73 wrote on 5/5/2023, 6:40 AM

Thx a lot
I've found a downloadable version of v 651 here

( with vegasedit19_dlm_t75zhr.exe, it is very long and stopped a lot of time when download )

and now it looks like it works :)

Howard-Vigorita wrote on 5/5/2023, 9:18 PM

If you actually need to run older builds of vp19, I worked out an automated way to do that. A short PowerShell script automatically back-dates the System Date, loads vp19, then re-syncs the date back to normal 20 seconds later. Hopefully after vp19 finishes loading. If your system is slower than mine loading vp19, you might need to increase the delay before restoring the date. This does not require turning off Internet access. In fact, turning off Internet access worked for me with vp20, but not with vp19.

If powershell scripting is not enabled on your system, you may need to google instructions on how to do that. Note that the script needs Admin privileges to mess with the system date. Here's a link to a zip that contains the script and a shortcut you can drop onto your desktop... the shortcut should come up with the vp19 icon embedded and admin privileges already checked off but needs to be edited to point to your own desktop instead of mine... instructions are in the zip:

If you just want to cut and paste the script directly into a .ps1 file and take from there, here it is:

Set-Date -date "4/2/2023 2:00 PM"
Start-Process -FilePath "C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 19.0\vegas190.exe" -passthru
Start-Sleep -Seconds 20
w32tm /resync /force /nowait

Not much too it.

Todd-A0 wrote on 5/5/2023, 10:07 PM

@Howard-Vigorita I"m using this app, it's much simpler. just have to make a shortcut and use shortcut to run both older versions of VP19 and VP20. I"m interested in how long the programs run before they refuse to load due to not being able to phone home to the Vegas servers. I am thinking less than 2 weeks.


Howard-Vigorita wrote on 5/5/2023, 11:03 PM

@Todd-A0 I guess I reinvented the wheel. If I understand correctly, the Vegas issues we experienced had to do with a certificate intended to authenticate the software vendor and the integrity of the exe. And which expired after 2 years. It's usage apparently started with vp19. I tested vp18 and earlier and they don't seem to behave that way. I understand it was resolved with a new build that leaves the expiration date feature out so it should not happen again. Those certificates usually get evaluated by a trusted 3rd party certificate authority. I don't think it's related to the phone home requirement which I thought was more like a month and requires handshake with a Magix license server.

Francois_73 wrote on 5/6/2023, 2:57 AM

Does this mean that we are not free to use vegas after two years? I mean without them deciding to upgrade. So it's not a license for indefinite use....


RogerS wrote on 5/6/2023, 3:23 AM

We have a license to use it indefinitely. I still have 15 installed and no update is required.

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Dell XPS 15 laptop (2017) 32GB ram, NVIDIA 1050 (4GB) with latest studio driver, Intel i7-7700HQ with Intel 630 iGPU (driver, dual internal SSD (256GB; 1TB), Windows 10 64 bit

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Howard-Vigorita wrote on 5/6/2023, 7:43 AM

Does this mean that we are not free to use vegas after two years? I mean without them deciding to upgrade. So it's not a license for indefinite use....

@Francois_73 My understanding is that Vegas using the exe-cert the way they did was a mistake and that they patched it in the update so it doesn't happen again. The mistake will only continue to affect the older builds of vp19 and vp20 that do not have the patch. I only did the workaround because I have a need to use one of those older builds on occasion. The RunAsDate app @Todd-A0 uses looks like it does the same thing as my script, just more conveniently with a nice UI. But I don't think it will circumvent anything more than the exe-cert mistake. So I wouldn't bother using it on Vegas builds from now going forward.