VEGASSPython: Now OPEN Source

Harold-Linke wrote on 7/21/2019, 10:24 AM

VEGASPython is now open source.

To ensure the future development of VEGASPython I have decided to make it open source and provide the source code via Github under the BSD-3-Clause-License.

VEGASPython as open source allows other developers to contribute to the development of VEGASPython and to secure the update of VEGASPython in the future.

You can find the source code here:

If you have any questions regarding the creation of VEGASPython from the source code, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope I will be able to provide some more documentation in the future.

VEGASPython can still be downloaded from my homepage:

VEGASPython includes following scripts:

  • VEGASSceneDetect
  • Add2SecondGap

  • AddMarkersAtInterval

  • AddMarkersToEvents

  • AddRegionsToEvent

  • AddTransitionToSelectedEvents

  • Audit_Event_Levels

  • Chopoff_BeginandEndofEvent

  • Chopoff_BeginofEvent

  • Chopoff_EndofEvent

  • LimitSelectedEventLength

  • LimitSelectedEventLengthto4Seconds



Former user wrote on 7/21/2019, 4:43 PM

Thanks Harold-Link.

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Peter_P wrote on 7/22/2019, 8:13 AM

Thanks Harold.

VEGASPascal wrote on 7/23/2019, 11:31 AM