ShowRecDat - Display and use recording data within Vegas pro

Peter_P wrote on 11/1/2016, 3:43 AM

Hello together,

since July 2010 I’m continuously developing this Vegas pro custom command to display and use the recording data contained in the video clips and photos. Now I adapted the latest version for Vegas pro 14.

I use it as a docked window under the scopes. Data are updated when you click on a position in the video event.

To use the data within DVDA, you select the related video track and start ‘Set Event Names’. This will set the name of the events with the recording data at the begin of the clip.  Now you start the ‘Export Subtites’ script (also contained in the and you are ready to use these data from within DVDA for subtitles, that I normally hide and make them visible on demand only.

The files must only be unpacked and copied to the folders described in the read_me file. On Windows 10 system you might be required to unlock the *.dll within the file properties.

This tool is for free but with no obligation of any kind to me.

Release History ShowRecDat for Vegas pro 14:
Initial Release (for Vp14)

Sony AX53 Support added and 'Export Subtitles.js' changed to export *.srt subtitel file for Kodi or other players like MPC-HC to display the recording data as subtitel when activated.

Same support for Vegas pro 13.

Basic Sony RX10 IV support and new direct subtitle export to *.srt and *.sub.

Feature added to view DJI FlightRecord date in Vegas pro 14+ and export these data as subtitles. See thread for details.

Update of FR-CSVtoVFR_V1.01 to support FAT32 related splitted files.

Update of FR-CSVtoVFR_V1.02 to support negative longitude data files.


You may download the file from this location using the password : '01nov2016' (without quotes)


Usage Note:

Depending on your system and download method you require to unlock the *.DLL as shown here


Nick Hope wrote on 11/1/2016, 4:14 AM

Peter, I love this extension. Thank you very much for updating it for VP14. It is the extension I have been missing most. It works fine here.

bmw-boxer wrote on 11/1/2016, 6:12 AM



Many thanks !

set wrote on 11/1/2016, 9:24 AM

WOW! Incredible!

walter-i. wrote on 12/6/2016, 9:03 AM

Thanks a lot for updating!
One of the most useful extension for me.

Many thanks

Jam_One wrote on 1/6/2017, 9:24 AM

StyOn ?
WBcloD ?...

PRdnmE !
Where does one get a vocabulary of abbreviations? 🙂

Peter_P wrote on 1/6/2017, 9:38 AM

Sorry, the space is very limited and I generated the abbreviations according to the ones used in some cameras.

StyOn : Steady Shot (Sony)

WB: in this setting above cloudy.

Jam_One wrote on 1/11/2017, 12:49 PM

Thank you for clarification, Peter_P !

OldSmoke wrote on 1/13/2017, 4:15 PM

I must be doing something wrong, the extension doesn't show up in Vegas 14. Where do I copy all of it? The readme file isn't up to date, I think.

Peter_P wrote on 1/14/2017, 1:33 AM


C:\ProgramData\VEGAS Pro\Application Extensions\

for Vp14

Peter_P wrote on 1/31/2017, 1:52 AM


I have updated the ShowRecDat to support the Sony AX53 camcorder (see top of the thread). In addition the 'Export Subtitles.js' now generates a *.srt file to use the recording data as subtitles for various player for example Kodi or MPC-HC.


Peter_P wrote on 2/7/2017, 3:39 AM

There are some owners of the Sony AX53 that are still using Vegas pro 13 and asked me to migrate the support for their camcorder also to ShowRecDat for Vegas pro 13. Since I did not publish a new Version since V2.0.8 there might also be some other cameras supported in the new release of V2.2.2.

I also changed the ‘Export Subtitles’ script to generate *.srt files from Vegas pro 13.

The can be found on the same download location – see the first post of this thread.

OldSmoke wrote on 2/19/2017, 12:53 PM


I tried all possible locations but it wont show up. I even "unlocked" the files but no show. I did manage to get the "ShowEventLenght" extension to appear under VP14 but had to copy it to the App\Local\Vegas Pro folder. I did the same for the ShowRecDat but it just wont show up. Anyways, I can live without it but would be nice to have. I also noticed that the VP14 version of the ShowEventLength extension doesn't have a right-click option anymore?

Peter_P wrote on 2/20/2017, 1:07 AM

I also noticed that the VP14 version of the ShowEventLength extension doesn't have a right-click option anymore?

I did not know about this function. What would you like to use it for ?


OldSmoke wrote on 2/20/2017, 9:01 AM


The extra function allows to copy the event length and apply it events selected on the time line. If you want every event to have the same length, that is a handy tool.

Peter_P wrote on 2/20/2017, 9:11 AM

Hmmm, I'll think about it to add this function. Eventhough I don't think that I would use it ;)

BruceUSA wrote on 2/20/2017, 11:58 AM

Thank you. I like it.

Peter_P wrote on 11/7/2017, 8:52 AM

I have updated ShowRecDat to version 3.0.4 with basic support for Sony RX10 IV and added an immediate subtitle export. Two formats are exported. First the usual *.srt format that directly can be used with players like MPC-HC with the srt-filename equal to the video filename. And the second format is *.sub to be used for DVDA subtitle import. The files are stored at the location of the project file (*.veg) with the same name.

With the checkbox ‘Continuous’ you select to export the data for every second.

If this is unchecked you get one record with the date at the begin of the event plus fade. Note, that UHD files from Panasonic digicams do not contain continuous data and therefore will provide only one record, regardless of the checkbox setting.

This time I left the old ‘Export Subtitels’ script in the *.zip file. I think with the next release, I will no longer include it.

Peter_P wrote on 1/28/2018, 6:09 AM

I have added to ShowRecDat V3.10 the feature to view the DJI FlightRecord data in Vegas pro 14 and 15.

All Details can be found in the *.pdf contained in the I have uploaded to the location given in the top of this thread.

You can now also directly export subtitles to be used with the original clips without the need to render them.

Unfortunately my P3pro often records an obviously incorrect Ground/Starting-Level. But I thought, it may only happen to my device or the local situation and kept this data to be output. What are your findings ?

Marco. wrote on 2/4/2018, 5:46 AM

Is there a version available which supports the recording data of the Panasonic GH2?

Peter_P wrote on 2/4/2018, 6:53 AM

Hi Marco,

as far as I remember the *.MTS stream of the GH2 does not contain any recording data. ShowRecDat only displays the date/time and the bitrate on my old GH2 files.

Marco. wrote on 2/4/2018, 8:20 AM

I see, makes sense then. Thanks.

Peter_P wrote on 2/14/2018, 10:24 AM

Triggered by a new user, I added an Usage Note in the first post of this thread.

Peter_P wrote on 2/22/2018, 4:02 AM

A Mavic pro user who was using 16GB SD-cards with FAT32 formatting told me, that his split files are not supported by FR-CSVtoVFR_V1.00. So I now uploaded an enhanced version FR-CSVtoVFR_V1.01 in This zip also contains an updated PDF. The Vegas pro CC ShowRecDat remains unchanged.

Peter_P wrote on 4/5/2018, 2:17 AM

Sorry, but I only realized recently, that the FR-CSTtoVFR_V1.01 has a problem with negative longitude data. I have corrected this and updated the with the new FR-CSVtoVFR_V1.02.exe.