What are the best laptops for video editing/rendering with Vegas Pro?

T-B-edits wrote on 2/5/2023, 4:14 PM

I am looking to upgrade from the laptop I have to something more professional. I defineity am looking for something with 16 - 32GB of RAM. I also would like a better CPU system or processor, but I'm not exactly sure what that means.

My main goal is to get more smooth render playback, sometimes my rendered files will glitch or lag a frame which i'd like to fix.

Let me know what you edit on or what you'd recommend! Thanks for your time


Todd-A0 wrote on 2/5/2023, 5:11 PM

Unfortunately what Vegas appear to be doing is very inefficiently using large amounts of VRAM and RAM to increase performance and stability. So currently with VP20 it requires much more of those resources then completing products such as Premiere or Resolve. It's beginning to look like my 10GB Vram is not enough, nor is my 32GB ram for optimum performance.

You can get away with 32GB ram, but if you have the choice a GPU with minimum 12GB Vram. It may by that this extremely high Ram & Vram usage are a result of memory leaks/bugs... it sure seem that way with AI FX, and in the future Vegas will return to lower resource usage.

Get other opinions especially those running GPU's with 8GB, there are many more GPU's to choose when 8GB is permissible.

Howard-Vigorita wrote on 2/5/2023, 10:32 PM

@T-B-edits I think if you get a modern laptop with an Intel cpu+igpu, 32gb of ram minimum, and an Nvidia recent model mobile gpu, you'll be fine. When I travel I'm using an Asus Pro 16x with Intel 12900h cpu + IrisXE igpu, 32 gb ram, and Nvidia 3060 gpu w/6gb vram. But that's so last year.There are others equal or better. I chose that model mainly for its 16-inch 4k oled display because that's important to me. But hd and smaller displays are less expensive and less power hungry. Battery life is important if you plan to work without a power cord.

Wolfgang S. wrote on 2/5/2023, 11:25 PM

I am editing on such a laptop


A GPU with 8GB RAM and overall 32 GB RAM are still enough for Vegas. More may be better, but will not be significant really.

RogerS wrote on 2/5/2023, 11:49 PM

I second Howard's recommendation. The Alienware m15 or similar looked good for Vegas. I'd skip i9 and power hungry GPUs as they'll never have enough wattage to really work at full capacity.

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