A few clarifications


OldSmoke wrote on 9/24/2016, 10:20 AM

If you want to save money, you can do so by purchasing the Edit version. It is exactly the same editor inside both the Pro and the Edit version.

Again, that is a downgrade! You still don't get it! I guess you never will. And no, it is the same discussion. It is a price policy discussion and nothing else.

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Len Kaufman wrote on 9/24/2016, 10:39 AM

Wolfgang...Though this discussion may not change this particular instance of pricing, do you believe that the folks at Magix are so dense that they might not think twice before they screw up again, in the next offer.

nick-h wrote on 9/24/2016, 10:53 AM

Ok guys,well its been some time since ive been any form of Vegas forum,mainly down to SCS being lacking in recent years,that being said ive always moved with the times and up grade my versions,nad not really had any issues with V13,but i got to say so far ive had nothing from Magix about anything regarding Vegas Pro,so i was kinda shocked to see a new version hitting the streets and i was un aware,but i know ive given my details to Magix,

now moving onto the main event after reviewing the up dates the price of $199 is way over the top,i already own titler pro 4 and the prodad stuff,along with hit film 4,

and going back to a few comments earlier,i dont think there has been enough time for a development team to make real stable changes to the coding,which makes me feel this could be a money grab,

maybe a token gesture to owners of V12/V13 PRO would have been a much reduced pricing structure to bring current users in to the fold and behind the Magix team,

as much as i love Vegas Pro ive been burned to many times,and even though i still venture back to Vegas,i now seem to spend most of my time within the Adobe cc arena,

so Magix make it so i want to come back to Vegas pro

Len Kaufman wrote on 9/24/2016, 10:53 AM

Ya'll may find this interesting. You can purchase VP14 PRO upgrade for LESS from an outside vendor than with our so-called "loyalty upgrade." ($229.95) I have not personally dealt with this company, but I've seen them around for a number of years. They are only open Mon-Fri, so your order may not be filled until Monday.


Eagle Six wrote on 9/24/2016, 11:04 AM

@Wolfgang S....."I would really like to see the statement where someone has promissed that there will be a special pricing that is cheaper then the 13+14 deal. I have not seen that. It is only the perception based on the expectation that this SHOULD be so."

There are the two key words "cheaper" and "perception".  Perception is the truth amongst the masses (which I'm part of).  I also did not read any statements that said, there would be a deal coming for those user of v13, but that deal will not be as good as the v13 for 199 + free v14 that anyone can get.  I applaud you for consistently defending Magix marketing, but I do disagree with your statement, "means that this will bring nothing at all".  I think it will have a huge negative impact on the bottom line of Magix financial books for this roll-out, and may even have a huge negative impact on the future of Vegas products.

For Vegas Pro to once again become a truly professional NLE, it needs more than new customers, it needs to bring back the professionals lost to Final Cut, Resolve and Adobe, if that is what they want to compete with.  With the trend of the last three months, Magix is going to need a big turn around if they expect to break back into the industry editing business.  If they are aiming for the independent, part-time, amateur and consumer market.....they are right on point to have some success.  Of course many of these independents, part-timer, amateurs follow the professionals in a choice for their NLE's.  That would leave a lot of consumer, but isn't that the market for Movie Studio?

I have no more insight into the marketing plan of Magix, than I suspect you do, but it is obvious we are looking at two different models. 

I certainly do appreciate your membership and effort offering technical information.

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nick-h wrote on 9/24/2016, 11:04 AM

The Loyalty upgrade is poor to say the least

dlion wrote on 9/24/2016, 11:29 AM

Magic, you lost me, loyal vegas user since v1.1. No email about Vegas, only news about 59$ sw I don't want. 

The change to monochrome, small icons makes it impossible to see. 

What you did to Vegas was crude, how you treated this community was rude… 

For 99$ I would upgrade, just to keep my hand in. I'll stick with 13 for now and start learning resolve, a modern Blue. 

dlion wrote on 9/24/2016, 11:39 AM

A modern NLE. 

keith-forman wrote on 9/24/2016, 1:29 PM

The upgrade price is roughly the same cost as Premiere for one year.  The difference is that Premiere has evoled with each version change where Vegas has not changed in years.  This is really version 13.5 which is effectively 11.3 and should be priced as such. Magix, you have 84 more years to make this a 21st century product.

Marco. wrote on 9/24/2016, 1:52 PM

The step from Vegas Pro 11 to Vegas Pro 12 was an Up-Great, imho. :)
Vegas Pro 12 offered 40 new features in its first release version, followed by another 20 new features (and many bugfixes) within the free update period. 

nick-h wrote on 9/24/2016, 2:03 PM

Indeed Kieth,Premiere Pro and Adobe have been a force within the industry in the last 2 years,snatching the final cut pro users and a good few Vegas uses,

As you say the upgrade is not really so much of a up grade but of a catch up,

I mean only now having pro res is not really a up grade,but a bring inline with other NLEs option,

And it's still missing some features,such as editing at clip source enabling colour corrections  to the to file before even going anywhere near the trimmer,

But Vegas could be sooo good and I think most users who have ever used it knows,but I think in today's climate value for money has to be a massive point.

keith-forman wrote on 9/24/2016, 2:30 PM

Nick. I really believe that if Vegas added better and more modern color corection, better media management, better titles, and better effects Vegas could be be on par with Premeire and FCPx  As is is now I aways feel like I defending the product with my other pro level editors who view Vegas as an amataur level product. 

keith-forman wrote on 9/24/2016, 2:34 PM

The step from Vegas Pro 11 to Vegas Pro 12 was an Up-Great, imho. :)
Vegas Pro 12 offered 40 new features in its first release version, followed by another 20 new features (and many bugfixes) within the free update period. 

Marco I barely see the difference between 11-14. There are a few codecs which 13 and 14 incorporate however those are not really upgrades.  For editing events such as lectures I use Vegas however for more complex projects I use FCPx.

Marco. wrote on 9/24/2016, 2:42 PM

Everyone has a different point of view of how useful certain features are. Many people found the 60 new features of Vegas Pro 12 were a great step forward with many, many useful things in it. Codecs were one of them, but there were many more, e. g. the HitFilm workflow, proxy workflow, the extrusion plug-in, ACES, LAB adjust, etc.

keith-forman wrote on 9/24/2016, 2:54 PM

The problem for Magix is that many professional editors have not found those features enough to sell them on Vegas. Divinci Resolve came on the scene fairly recently and has become accepted by professionals. I do see any reason why Vegas cannot incorporate better color corection utilites especially in this day-and-age of 10 bit native output of cameras. 

Fatmanpunk wrote on 9/24/2016, 3:14 PM

Hey guys, potential first-time buyer here. I have a question about the pricing. Since I do not own any previous versions of Vegas Pro will I still be able to purchase Vegas Pro 14 Edit for the $200 price tag or will I have to pay $400 for it?

nick-h wrote on 9/24/2016, 3:17 PM

Resolve is great,and you can get a version free,i mean free,the last 3 music videos I've worked on have used resolve the free version in fact they have brought out a whole load of tools which are totally free which is great way to bring people into the fold,and now resolve edits as well it's crazy.

dlion wrote on 9/24/2016, 3:31 PM

Blackmagic has worked extremely hard over a 2 year period to add editing capabilities to resolve. If magix puts the same effort and dollars into vegas it will be great. Based on their crude and rude start, I'm not optimistic.

Notice the lack of response from them. Gary is a good guy, and better to be employed than not, but he doesn't run the company. While they did good bringing him on, they have effectively tied his hands with corporate bs and placed him in an awkward position relative to the existing vegas community. Don't get mad at him for trying to mediate, be mad at them for not making him showrunner. 

DeadRadioStar wrote on 9/24/2016, 4:05 PM

Je suis Gary

DrLumen wrote on 9/24/2016, 4:39 PM

I still do not see your points.

You blame the new owner for his price strategy and say it is too expensive. With SCS the world was much cheaper. Right,is a fact that SCS charged less. BUT fact is also that SCS had to go out of the business based on the revenue streams that they have earned with their price policy. FACT is also that the futher development of Vegas was on risk based on the SCS price strategy.

I understand that some of you are disappointed and frustrated about the higher prices or more specific. But either we want to see that the development of Vegas continues, or we let it be. It is as simple as that, because there is no middle way.

I the offer does not fit somebodys expectations in terms of price and feature requirements, it is up to him to decide that he does not purchase Vegas 14. That is the world of free choice and free competition. For me the new product is great due to a lot of bug fixes, ProRes 10bit support or the new Decklink 4K support, and it is worth the price.

So it is what it is.

I think if you polled the 'old-timers' here, a good part of Sony's failure was not marketing Vegas properly and not staying up with the cutting edge. Over the years there were instances where Sony cameras were shipping with NLE's that WERE NOT Vegas. Also, and I can't really know, but I don't really believe the profit/loss of SCS was the cause of Sony's sale to Magix. Sony corp was/is losing money and they had to raise cash. The does not automatically mean that SCS was losing money.

But, wiping all that aside, let's say SCS was losing money. How is it expected to be profitable if their main product is stripped of some functionality (GPU acceleration, scripts, some encoders), the loyal users are kicked in the teeth and the price is increased? If SCS was having issues making sales, how is increasing the price going to help? I could see a price increase if the 'upgrade' product features were more polished and there were a lot more pro features but that is clearly not the case.

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DeadRadioStar wrote on 9/24/2016, 4:50 PM

How is it expected to be profitable if their main product is stripped of some functionality (GPU acceleration, scripts, some encoders), the loyal users are kicked in the teeth and the price is increased?

Perhaps the strategy was to acquire Vegas Pro to kill it as a competitor to MAGIX's existing Video Pro X; should we expect a crossgrade offer we can't refuse sometime soon, perhaps around the last Thursday in November?

nick-h wrote on 9/24/2016, 5:05 PM

Well this seems to a very Vibrant discussion,Vegas as a whole is a good NLE,and will.always raise a word or two,but Magix has to.up.the game to charge 199 for 14 as its no where near that value,not for owners of v13 or 12,fir new users that's different it would be good value,but the loyal users are being hit,

granted SCS pricing is nothing to do with Magix neither is being loyal to ScS customer's,but looking at the business profiles of those in the same market place and what they offer.

Wolfgang S. wrote on 9/24/2016, 6:06 PM

Since I do not own any previous versions of Vegas Pro will I still be able to purchase Vegas Pro 14 Edit for the $200 price tag or will I have to pay $400 for it?

If Magix follows their own announcements then the offer will be gone at the 27.9.

Way23dbx wrote on 9/24/2016, 8:25 PM

 I am just a casual Vegas user but I paid over $500 for Vegas 13 Pro, when I received the buy 13 now get 14 for free email a few months ago I expected a better deal as an owner of a previous version. When I got the buy 14 by Sept. 27 email I bought the upgrade but was pissed that it cost me more than if I had just bought a second copy, this was a raw deal, I upgraded for the Mercalli stuff and the HEVC support.


  I feel  as a previous user they should have given us a better deal, maybe upgrading the pro version for $249 should have got me to the next tier to be fair.