NickHope wrote on 9/26/2016, 6:08 AM

Custom rendering templates should migrate automatically. Mine did.

On the subject of migrating from previous versions, use this procedure to migrate windows layouts, and this procedure to migrate project properties templates. There is no method that I know of for migrating pan/crop presets and possibly others. Vegasaur's Vegas Presets Manager can help with some of it. MAGIX, please make all this automatically when upgrading! My OFX plugins migrated automatically from V13 to V14 and my filter packages (FX chains) also did.

Edit: Discussion on Sony Preset Manager:

As for YouTube, you could use Sony AVC/AAC or MainConcept AVC/AAC. If you want better quality or 4k upload then read this . Personally I frameserve to MeGUI with Debugmode Frameserver (very dated, unsupported tutorial at

kentavv wrote on 9/26/2016, 9:01 AM

Thank you Nick. Yes, you are indeed correct. The custom configuration did indeed transfer. It was the assignment of "Favorites" that did not. Thankfully, while I had a number of favorites they were all named in such a way they were easy to find.

With the fear of asking a different question in the same thread, I followed your suggestion of installing HandBrake and MeGUI. There were a lot of steps, but the programs are working now. For a highend videographier, only the best quality will do. For the average guy, will we see improvements over MainConcept AVC/AAV? (I use a Canon Vixia HFS20, Canon EOS M3, and Canon EOS 80D. I'm probably going to retire the Vixia for the EOS M3 because video from the M3 seems to have more depth, shadows, etc. Regardless, no 4k.) I'm certainly limited more by my skills, less by equipment, than by Vegas. I have rendered a high quality and used ffmpeg to compress, so have tinkered with third party applications. Since I'm not rendering video daily, I'm affraid that if I make the process too complicated, I'll be more likely to mess it up. I also wonder if there is much advantage over rendering at high quality and uploading to YouTube since YouTube will do its own compression. I would greatly appreciate your opinion on how HandBrake and MeGUI might help. 

Thank you

NickHope wrote on 9/26/2016, 10:31 AM

All that x264 will really give you over the MainConcept encoder is a higher quality for the same file size (or a smaller file size for the same quality). If you are not bothered about rendering a larger file that will take longer to upload then continue with the MainConcept encoder. But I understand Marco's Vegas2Handbrake is pretty straightforward to set up and use. Depending on the content of your video, it's worth giving YouTube the best chance to make a nice job. In due course I expect they will start to accept HEVC and then you could use that codec in VP14. Vimeo apparently does already.

john_dennis wrote on 9/26/2016, 10:35 AM

I'm not Nick, but...

"For the average guy, will we see improvements over MainConcept AVC/AAV?"

Depends on the final bit rate among other things. The general consensus during tests many years ago was at very low bit rates Handbrake and some of the other external encoders could do a better job.

The nature of the source

Some types of video are difficult to handle at any compressed bit rate.

Here is a thread that compares the different encoders with undulating water.     

Here is the playlist for the same video encoded with different methods.


"Since I'm not rendering video daily, I'm affraid that if I make the process too complicated, I'll be more likely to mess it up."

I've found the Vegas2Handbrake scripts to be reliable enough that I committed the procedure to my "gold" system image.