wwjd wrote on 6/5/2016, 11:40 AM
thread went much larger than I was expecting. At least now Magix has a fantastic, and valid list of things to cherry pick from. We should be greatfull if they accomplish a few of them as opposed to Sony who seemed like they checked out a couple years ago.
set wrote on 6/7/2016, 1:34 AM
Detachable / Moveable Render Dialog Box.

Since I put my Video Preview window in the center position:
((Trimmer/Color FX tab, etc.)-(Video Preview)-(Scope)-(Audio Master Volume))

Many times during rendering, it 'blocks' the video preview window.

Probably you want to also combine this free extension script:

David Johns wrote on 6/15/2016, 2:42 PM
I'd like:

1. Multiple timelines in the same project, which can be dragged onto each other like in Edius, making nesting easier.

2. Multiple projects within the same Vegas instance (with different project properties) so I can copy and paste bits without starting up new Vegas instances.

3. "Collapsing" events like Avid Media Composer does (where selected events on multiple tracks get collapsed into a single event. It's like a micro version of project nesting without the hassle of starting another project). Hugely useful where you're trying to create a composite of several elements and then treat that as a single event for fades, effects etc. At present you have to use nesting and that's buggy and clunky.

4. Multiple effects per mask rather than single masked area for all FX.

5. Stability!

6. Keep the GUI as it is, and please no tiny buttons like on some FX plugins

7. Grid, numbers and specifically-settable points on the Colour Curves plug in. It drives me mad as it is.

8. Keep OFX since I've spent loads buying BCC ;-)

VEGAS_EricD wrote on 6/17/2016, 5:20 PM

<<Next, I apply FilmConvert to the clip, and Vegas crashes instantly. I got the FilmConvert plugin quite a while ago, and it always crashes Vegas. Every single version I've tried. This could be related to my PC, my graphics card, Vegas etc, it could be related to a lot of stuff, but...>>

We are not reproducing this specific issue in house. Is there a more specific workflow you can provide which causes Vegas to crash when adding FilmConvert?
set wrote on 6/21/2016, 11:51 PM

For the future 'Vegas 360' edition ?
TeetimeNC wrote on 6/22/2016, 9:07 AM
It would be nice if Magix would add a filter similar to the "Adaptive wide angle filter" in Photoshop. and include filter profiles for GoPros and Sony HDR and FDR cams. This would let us easily "defish" footage directly in VP.

Photography • Video
FPP wrote on 6/22/2016, 6:22 PM
I wouldnt mind a built-in audio sync for multicam projects.. The majority of my projects are done with a minimum of 3 cameras.. I have done as many as 6 but I would be happy if it was in the pool.
I still like using (PluralEyes) by Red Giant.. So my feelings wouldn't be hurt.
Dan Sherman wrote on 6/23/2016, 8:23 AM
Oh,... and Mr. Magix.
Could you please implement the requests/suggestions soon.
Tuesday would be a nice date for,....let's see,... MAGIX 1.0.
New era.
Just ran over Sony clock radio in driveway.
Seriously though, great news.


Pinnacle Productions wrote on 6/27/2016, 12:42 PM
Thought of another one (sorry if I missed someone else mentioning this already):

-ability to merge video events or audio events together without rendering to a new clip

Terje wrote on 6/29/2016, 8:22 AM

>> We are not reproducing this specific issue in house

Sorry for the late response: Here are the steps I make

1/ Add a 4K clip from my Panasonic GH4 to the time line (format is MP4)
2/ Go to the effects tab and drop the FilmConvert Pro 2.0 "effect" onto the time line
3/ Select Camera - Panasonic GH4
4/ Selet Cinestyle D (or whatever I shot in)
5/ Press play from start
6/ Wait a few seconds
7/ "Vegas Pro is no longer working, send info to SCS?"

Problem Description
Application Name: Vegas Pro
Application Version: Version 13.0 (Build 453) 64-bit
Problem: Unmanaged Exception (0xc0000005)
Fault Module: C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\Plugins\FilmConvertPro2.0.ofx.bundle\Contents\Win64\FilmConvertPro2.0.ofx
Fault Address: 0x000000003AEF31EC
Fault Offset: 0x00000000000631EC

Fault Process Details
Process Path: C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Pro 13.0\vegas130.exe
Process Version: Version 13.0 (Build 453) 64-bit
Process Description: Vegas Pro
Process Image Date: 2015-06-05 (Fri Jun 05) 14:53:04
set wrote on 6/29/2016, 8:48 AM
Hopefully newer GPU cards are supported, as I previously mentioned.
And that including latest AMD card like :
cal79 wrote on 6/30/2016, 4:55 AM
If it's not already been mentioned, I would like to see some Proper LUT support with intensity controls.

VideoFreq wrote on 7/1/2016, 7:50 PM
Wow, that's funny because I had to turn my i7 cores down. I kept shutting down my system. Try downloading Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility, if you don't already use it. It should be able to crank you up:
set wrote on 7/26/2016, 10:22 PM
Someone at other forum (Sony Vegas users group at LinkedIn) suggested for having lots of lower thirds already built in.

Grazie wrote on 7/26/2016, 10:37 PM
No Set. I don't want another VP Bloat-up Bloat-ware. There are plenty ways to L3s already. Remember the 3D fluff offered as a sop to curing long standing Bugs?

MadisonMagix appear to be a light and tight platoon. I wouldn't want them bogged down by fluff-ware. Better they maintain and explore better ways to work with existing 3rd Party houses and deliver for us paths for existing Scripts - for example!

I'm getting ready to produce my own tutorials for outputting "creative" solutions to a brighter and engaging work that I could share with my Vegas chums, on the new MAGIX Vegas Community Forum.

ushere wrote on 7/27/2016, 6:39 AM
will look forward to that grazie. thanks

and +1 to magix sticking to sorting the basics out before chasing bells and whistles, both of which can be found in 3rd party plugins and of a superior quality than that usually found in vegas.
cinefilm wrote on 7/28/2016, 3:56 PM
New RED format support, including the Dragon and Weapon sensors, scarlet, epic, raven etc. this has not been updated for ages.
chap wrote on 8/2/2016, 7:04 PM
How about allowing changing the COLOR of a track to affect the entire area of the track, not just the "waveform" color. So you can quickly ID an audio track that has effects applied, etc.

That would be a godsend.
Jvidiot wrote on 8/3/2016, 3:16 AM
I vote for All Of the Above (mostly). With my wallet open and ready.

However, that's a whole lot of feature creep for a fully QA'd release in 60 days or less.

So, I'd be happy with bug-fixes, modern format support, effective GPU acceleration, decent VST support and a few UI cleanups and program default tweaks as suggested above.

Then publish a community-driven feature development map. We're all adults here (mostly) and fully qualified (pretty much) to be virtual project managers able the prioritize the features most wanted by!
Guido3d wrote on 8/3/2016, 9:34 PM
Improvements in alpha channel mode plugins. A better masking tools and tracking support. Dcp encoding. A new chroma key fx.
set wrote on 8/5/2016, 9:56 AM

Considering the possibility of scripts requirement changes, hopefully developer can consider something like an auto-find-replace conversion toolkit for scripts. So, that can be very helpful for scripts developers to be quickly 'convert' the scripts and make sure their scripts can be used in VP14.

DDDyson wrote on 8/11/2016, 11:29 AM
Proper fisheye lens correction (to rectilinear). This has been missing from Vegas for ages, and the NewBlue lens correction does it wrong (wrong aspect)

Support for more channel formats, such as 7.1 surround, or 4-channel B-format ambisonic (as supported by VR / 360 videos on YouTube).
set wrote on 8/14/2016, 12:12 AM

I read somewhere that newer Decklink card is not yet compatible with Vegas Pro 13... so hopefully Vegas Pro 14 able to connect with these newer cards.
(Sorry if I'm wrong - haven't research very deep regarding to this issue)
set wrote on 8/20/2016, 4:42 AM
Forwarding Julius_'s request as he wrote on the new topic:

Oh pretty please with a cherry on top, give us a velocity envelope that does more than 300%....5,000% would be really nice!!

I lose about 1 hour each day with workarounds and other times I just switch to Final Cut. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease consider this request....did I say pleeeeeease?

Thank you