Program won't start

Kevin-Gonzalez wrote on 3/30/2020, 4:36 PM

Hello, I recently downloaded Sony Vegas 17 the trial version and can't seem to get it to start. I've successfully installed the program and upon start up it freezes at "Creating video plug-in library" and at this point i don't know how to resolve the issue. If you have any help please share your knowledge as it may help someone else in the future as well. Additionally, i'm running Windows 10, i have a I7-8700K Cpu, and Gtx 1080 Gpu.


walter-i. wrote on 3/30/2020, 4:48 PM

There is no "Sony" Vegas 17.
If it's Magix Vegas pro 17, try the search function, there is another Thread with same problem.

Camcorder: Pana HDC SD909, Sony FDR-AX53
Hardware: CPU i9-9900KS 4GHz, 32 GB Ram, GTX 1660 SUPER, ASUS TUF Z390-PLUS Gaming, SSD 970 EVO Plus 500GB M.2, SSD 860 EVO Series 1TB, Toshiba 3TB SATA, WIN 10 Pro
NLE: Vegas Pro11-15+17, Heroglyph4, RespeedR

fr0sty wrote on 3/30/2020, 4:49 PM

C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\Plugins

Go to that folder, temporarily move the contents of that folder into another folder somewhere else on your hard drive. See if that helps. If not, move them back.