Sony Vegas vs. VEGAS

vkmast wrote on 3/25/2018, 10:45 AM

Just a note to any contributors on the forum. As of versions 14 and later both VPro and VMS product lines are VEGAS, not "Sony Vegas". Please refer correctly to avoid confusion. Thank you.

Please note that versions 14 and later come from VEGAS Creative Software. Be sure to use legally purchased versions. There is no support here for cracked or pirated versions.


SomeAMan wrote on 10/15/2018, 6:57 PM

Why MAGIX uses "VEGAS" like SONY?

NickHope wrote on 10/15/2018, 9:07 PM

@SomeAMan Why not? Sony sold them the rights to the name as well as the software.

Grazie wrote on 12/4/2019, 2:24 AM

@vkmast - Ehh... Gotta ask: WHo would be reading this, and in an OFF TOPIC Forum?

vkmast wrote on 12/4/2019, 3:26 AM

@Grazie Glad you finally asked. I don't really know as the Views statistics are not available on this forum. I don't know either if any new user is even reading the comments regarding their use of "Sony Vegas" on the VEGAS Pro or other forums. The same seems to apply re reading the pinned posts on any section of the forum. How many times do we need to remind users of e.g. the "**Important!**..." and "VEGAS Pro FAQs..." posts that are pinned?

I chose to use the Offtopic section as it applies to all VEGAS products, not only VEGAS Pro Audio/Scripting/Video, Movie Studio or any of the Add-ons sections. I seem to remember that News had an item about the change pinned for some time.

AveSatanas wrote on 12/28/2019, 9:28 PM

dang so i have, Vegas pro 15, not sony vegas 15?

vkmast wrote on 12/30/2019, 10:57 AM

@AveSatanas please note that you were advised about this here and even earlier in the same thread.

AveSatanas wrote on 12/30/2019, 3:15 PM

i still get a bit muddled up, just so many names for one software but so similar and me being a first time user it gets complicated, but cheers @vkmast 

set wrote on 12/30/2019, 3:49 PM

As per the application/software, it's still the 'same' 'sony vegas' you may knew in the past or probably common people still thought... but since 2016, Vegas is legally / formally / officially not owned by Sony Creative Software anymore, but owned by Vegas Creative Software team under Magix as a parent company.

So that's why it is not quite relevant to call 'sony vegas' today.

vkmast wrote on 12/30/2019, 4:40 PM

As Nick also says in the comment I linked to above, "Sony Vegas 15" does not exist. "VEGAS Pro 15" does.

And from the OP: As of versions 14 and later (both VPro and VMS product lines) are VEGAS, not "Sony Vegas"

The correct current titles for the versions released since the transition to MAGIX can be seen at the end of this page (Please note the CAPS there)