[Release] VEGAS Pro 15 – Inspiration Meets Productivity


eddie-becker wrote on 1/28/2018, 10:30 PM

Vegas Pro 15 Tried it with Multicam editing - CRASHES - will go back to VP14. Are there any advantages worth keeping in 15? If not I'll ask for a refund until they get it working right.

jorgeemmanuel wrote on 6/4/2018, 11:52 AM

Good morning for everyone, I am an amateur designer and in my spare time I enjoy in Vegas Video, although I am a Civil Engineer and I am also a graphic designer. I've noticed that the Vegas 15, does not use above 32GB of RAM, also the work area does not take advantage of the capacity of the NVIDIA when you are working with 2 graphics cards in SLI mode (2X NVIDIA ASUS 1080ti). These improvements would be interesting in the future. Also something that I have noticed with screens like the one I have from Samsung QLED Gaming 49 inches the work area can not move to taste the preview for example to leave everything aside without needing to activate as an auxiliary screen the monitor.

Thank you for your attention and cordial greetings.

Simulation of how I would like to see my Vegas screen and I can not

Technical data

zdogg wrote on 6/9/2018, 4:05 PM

Ach, OK - the AVC/AAC renderer has indeed benefited, I hear. Unfortunately I don't use it - and in other tasks, running Vegas with my nVidia turned off (CPU only) is still much quicker and less crash-prone...


Sorry to hear, seems like your system is robust. My nVidia Quadra 2000 certainly is utilized and speeds up Vegas - significantly. I also use BM cards, Intensity Pro and with other programs, Midi Monitor. There have been other times in the past where the GPU utilization was less impactful or problematic, but now, not the case AFAICT.