juan_rios wrote on 11/5/2017, 11:30 AM

I appreciate your attention. Thank you very much.



Satevis wrote on 11/15/2017, 4:35 PM

For now, the only solution I could find was to nudge the "Render Options" button upwards when there are too many other options. The update is available at

juan_rios wrote on 11/15/2017, 6:02 PM

Perfect and working here. Thanks!!!

Grazie wrote on 12/19/2017, 10:08 PM

Thank you Satevis for all your fine work. Just installed 1.10 .


PC 7 64-bit 16gb * Intel® Core™i7-2600k Quad Core 3.40GHz * 2GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 560 Ti

PC 10 64-bit 64gb * Intel® Core™i9 - 3.3GHz * 40Gb NVIDIA  GeForce RTX 2070

Cameras: Canon XF300 + PowerShot SX60HS Bridge

Nick Hope wrote on 4/23/2018, 11:11 AM

@Satevis There is an issue in VP15 whereby the Preview Levels extension shifts up the row of native Vegas buttons above the Preview window, and crops the highlighting of the buttons at the top and bottom. That makes the highlighting of the buttons difficult to see. This is mostly important for the Split Screen View button.

With Preview Levels:

Without Preview Levels:


Satevis wrote on 4/24/2018, 4:31 PM

Thanks for pointing that out, Nick. I'll take a look.

Satevis wrote on 4/25/2018, 2:05 AM

Should be fixed now in 1.0.11:

juan_rios wrote on 4/25/2018, 5:11 PM

Same here. Thanks!!

walter-i. wrote on 4/26/2018, 2:41 PM

Thank you Satevis. Great work👍

Vliegvisser wrote on 4/26/2018, 5:25 PM

👍 Schnelle Reaktion, Michael.
Danke, war mir übrigens nicht aufgefallen.