Laurence wrote on 9/9/2007, 6:29 PM
I did a search for HD DVD triple layer discs a while back. They seem to be for data storage rather than movie playback. In any case, If I need to do a four hour project, I'm ok with switching discs every 160 minutes. I don't have that big a bladder or that long an attention span anyway.

To be honest, now that there is a viable Bluray on DVD+-R option (AVCHD disc), I don't care nearly as much which format wins anymore. As long as we can distribute our content easily and cheaply, I am happy. Now it seems, with 3x DVD and AVCHD discs, we can do that for either type of player.
Terje wrote on 9/9/2007, 6:56 PM

I am going to have to seriously disagree. The HD DVD camp has decided to go with a fixed XML-based menu system. This is not expandable, flexible or configurable enough to create the dynamic kind of content that will set future HD movies apart from the current DVD crop. The BD camp on the other hand decided to include a complete general-purpose programming language in addition to the simple menu system. The Java route is far more flexible, and it allows me to put far more interesting content on a disk than I can with a fixed, non-configurable XML markup system.


Dude, Java on BD is not supposed to do anything but play different movies segments, display stuff on the screen, interpret user input from the remote and act according to the users wishes by displaying movies or other stuff on the screen.

All the capabilities to do this is required just to build a basic BD player. Java doesn't need anything else. What on earth would you need to create a nice menu system that is not already available on a BD player?

You, and the journalist who wrote this article, are pulling ideas out of your azzes.


Nope, can not be the video end. The device can play a BD movie, therefore it can paint stuff on a screen. Nothing else is needed. It can not be on the memory end, a decent amount of memory is required to decode H.264 movies, and also run the menu system, so it can't be there. What other places can you imagine?


Ah, but answer this one carefully, will the PC still play CDs? Will media player still work perfectly fine? Absolutely. Pulling the sound card will prevent me from hearing sound, but it will not prevent applications that emit sounds to function, they will just not emit any sound. They will still run perfectly fine. Why do you think a Java application would be different?


It isn't? I thought it was. So, what hardware that Java is supposed to control do you think is not there? Java is supposed to do a handful of things. It is supposed to display stuff on the screen. Can that be done. Yes. So a check in that check box. It is there to get input from the user, typically through the remote control. Is that feature there. Again, yep, it is. Another check. Thirdly it is supposed to direct the BD player to play a particular part of the disk, is that feature available in any BD player? Absolutely, otherwise they wouldn't be able to play movies. Another check.

The BD-J system is there to show stuff on the screen. It can also be used to pull stuff of the net, but as with the Tosh HD DVD players, if internet is not available to the player, it will have to fail gracefully, that is, it has to keep running, but just not show the content that should have been downloaded.

This is a movie system dude. Used to play movies. Java is used to control the playing of these movies. Nothing is missing.

If a BD player can play movies, all the hardware needed to run Java is present, and all the hardware that the Java application should be able to control is also present. This is only about showing stuff on the screen, remember, and any BD player has to be able to do that.

So, use your imagination, what can you imagine is not there? Anything?
fwtep wrote on 9/9/2007, 9:44 PM
Blink wrote:
Running java IS NOT the issue. If the hardware is not there to carry out the instructions... then nothing gets done

For the love of Mike (first time I ever used that one!), can you please tell me what the heck you are talking about? Java is used in the presentation of the movie-- menus, extras, etc. What hardware, other than the standard stuff (drive mechanism, laser, etc.) that is obviously already in there do you think it needs to control? Please just answer this without going off on a tangent or playing semantics.