Survey: What min/max levels does your cam shoot?


RogerS wrote on 4/3/2021, 1:50 AM

@Howard-Vigorita Is that for ProRes .mov files?

Just saw a post here that says

ProRes private frame headers have no tag (neither MOV container) to specify range. By design ProRes should be always limited range. You can send full range YUV data to it (ProRes also always stores data as YUV, even if you send RGB to it) and it will preserve it, but reading app will have no clue what is the real range of the file.

So I guess if you decide to choose other levels you should also manually set it in post.

Marco. wrote on 4/3/2021, 3:05 AM

"It is reported in cli@ metadata as "Color range: Limited" which Vegas does not seem to pick up on."

That should't make a difference in Vegas Pro. If a clip has no color range meta data or the meta data can't be read, Vegas Pro will process the video as if it is limited range when used in an 8 bit full level project.

Reyfox wrote on 11/22/2021, 10:54 AM

Not sure if it's listed:

Panasonic DC-G9 Luminance Levels: Selectable 0-255, 16-235, 16-255

rgr wrote on 5/28/2022, 1:47 PM

Sony DSC-HX90V:
- AVHCD (10/16-254) - no color range meta data in the mts file - "Color space: YUV, Chroma subsampling: 4:2:0, Bit depth: 8 bit"
- MP4 (10/16-254) - "Color range: limited" (Color range: Limited, Color primaries: BT.709, Transfer characteristics: xvYCC, Matrix coefficients: BT.709)