VEGAS Pro 15 Update 4 (build 321) - General Discussion


Former user wrote on 7/7/2018, 7:17 PM

I've had similar bugs for years with Vegas, where if you delete an event it is currently playing, it hangs.

Yeah vegas has always had that fault. Previously when I was worried about how long ago I saved the project & was untrusted of auto save I've found if I leave it in it's unresponsive state long enough it will come back to life eventually & from memory if you start mashing buttons while in unresponsive state the vegas crash screen appears & all hope is lost

Norbert wrote on 7/10/2018, 10:46 AM

There is a bug: when the tracks are minimized the event buttons are hidden but are there and I can click on them when I click where they would be if they were visible.

erling-ervik wrote on 9/24/2018, 4:16 AM

I have used the old Vegas 12 for years with zero problems. I upgraded to 15 and regret it every day. It has caused me no end of grief. I've lost weeks. Note similar problems for many.

I'm at my wits end and will have to try Adobe Premiere and learn all over again.


To the people that is in charge of Vegas Pro: What we need the most is not new fancy functions. What we need the most is a system that don't crash any other minute.

We should be able to use 10 to 15 layers, and color corrections and other effect at the same time without the program is crashing. Sometime the program crashes for no good reason. Just making normal editing with only one track for video and one track for sound. Should never happen!

When Sony was in charge we could install on two computers with no fuss. When a new version was ready we could download it and test the full version for a month. Now it get a watermark which dos it unusable for anything. Besides we can now render only for 2 minutes, so we can not even test at rendering works.

You want us to pay at least $200 a year to stay current. Well Adobe want us to pay $240, (last time I checked,) so the difference is not that great.