VEGAS Pro 16 Update 1 (build 261) - General Discussion


Sub-chaz wrote on 10/26/2018, 2:14 PM

Even though i no longer use vegas pro as my main work horse,i still keep on my systems,but i would like to v15 fixed as well as v16,the list of bugs is huge if you read the thread on here,

its seems odd to bring out a whole new version out, when the old one has lots of niggles,as like a lot of other users im waiting and watching until a version which is stable and will cope with 4k and above work flows,

its a shame really Vegas work flow is fast much faster than anyone else,but it maybe needs a big under the hood fix rather than tinkering around the edges,

and im sure you guys are working hard to find answers to the niggles,so ill just it and wait

and hopefully Vegas will become my main editor again someday.

Stiven wrote on 10/26/2018, 3:45 PM

Hey dear devs,

I hope you fix all those annoying bugs that exist atm in Vegas Pro 16.
But please when u done fixing them all, go in some computer store, and buy Nvidia GPU possibly 1080ti.

Open Vegas Pro 16 and put the Magix Mainconcept Codec. Use Nvidia encoder. And then try to render an video.
First you will notice that after each 59FPS there is 1-2 sec freeze moment in preview Windows. When the rendering finish, open the rendered video and see how it looks like crap at each 59 frame.

Also look at your Magix Hevc encoder that does not work using CPU or NV Encoder.

If you don't have founds to get a PC with such configurations, I am willing to give u teamviewer access to my machine so u can play around as much as you want so you can fix this bug with NVidia cards since they are introduced in Vegas 15.

P.S. Work on CPU improvements when rendering, I can't believe that my beast of CPU i9 7980xe works like crap in Vegas. And so much diff performance and better in Adobe Premier.

I do really like you guys to make this software works as intended, It's best user friendly editing software in the market. But it have so much bugs that devs need to work on.

Also friendly advice stop implementing new features, because u have same bugs since Vegas 15...

Kinvermark wrote on 10/26/2018, 8:22 PM

@Sub-chaz Vegas handles 4k no problem. You cannot believe MOST of the posts here.

@Stiven Get your gameplay capture figured out before you start giving advice like this. Probably 90% it's your fault.

This thread has become totally absurd to the point that it doesn't do anyone any good. It just spreads misery and misinformation. Should be closed.


Stiven wrote on 10/26/2018, 8:42 PM

Hey @Kinvermark,

After 14 years of video experience, not just with Gameplay capture, but other types too. I think I am very good aware how it works. I was testing and I am testing each Vegas how it works with Fraps, DXtory (Codecs Lagarith Lossless, MagicYUV, UT Video) and OBS (I try also: I do tests just because I love to see the quality, and performance. And whatever codec I am using, HEVC Mainconcept stucks at 132 Frame and then every 20 sec it renders 1 frame per second for video that is 1080p 60fps. Figure out I can't use Best Quality settings in preset. Only works on with Better Quality and balanced.

If I use NV Encoder on Magix HEVC and MAGIC AVC, I will have issue with stucking at every 59 frame and freezing for 1-2 sec and then video looks like crap.

But yeah lets just all agree here that I have no single clue how to record gameplay with above software or nvidia shadowplay and how to render them using Vegas Pro 16 If I want to use GPU rendering...

Thanks god Mainconcept AVC (CPU Only) works ok still.

But yeah I am up for some of your tips what Program I should use so I can render them with Magix HEVC.

It also works same on 3 diff PC, I thought something is wrong with my System. but I had Asus G752VS laptop with clean windows 10 and vegas 16 installed, it have same issue. On other PC that is using Nivdia 980ti is having the same issue.


Kinvermark wrote on 10/26/2018, 9:14 PM


Can you test camera footage? e.g. mp4 (AVCHD) from Panasonic, Sony, ...