Vegas Pro 18 EXCEEDING my expectations (so far)...

Cliff Etzel wrote on 10/1/2020, 8:52 PM

I'm pleasantly stunned at how stable Vegas Pro 18 has been so far. I honestly think this is the best version I've ever used (and I go all the way back to version 4)

The new tools I've been using that I wished had been there for ages have made my editing experience so far almost painless and have been trouble free.

The color match feature is truly astounding IMO. It's allowing me to match footage from my second interview camera to my primary even though their exposure settings were the same (still haven't figured out why they look different - but that's another story)

The 8 bit full levels feature has saved me so much time in rendering - I don't have to remember to change my settings before which I use to do all the time, and thus would lose valuable time having to render again.

Integration with Sound Forge Pro 14 is an added bonus in doing noise reduction from ambient traffic noise in some of my outdoor interview material.

No crashes, no lock ups... I'm beside myself in finally being able to use Vegas Pro to get work done quickly without fighting instability.

Kudos to Magix for getting this version right


Grazie wrote on 10/1/2020, 9:22 PM

@Cliff Etzel - Oh yes. For me, a simple thing but the Love Handles and the new FX Management Search and Favourite Grouping System. Stability has truly improved, as long as the 3rd Party FXs behave themselves.

An apposite Post Cliff. And since VegasVideo3 I’ve seen and used many incarnations of VegasPro. VP18 has again reinforced my appreciation that the Staffers of VP keep the Flag Flying for Stability and Innovative Features in sustaining User Loyalty. This is a no mean thing for a Software Company to achieve.

I’m Grazie and I’m a VegasPro User

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PC 10 64-bit 64gb * Intel Core i9 10900X s2066 * EVGA RTX 3080 XC3 Ultra 10GB - Driver 471.68 * 4x16G CorsVengLPX DDR4 2666C16 * Asus TUF X299 MK 2

Cameras: Canon XF300 + PowerShot SX60HS Bridge

fred-w wrote on 10/1/2020, 10:47 PM

I've got better responsiveness with VP18 as well. At least, so far, so good. I hope others chime in. I've been outspoken about things I find disappointing regarding Vegas; this Version is NOT that....not long on features, LONG on functionality, stability. Love it.

I think they are on the right track. They should use me as a "user consultant" on the GUI...Gary, feel free to contact me.

Steve_Rhoden wrote on 10/1/2020, 11:32 PM

Vegas has always been stable for me. But i was really delighted and thrilled at how far Vegas Pro 17 had come and further improved.... Then comes Vegas Pro 18, which has taken it that much further and better.

Magix is on a wonderful path with Vegas Pro.....

Cliff Etzel wrote on 10/2/2020, 8:25 AM

I had soured on Vegas awhile back and had version 15 installed but since I hadn’t shot any video in a year, I had decided to just let things lie around ever using Vegas again. Due to the pandemic and social distancing, a client approached me to shoot a series of interviews and create a narrative story based on those interviews. Just as I started the project, I received the announcement of Vegas 18 being on sale. I was really skeptical that anything g had been improved around stability and certain features I wanted that were already in Resolve. My biggest issue with the latter was system requirements and wrapping my head around node based color correction/grading. It just didn’t make sense to me intuitively. I kept saying to myself “I wish Vegas could do this or that...”

Well it seems it now does and I’m all the happier for it. I’m a one man operation so anything that can improve my efficiency especially in post production I’m all for. Magix has shown me that Vegas 18 can do that.

Thanks to all the code crunchers at Magix for making Vegas Pro 18 a solid piece of software.

fr0sty wrote on 10/2/2020, 12:33 PM

Just wait until VEGAS Hub launches, and the media manager... Those are coming soon, as well, as free updates to 18.

The hub is centered around an internet based editing experience. Cloud storage, easily collaborating on projects with others... gonna be some cool stuff.

The Media Manager is exactly that, and what VEGAS has been needing for a long time.

I've always wondered what it would take to make VEGAS the number 1 industry standard NLE, and as time passes I realize more and more, "just be VEGAS while being able to do what all the others can do as well". People just like VEGAS and how it operates, how intuitive the UI is. Nothing else matches it, and that's VEGAS strongest point. Now that VEGAS is approaching feature parity with the others, I think we're going to see it start to grow quickly. Good things have been happening for VEGAS internally as well, behind the scenes, I have good hope for its future.

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fred-w wrote on 10/2/2020, 2:36 PM

Keep it up guys (developers). Working very well. Just don't force me onto Win 10, working great on Win 7.

Steve_Rhoden wrote on 10/2/2020, 3:53 PM

Indeed fr0sty, Vegas Pro has a very bright future on this path. Plus all the third party big wigs are now paying far more serious attention and support.

Cliff Etzel wrote on 10/15/2020, 2:03 PM

Well, it seems my expectations of Vegas being solid are being somewhat dashed...

I've had Vegas 18 latest release crash more than once in the middle of editing (Proverbial "Vegas has stopped working" message as Vegas goes white and crashes) and then I lose what editing I had done, sometimes a fair amount of editing - Then I receive messages like this: "The PC level is not defined in the levels effect Vegas Pro" - not sure what that means.

My hardware specs are pretty solid with nothing out of the ordinary IMO. Drivers are up to date, etc.

I'm beginning to wonder if I've invested yet again in software I won't be able to rely upon. What am I missing here?

Marco. wrote on 10/15/2020, 2:40 PM

"Then I receive messages like this: "The PC level is not defined in the levels effect Vegas Pro" - not sure what that means."

To me this looks like you use the Preview Levels extension but you lost the Levels FX "PC Levels" preset somehow (which the Preview Levels extension needs to work properly).
In this case re-installing the Preview Levels extension should solve at least this particular issue.

Cliff Etzel wrote on 10/15/2020, 3:04 PM

I discovered that after I posted and reinstalled that extension although I now realize that I dont' need it given Vegas Pro 18 does full level 8 bit natively - I'm unsure about the crashing given I'm still editing 1080p footage on a simple timeline and haven't applied any effects. The only difference is I'm nesting timelines which is something I've never done before.

andyrpsmith wrote on 10/15/2020, 3:33 PM

Cliff, what GPU & drivers are you using? = also what build version of w10

Cliff Etzel wrote on 10/15/2020, 3:43 PM

Cliff, what GPU & drivers are you using? = also what build version of w10

Latest updated version of Windows 10 Pro, GPU = ASUS Strix GTX 1080 8GB, Drivers = 452.06 Studio Drivers

andyrpsmith wrote on 10/15/2020, 3:54 PM

Just to try, I have the 1080Ti and it is working really well with V18 using driver 456.71 - maybe give it ago (no studio version of this driver yet available) - also set dynamic ram preview to 0. ( W10 build 19041.546)

j-v wrote on 10/15/2020, 4:56 PM

Following the instructions and the Helpfile option of VP18 the latest Studio Nvidia driver is 456.38. Works with me excellent on laptop, also with 4K AVC DJI and 4K HEVC GOPro files, unless everything in the settings of Video Acceleration and File I/O is at default after installing..

met vriendelijke groet

Camera : Pan X900, GoPro Hero7 Hero Black, DJI Osmo Pocket, Samsung Galaxy A8
Desktop :MB Gigabyte Z390M, W11 home version 21H2, i7 9700 4.7Ghz,16 DDR4 GB RAM, Gef. GTX 1660 Ti, Intel HD graphics 630
Laptop  :Asus EVO37T, W10 home version 21H2, CPU i7-10875H, 16 GB RAM, Intel UHD Graphics + NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070. VP 17,18,19 and VMS PL 17 are installed, all latest builds, both Nvidia GPU's have driver version 472.47 Studiodriver. both Intel GPU's have
driver:  30.0.9864
TV      :LG 4K 55EG960V


Cliff Etzel wrote on 10/16/2020, 12:32 PM

Well, now I'm beginning to see what I've come to know about Vegas as being sketchy at best... Moving a short subclip on the timeline all of a sudden causes the following in order - I'm on the verge of requesting a full refund and starting over from scratch in Resolve 16 - this is ridiculous and unacceptable that moving a simple clip causes Vegas to crash.. more than once! Footage is from my Olympus Pen-f mirrorless cameras and using native .MOV files from the cameras.

john_dennis wrote on 10/16/2020, 12:46 PM

Do your MOV files require Quicktime or does Vegas decode them natively?

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Case: LIAN LI PC-90 Black Aluminum ATX Full Tower Case
CPU cooling: Corsair Hydro series H115i
Power supply: SeaSonic SS-750KM3 750W 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Full Modular Active PFC Power Supply
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Sound card: Crystal Sound 3 on motherboard. Recording done on another system.
Primary Monitor: Asus ProArt PA248q (24" 1920 x 1200)
O/S: Windows 10 Pro 190943
Camera: Sony RX10 Model IV

fhu wrote on 10/16/2020, 3:11 PM

I second that VP 18 is pretty stable and love the new additions.

However, as you're saying the NESTED TIMELINE feature is still buggy within VP18. I tried this once and nearly lost my project. I'll wait until that's ironed out.

Beyond Nested Timelines, I haven't seen any major hiccups. Knock on wood.

TheRhino wrote on 10/18/2020, 11:56 AM

Since the last update, and since a couple smaller projects went great, I'm using V18 for a very, very large 4K paid project and it has been going GREAT (YES, knock on wood...). It involves some color editing, stabilization, etc. (using Mercalli stand-alone)... To minimize consequences if something doesn't go well, I've kept each 30-60 minute segment as its' own VEG...

This week I was able to render (4-5) instances of Vegas in the background, which together use 100% of my 9900K CPU & 50% of my VEGA 64 LQ GPU, and then STILL open a NEW (6th) instance of Vegas & start editing right-away without any slow-downs, crashes, etc. Very, very pleased. The only issues is that since I've got my 9900K at 4.9 ghz for this one, ALL of my Corsair H150i & GPU radiators fans spin-up & my studio gets a little warm. It's been cool outside where I live, so I just open some windows & save on A/C... But ya, this is about the SOONEST I've been able to use a new release after launch...

Workstation C with $600 USD of upgrades in April, 2021
--$360 11700K @ 5.0ghz
--$200 ASRock W480 Creator (onboard 10G net, TB3, etc.)
Borrowed from my 9900K until prices drop:
--32GB of G.Skill DDR4 3200 ($100 on Black Friday...)
Reused from same Tower Case that housed the Xeon:
--Used VEGA 56 GPU ($200 on eBay before mining craze...)
--Noctua Cooler, 750W PSU, OS SSD, LSI RAID Controller, SATAs, etc.

Performs VERY close to my overclocked 9900K (below), but at stock settings with no tweaking...

Workstation D with $1,350 USD of upgrades in April, 2019
--$500 9900K @ 5.0ghz
--$140 Corsair H150i liquid cooling with 360mm radiator (3 fans)
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--$160 32GB of G.Skill DDR4 3000 (added another 32GB later...)
--$350 refurbished, but like-new Radeon Vega 64 LQ (liquid cooled)

Renders Vegas11 "Red Car Test" (AMD VCE) in 13s when clocked at 4.9 ghz
(note: BOTH onboard Intel & Vega64 show utilization during QSV & VCE renders...)

Source Video1 = 4TB RAID0--(2) 2TB M.2 on motherboard in RAID0
Source Video2 = 4TB RAID0--(2) 2TB M.2 (1) via U.2 adapter & (1) on separate PCIe card
Target Video1 = 32TB RAID0--(4) 8TB SATA hot-swap drives on PCIe RAID card with backups elsewhere

10G Network using used $30 Mellanox2 Adapters & Qnap QSW-M408-2C 10G Switch
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Blackmagic Decklink PCie card for capturing from tape, etc.
(2) internal BR Burners connected via USB 3.0 to SATA adapters
Old Cooler Master CM Stacker ATX case with (13) 5.25" front drive-bays holds & cools everything.

Workstations A & B are the 2 remaining 6-core 4.0ghz Xeon 5660 or I7 980x on Asus P6T6 motherboards.

$999 Walmart Evoo 17 Laptop with I7-9750H 6-core CPU, RTX 2060, (2) M.2 bays & (1) SSD bay...

AVsupport wrote on 10/18/2020, 3:53 PM

I have noticed speed and stability improvements under the hood, and I am quite impressed, and looking forward to the other improvements ahead as mentioned by @fr0sty.

However I am a bit worried, with my A7Siii arriving soon, there is no proper support for HEVC 10-bit 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 and 4ch audio with the so4compound crashing VP, this is a showstopper that needs to be addressed quickly; this camera is a game changer for Sony content creators and I'd say many would want to use and edit this properly. Other NLEs are having difficulties with this too, so it would be an opportunity for the Magix team to get the upper hand here

my current Win10/64 system (latest drivers, water cooled) :

Intel Coffee Lake i5 Hexacore (unlocked, but not overclocked) 4.0 GHz on Z370 chipset board,

32GB (4x8GB Corsair Dual Channel DDR4-2133) XMP-3000 RAM,

Intel 600series 512GB M.2 SSD system drive running Win10/64 home automatic driver updates,

Crucial BX500 1TB EDIT 3D NAND SATA 2.5-inch SSD

2x 4TB 7200RPM NAS HGST data drive,

Intel HD630 iGPU - currently disabled in Bios,

nVidia GTX1060 6GB, always on latest [creator] drivers. nVidia HW acceleration enabled.

main screen 4K/50p 1ms scaled @175%, second screen 1920x1080/50p 1ms.

karma17 wrote on 10/18/2020, 9:53 PM

I will be forever grateful to Magix for picking up where Sony dropped off and continuing to support and develop a great video editing program. I also think that this forum and the hard-core Vegas users are very much a part of Vegas' success too.

walter-i. wrote on 10/19/2020, 1:47 AM

I will be forever grateful to Magix for picking up where Sony dropped off and continuing to support and develop a great video editing program. I also think that this forum and the hard-core Vegas users are very much a part of Vegas' success too.


Grazie wrote on 10/19/2020, 2:00 AM

@walter-i. & @karma17 - Please, please remember the KUDOS and love to Gary and the OLD firm that came with it, who believe in the Product and ever more so us USERS! Been following these chaps and their devotion to VP over the decades. They’ve had Stormy weather and more stormy waters to navigate through. So here’s to ALL Team Vegas - us included. Cheers 🥂 🍻.

Steve_Rhoden wrote on 10/19/2020, 2:24 AM

I use the Vegas nested timeline quite extensively in both in Vegas 17 and now 18, and never an issue, perfectly stable and very convenient to use, given the recent improvement done to it a while back!

walter-i. wrote on 10/19/2020, 2:50 AM

I use the Vegas nested timeline quite extensively in both in Vegas 17 and now 18, and never an issue, perfectly stable and very convenient to use, given the recent improvement done to it a while back!

It's not for the nervous ghosts.
You have to be patient, wait until the * .vegs have been rendered. Even with changes - it always takes a certain amount of time until the changed * .veg is rendered and then you can continue.
In the meantime you often don't know: Is something going on or is the system dead?
It would be nice if the Vegas team added a progress bar so that you can see that there is work going on in the background.