Your preferred 32bit Full Range Pixel Format Workflow / Pipeline ?


Illusion wrote on 2/6/2023, 11:33 AM

True, but this is the gamma of video anyway. And if you use the 32bit floating point (full range) with a gamma of 2,222 (video), then the media properties of the footage MUST be set to full. With undefined or limited, clipping in the luminance takes place.

So to avoid this riks, the recommendation is to stick to video levels.

I am working with 32FR all the time with a mix of GoPro 4k (full range) and Sony XAVC (limited range) and I don't see the problem you describe. My GoPro footage is automatically set to Full by Vegas and my Sony is also set automatically to Limited by Vegas. The Limited range footage (16-235) gets expanded to 0-255 when using Full Range timeline. 16-255 might be a different story. For this, I would still use FR timeline, mark it Full as you said but use a Level FX at media level to trim the low end.

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Wolfgang S. wrote on 2/6/2023, 1:27 PM

Only, because you do not see the problem, does not mean that it does not exist. Sony XAVC footage is a professionell format, know it quite well from my older FS7. But there are not only such professional cameras. And if your footage 16..235 is expanded to the full range, that means (at least) some points:

- your XAVC footage is not any more the original footage, after the import in Vegas. But that should not happen. It should be your decision, if that change from 16..235 to full range has to happen or not.
- even worser for all our more consumer oriented cameras, who deliver either 16..255 or even 0..255. To expand the (partly) full range means that you clip the footage, loose a part of the signal - regardless if you as user agree to that or not. Ok, the systematic analyses shows how that can be avoided. But it is not the job of the user to explore the behaviour of a tool in such a way. He simply needs a tool that is doing, what the user wants the tool to do.
- in the age of log and HDR, this all tends to become historical. Typically, we work here with full range, and should be able to ignore the rest.

Wolfgang S. wrote on 2/7/2023, 12:44 AM

Have checked that with my GH4 footage again. Shoot with a range of 0..255, it is detected as "limited" footage in Vegas Pro 20. So, you never can be sure that Vegas can identify the true range of your footage really.

So. if one uses the project settings "8bit (full range)", clipping will occure. The footage must be set manually in the media properties to "full", then it is fine.