JJKizak wrote on 5/25/2016, 2:52 PM
Well I guess you are thinking of me. I do not have a cell phone. (I have no one to call anyway) I do not have accounts and waste my time on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, or Netflex. I do not have cable TV but get my TV via an "antenna" and my internet by land line. I do use machines (with my hands) to make my artwork and a very small CNC machine to make my signatures. I have three desktop computers and use two for video editing. I do not have to extend my conscience worldwide with a cell phone to exist in this society.
Tim Stannard wrote on 5/25/2016, 3:41 PM
A rather strange post, Jamon.

I take it "As for my understanding of software companies, I know how to program HTML, so I know what I'm talking about" is firmly tongue in cheek. I might just as well (and perhaps with more validity) post that I programmed IBM mainframe computers in the 1970s and therefore know what I'm talking about.

The subscription model isn't that alien to the old PC culture. No-one ever owned the software, they always owned a licence to run the software and although the licence may have been in perpetuity, if you wanted a later version, you had to buy a new licence. The only difference now is that with some products (Adobe, it's you I'm talking about) you have no perpetual licence.

There are indeed more people interested in stuff on mobile apps and here's a massive interest in live streaming. But that's all irrelevant to people who are creating edited media for internet/DVD/BD/USB/next big thing distribution or broadcast. That's where the traditional NLE fits in and I cannot see that requirement diminishing in the near future as we seem to get an increasing number of outlets both for broadcast and recorded media.

You seem to be suggesting that the need for very high broadcast cameras is diminishing as increasing number of people watch low def/small screens. That's certainly the case for run of teh mill day to day stuff, news, sitcoms etc. But suppose the Superbowl was only streamed for mobile phones - I don't think the public would accept that. Similarly Cinema goers are demanding higher and higher technical quality (sometimes, it seems, to the detriment of high quality content). The next Spielberg epic is not likely to be edited on a touch screen phone.

monoparadox wrote on 5/25/2016, 3:56 PM
Now that the deed is done I think it is fairly easy to see what happened. Vegas' fate with SONY was sealed long ago (2 plus years). Catalyst is their future. As much was expressed to me (and others) at NAB 2015. In the intervening time SONY has been trying to unload SCS. I'm guessing the MAGIX deal has been a long time in the making. When the price was right MAGIX took it.

In the meantime, life at SCS had to be nothing short of hell with the long uncertainty. It seems many chose to leave for a more certain future. Some are left. Let's hope there's still some cream and a desire to restore Vegas to the cutting edge.

I wouldn't blame anyone with SCS. I think they were every bit as frustrated as the rest of us . . . except for people like Chris who knew he had a future with SONY but still had to witness the suffering of his cohorts.

-- tom
DavidMcKnight wrote on 5/25/2016, 4:05 PM
As for my understanding of software companies, I know how to program HTML, so I know what I'm talking about

No disrespect, but man that's funny.
stephenv2 wrote on 5/25/2016, 4:08 PM
What nobody is cluing in here to point the reason(S) this (1) took so long (2) was kept so under the radar and (3) will take some time to sort out is IP.

SCS selling Vegas but not Catalyst means selling to current or potential future competitors. And similar dilemma for buyer - will Sony be blocked from using Vegas IP in future versions of Catalysts. Not just features at API and driver level.

My guess is this is dammed complex both legal and engineering wise. I suspect based on SCS slow down and stoppage of communication/development./NAB, that at least the last year was been sorting out issues like this and SCS shopping Vegas probably goes back years.

A lot of what we don't know is what the future plans for Vegas, Video Pro X are - rewrite Vegas, merge in Video Pro X code or vice versa. Or maintain both. Or drop one or merge into yet unknown single product.

Based on the announcement of autumn release, that tells me Magix (and Sony) likely think they know the answers to this already so due diligence of Sony Vegas code has already happened and plan is in place.
FixitMad0 wrote on 5/25/2016, 4:16 PM
I really hope that the Talented staff at SCS in Middleton,WI will stay on for MAGIX? Are we as users were going to be told about this sale? I only heard about it via an email from Jason Donnelly. Nothing from SCS or MAGIX for that matter.

It would have beeen nice if an official announcement was made like when Sonic Foundry sold their consumer/professional line of Software to Sony.

I wonder if the Loops for ACID will still be created or put on the wayside now? Even though a lot of software was not updated.... (ACID 7) I still purchased what I called Loops for ACID since that is the name that stuck with me. I know they are called Loops and Samples, but Loops for ACID always sounded better to me.

So, what exactly is going to MAGIX and what is staying with Sony? So, it is my understanding from the Little information out there is that SCS is not going to support Consumers, only Professionals now? I am really tired of software companies dumping consumers and going with Pro only.

DrLumen wrote on 5/25/2016, 5:15 PM
I would find it really odd if Sony did not keep or arrange for IP rights in the sale of certain SCS applications. Perhaps they made a non-compete in the non-pro market but I'll lay odds they still have rights to their old IP.

It would not surprise me that companies would use a buyout to gain IP. Google bought Motorola specifically for the IP. If they can then resell the company (as google did with Motorola) then it would be less costly (perhaps even profitable) for them to keep the rights to use the IP.

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monoparadox wrote on 5/25/2016, 6:49 PM
I think SONY looked at their future hardware plans and said, "what do we need to maximize the potential of our hardware technology." Just like Microsoft develops hardware to showcase their software technology. At that point Vegas was irrelevant and the only question surrounding SCS was, "how much can we get out of it?" It just took this long to find a willing buyer. The value of SCS was rapidly diminishing.

If an upgrade is issued for Vegas this Fall, it tells us MAGIX is running with it. I just question what there is to upgrade at this point when a major rewrite is probably necessary for future viability. Probably, just to buy time.

-- tom
Jamon wrote on 5/25/2016, 7:01 PM
They didn't have to buy the IP. They could do a redirect to their own website.

Most likely they're going to rewrite Vegas. But why would they start from scratch? They wouldn't. That's why they also bought Sound Forge. What many of you do not know is that Vegas used to be an audio only multitrack recorder. MAGIX is probably going to go back to the roots and rebuild Vegas starting from the Sound Forge code. They mostly just bought Vegas for the name, logo, and to use it as a reference.

I think this is going to be great for Vegas. The biggest lacking with software like Resolve is audio. By starting from Sound Forge, MAGIX is sure to have a winner.
DGates wrote on 5/25/2016, 7:05 PM
Sony found a buyer and that is good for Vegas. What Magix does with it is anybody's guess. Being that it's a completely different NLE from what they already offer, it doesn't seem like they would get any upgrades from their current users. So Magix apparently bought it for you and I. Meaning, we are the ones they expect to make money off of. Current Vegas users. So that may mean we WILL see a more energized and productive software team in Wisconsin. Otherwise, just tweaking a few insignificant things and selling it as a new version isn't going to get most of us to buy it.
DONDOMOZ wrote on 5/26/2016, 12:27 AM
I have some experience with Magix as they bought the XARA product line and I have to say they not only kept up with the customer base but also continued to develop the programs. I just purchased the latest upgrade to one of their XARA line and they are continually advancing the product with new features and updates as needed. We can only hope that they treat Vegas Pro with the same respect and care they have with the XARA line. Here's hoping.
Tim Stannard wrote on 5/26/2016, 2:24 AM
@Jamon wrote: "They didn't have to buy the IP. They could do a redirect to their own website."
In the context of this discussion, IP = Intellectual Property (rights) not Internet Protocol (address)
Jamon wrote on 5/26/2016, 3:26 AM
It's their property, they bought it, they can redirect to any IP they want.

I found this
That's most likely where the new site will be.
SphinxRa wrote on 5/26/2016, 3:40 AM least some news about it all..was waiting for months what the BEEP was going with VP :(
Grazie wrote on 5/26/2016, 4:25 AM
Jamon: That's most likely where the new site will be.Based on what?

John_Cline wrote on 5/26/2016, 6:11 AM
"I found this That's most likely where the new site will be."

No, no no! Sonic Foundry never went out of business after Sony bought their media apps, much like SCS isn't going out of business now that MAGIX has bought the media apps. Sonic Foundry used the proceeds from the sale to Sony to finance their successful Mediasite video platform. Sonic Foundry is not involved in this deal in any way.
Wolfgang S. wrote on 5/27/2016, 11:53 AM
What will happen to the Sony Creative Software community forums for the products that MAGIX acquired?

Sony Creative Software is providing MAGIX with a full copy of each community forum for the acquired products. MAGIX is investigating the possibility of importing this data into their existing forum system. Both parties recognize the value of the forum and past information and are investigating the best way to continue the community. This site will be updated with further details soon.
set wrote on 5/27/2016, 12:37 PM
I just exploring Magix's site, and the community forum is at, and I just made new user there (My nickname is set_chung).
Instead of 'forum', I notice you can post any 'Tutorials' there or showcase your creation (Show & Discuss) there too...

Well, it's a new place.., so still haven't comfortable yet...

Grazie wrote on 5/27/2016, 1:24 PM
Signed up.

Jamon wrote on 5/27/2016, 1:27 PM
My impression is that there's not enough info about the SCS side of things. Personally I don't care much about Vegas anymore. I want to know what's happening with Catalyst, and this website. They mentioned response times being slower due to staffing changes. There's just one moderator posting in the Catalyst forum, and all the activity is on this side of things. How will SCS change? What are their plans? What exactly is their intention for Catalyst?

I think the MAGIX forum is difficult to read, and this forum software is much better. I hope they consider not importing all this onto there. It is an embarrassing looking website, and I don't want my posts on there.

If they need help, and send me sample database dumps, I can recode this forum in an open source language instead of the ASP it's using, so they can put up an archive if they want instead of importing. I think importing is a bad idea, and you cannot just shoehorn a culture from one place to another when the software style is so different. They should either have a read-only archive of this and start fresh by adding Vegas to their existing forum, or they should have this as a separate site for these people to continue on.
set wrote on 5/27/2016, 7:01 PM
I just make a forum section for Vegas Pro users on Magix forum:

Unfortunately, when I click 'New Topic':
"The page isn’t working

Grazie wrote on 5/27/2016, 9:35 PM
Set? I see you've named the Forum including the previous owner's name. I'd suggest that this may not be the most "acceptable" nomenclature to have chosen. But then this is early days, for everybody.

NickHope wrote on 5/27/2016, 9:44 PM
Let's face it, while the content of this forum is invaluable, the feature set isn't. No notifications, painful linking, quoting and embedding etc. etc..

The MAGIX forums technology is also limited. Looks like it's based on proprietary forum software from years ago. The posts are so narrow and vertically spaced out, wheres these SCS forums are beautifully compact.

If I was MAGIX I'd just use some fully-featured, up-to-date forum software and make an effort to migrate the old SCS and MAGIX posts if possible. If the old posts can't be migrated then just leave these SCS forums exactly as they are but in a legacy state, minus the Sony branding.

I personally wouldn't see it as a problem if my MAGIX account and forum logins were separate. That's pretty common.

set wrote on 5/27/2016, 9:45 PM
Hi Grazie, thankfully can be renamed, but the shortcut link also changes:
(edit: old URL link still working anyway)

Still, one issue is I can't add any new topic on it... wondering if there is any bug on their website, or internet connection issue.
How about anyone else?