Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 14 #122 - Bugs that need fixing


EricLNZ wrote on 11/23/2017, 4:35 AM

Since we now have a thread to centralise bugs I'll add this one which I've mentioned before.

Disable resample issues when reducing playback rate with interlaced source material.

While most video makers would like to see interlacing a thing of the past it isn't as yet.  Cameras like mine only shoot 1080 50i not 50p.  Interlacing gives me no problems except this irritating bug.  The problem is bad jerkiness with moving objects when dealing with interlaced source material after reducing the playback rate with resampling disabled.  I often do this with handheld scenic shots which contain neither people nor vehicles to show that I've slowed down the shot.  This then gives acceptable steadiness without having to resort to stabilisation which inevitably crops the image and causes image deterioration. It appears that VMS14 (and earlier versions) don't deinterlace (I always use interpolation for deinterlacing) before creating the extra frames.

Consequently if you reduce the playback rate of an interlaced clip to 50% then render out as an interlaced file with resampling disabled you find on playback that the frames after player deinterlacing instead of being in the order 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 display as 12 12 34 34 56 56 78 78....Consequently any movement jerks backwards and forwards.  If I export as 50p the result is even more perculiar.  VMS appears to deinterlace but discards one field duplicating the remaining and at 50% playback rate these get duplicated so you get not 11 22 33 44 55 etc but 1111 3333 5555....Very jerky but at least any movement is in one direction!

I find something similar was mentioned years ago on the forum under a Vegas Pro thread but it was obviously never fixed. Obviously I'm PAL and I don't know if the problem applies to NTSC. Fortunately I can work around it by re-rendering my 50i material to a 50p file and using that on the timeline instead.  But this is a hoop one shouldn't have to jump through.

Associated with this problem is another minor issue.  With a playback rate of exactly 0.500 Smart Resample and Force Resample are ineffective.  The result is always the same as if Disable Resample was selected.  But change the playback rate slightly to say 0.510 and Smart and Force Resample become effective again.

These bugs are probably not a priority but it would be nice if they could be fixed.

graham-hale wrote on 12/5/2017, 11:18 AM

Another bug is in the Project media the thumb nail pictures are not the videos that they represent the file name is right but the thumb nail is wrong and not what is taken from the windows folder some are even blank Movie maker 13 is fine yes this is a project i was working on in 13 but im not going to start again

Dr Zen wrote on 12/5/2017, 6:26 PM

Another bug is in the Project media the thumb nail pictures are not the videos that they represent the file name is right but the thumb nail is wrong and not what is taken from the windows folder some are even blank Movie maker 13 is fine yes this is a project i was working on in 13 but im not going to start again

This is not a bug. This problem can happen with any version of Vegas. It can happen when files use the same name and then everything gets mixed up. This commonly happens when you re-format an SD card from your camera. Videos from different sessions can end up with the same file name.

This is easily fixed by deleting the Thumbnail Caches inside of the Temporary Files Cache for Vegas. Next time you open your project, the thumbnails will be regenerated correctly.

Go to Options/Preferences/General
Copy location of Temporary files folder at bottom
Go to Documents in your computer and Paste the address into File Explorer address bar at top.
Inside you will find some folders - delete all the Thumbnail Caches and then they will regenerate.

leshowarth wrote on 12/13/2017, 11:39 AM

The behaviour of the Vegas Text and Titler as detailed by various users here which occurs with a great many fonts - where the text previews correctly in the tool - but renders and displays in the timeline viewer as "default sans" is inexcusable in the default text tool of a video editor.

alderny wrote on 12/13/2017, 12:31 PM

I agree, as I've hit that problem too.

tim-turben wrote on 12/17/2017, 10:53 PM

Any way to make variable frame rates play well without encoding them as constant with Handbrake?

NickHope wrote on 12/17/2017, 11:53 PM

.mov files do not import properly. Video is slightly slowed down and audio is stretched to a different proportion. I'm trying to edit 30 minute iPhone B-roll and the sync is terrible. Sync is fine with VLC or when imported to different editors, but not platinum 14. Quicktime is properly installed as required by Vegas.

@tim-turben For sure that needs fixing, like it has been now in Vegas Pro 15, but in the meantime you can rewrap to MP4, which is really fast once you have the batch file set up.

FayFen wrote on 12/17/2017, 11:59 PM

I don't know if this was ever discussed, but one thing that irritate me is the freeze frame at the end of a raw clip.

Putting a freeze frame should be part of the user esthetics decisions and not reinforced by software. The simple solution is to have that thing set in preferences as the looping .

And why I see that as a bug? because there isn't any practical use for it as such.

Marco. wrote on 12/18/2017, 3:21 AM

Actually "Looping" is the default setting. But most of the time I deselect "Looping" because freezing the end of an Event makes more sense to most of my projects. This is because it is not considered to be a bug – it's just an option to choose dependend on which kind of processes you'd need or prefer.

EricLNZ wrote on 12/18/2017, 4:22 AM

And why I see that as a bug? because there isn't any practical use for it as such.

That's just your opinion. Like Marco I prefer to have the end freeze rather than loop which is the default. You can change it in Options/Preferences/Editing where it's the first box to tick or untick. I don't consider there's any practical use for Looping but obviously you feel differently.

FayFen wrote on 12/19/2017, 4:00 AM

Marco and Eric, I don't know what type of work you do, but I would like to know what so special in the last frame, (when one just arbitrarily stop recording) that it should be benefited to be freeze. Just by lengthening the event.

As far as I remember (I don't have VMS yet..) there isn't even any mark that freeze frames were added.

My philosophy is when I lengthen a clip and it reaches it's raw end , it ends and call for my attention of some sort. Then I'll decide if a freeze is needed and on what frame, it could be the 19'th frame from the end. And it's my decision.

And why not a default "slo-mo". many times when I'm in need for few extra frames I slo-mo the last second or so to my need.

All I suggest that a "do nothing" setting will be added when one pull up to the event end.

Marco. wrote on 12/19/2017, 4:23 AM

Actually there is a mark which identifies the clip's end and also it snaps.

I often work with animations which movement ends such like title animations. And this way freezing when lengthening such an Event is a simple process.
Also if I use regular camera footage it is much more easy to realize you're beyond the clip's end if there is a freeze frame whereas a loop could be very confusing (though – as mentioned above – there also is an indication of each clip's end if exceeded).

Looping is a mode I sometimes (but rarely) use for some kind of audio editing processes.


EricLNZ wrote on 12/19/2017, 4:42 AM

I rarely extend a clip unless for a special effect. In the unlikely event a clip isn't long enough I usually slow its play speed down slightly to give extra length. As Marco points out you know when you've extended because of the mark that appears. As for looping this can cause a noticeable jump when the clip suddenly goes back to the start.

FayFen wrote on 12/19/2017, 5:01 AM

Animation is a particular case, usually the last frame is not just a random one,

I see I can't convince you...

Well so I guess there will be one known annoyance I'm going to stumble on once I start using VMS15.

What about the option to select what to paste from one event to the next, I saw that in VP15 it's implemented, will this be migrated to VMS ? This feature I use very often.

Marco. wrote on 12/19/2017, 5:08 AM

It's all off-topic because we don't talk about a bug here which is what this discussion is meant for.

Please open a new own discussion for Movie Studio feature wishes.