VEGAS Pro 20 Build 214 General Thread


VEGASDerek wrote on 1/16/2023, 4:10 PM

I just whished the team would bring out more frequent updates - and if they have cold feet about not giving it enough test time as features, changes and fixes can impact quality; what is preventing the team to release beta versions to the public? These beta versions would be just that - beta, let the public decide themselves if they want to take the risk of installing less tested and potentially buggy software. If you want stability, choose the official version. Resolve does this, I see no complaints on that way of working.

But that it seems, is not going to happen, even worse, as I read somewhere in this forum, the team is planning to reduce the update frequency to allow for better testing/quality deliverance. Very noble, but if you have an issue that needs fixing, I would hate to wait half a year for a big bang release with lots of new contend that feels like a numbered release. What's the harm in dual track delivery: releasing beta versions and stable versions?

This is an interesting discussion. Several factors have gone into the fact we currently do not have a public beta. The biggest issue really is the size of our team and the lack of support personnel that would be able to track feedback. We have a solid beta test team right now that has been enormously helpful in getting the stability of VEGAS Pro back to reasonable levels. Resolve, by comparison, likely has dozens (if not over a hundred) developers and support personnel working with their software. We have 6 engineers plus me. Right now we have people already complaining the they've sent in several crash reports and nothing ever happens with them or no response about them is ever been would take several people to be able to adequately sort through the thousands of crash reports that are submitted every week, so we are forced to focus on specific ones that appear to be happening frequently in order to be able to keep our team productive. So to put it simply, a public beta likely would slow development down even more than it currently is and would delay official update releases even more as well.

With all that said, we are trying to transition our team to a continuous delivery model and with that we have considered a public beta as part of that eventual rollout. This transition has been considerably slower than the engineering team would have liked to have seen, but considering this significantly changes our sales model, it affects many other parts of the company and we have not been able to make that full transition yet. If we are able to get the sales infrastructure changed, and we are able to get approval for some additional engineers and support people, a public beta may eventually happen.

As for the next update (which we are in the final stretch of finishing up), we had hoped to have released it a few weeks before Christmas (about 6 weeks after the first VP 20 update), but we had discovered a few too many major issues that would have resulted in a poor experience for our users. Normally we would have simply held off for a week or so to get the update out, but the holidays made that logistically difficult, so we reset everything for the release last week once the company was completely back from holiday.

At times I know it seems like the development team is ignorant to complaints or problems that our users are having, but I can assure you we are much more tuned in to the feedback we receive here and on other user portals like Reddit and Facebook...just about every issue that is brought up here is on our list to address. Some of these things are fairly easy to knock out and others require a significant amount of work...months if not see any results from. This team is small but it is smart and talented with a huge commitment to this product. They work their ass off to the point of burn-out at times and the reason for that is the passion our customers have for this product. We want to make something that you are excited about and we are proud of and all the feedback about VEGAS Pro, whether it is positive or negative, motivates us to do better. The only thing that is a downer is when users question the team's motivation or abilities.

pierre-k wrote on 1/16/2023, 4:25 PM

I think releasing a beta version will hold you back because you have to wait for users to comment. And not every user is in the mood and time for feedback. Only some rock fans would do that. The internal beta team is much more progressive. And according to Derek, the beta team knows what they're doing.

fr0sty wrote on 1/16/2023, 4:43 PM

Each member of the team was carefully chosen for their skillset, hardware, etc... They have done a great job curating a great team, and the results are starting to show.



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MarkAnthony121 wrote on 1/16/2023, 5:45 PM

I keep checking every day in anticipation. Can't wait for the new update and the hard work is appreciated.

mofobo wrote on 1/16/2023, 7:02 PM

Noticed a crash issue when adding the credit roll from Media Generator.
Granted theres a lot of credits (around 485 lines imported from notepad), but it causes an issue when Vegas attempts to Autosave. Whole progam freezes after project saves at around 33%.

Also experiencing an old issue that I had with previous versions (on a completely different system): Vegas doesn't launch when double-clicking the desktop icon or launching from taskbar. Have to click it again, go into task manager and end 1 of the Vegas processes for the other to begin.

BIENVENIDO-ORTIZORTIZ wrote on 5/4/2023, 8:55 AM

HELPPPPPPPP......I am almost at the end of a client video and this morning Vegas 20 does do not start at all. The last update came in while doing the video and I postponed the update until I finished this video, Anyone knows how to bring the program up again? Thanks

RogerS wrote on 5/4/2023, 8:59 AM

@BIENVENIDO-ORTIZORTIZ For downloads try the news section of this forum or bookmark this post for future use. This is one update you can't postpone!

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