Vegas 17 Feature Requests


ivan-f wrote on 5/12/2019, 2:45 AM

New codecs for export, and it will be nice to export beyond 4k

FireStorm wrote on 5/13/2019, 4:41 PM

I know I'm in a minority here, but I've always wanted Vegas to be more "Tablet Friendly" (Not nessesarily touch friendly). I use a Wacom Tablet almost exclusivly for Graphic/Video design and it seems like there is a lot that can be done with the sliders, and the margin for error when dragging the cursor to help with that. Autodesk products have done this very well with simple, draggable buttons.

Vegas also seems to be on the fence when it comes to built-in features vs. plug-ins. There is a lot over overlap and it would be nice to have it feel more integrated.

Kinvermark wrote on 5/13/2019, 5:11 PM


Which export codecs specifically? Would be interesting to know a little bit more detail about destination for output, etc.

malowz wrote on 5/13/2019, 6:08 PM

v13 interface

fix ancient bugs

proper exposure fx

but that's just me...

Steve_Rhoden wrote on 5/13/2019, 6:47 PM

8K and beyond support.... 8K and beyond support... 8K and beyond support !!

Kinvermark wrote on 5/13/2019, 8:06 PM

Multiple timelines per project; tabbed and stackable

Improved xml export for sending timelines to other programs for further work (this implies broader support for reading clip source timecode and some cooperation from other vendors)

Wire-up project media thumbnail scrubbing to the trimmer so you can accurately set IN/OUT points using a larger viewer or full screen. Any IN/OUT points set in a project media thumbnail should be visible in the trimmer and vice versa.

Allow trimmer to ripple edit events already on the timeline. i,e. Double click to load timeline event to trimmer, then if you change an IN or OUT point, then that change should be rippled in the timeline.

...oh ya, and implement native encode/decode support for cineform. Just in case.


TobHammm wrote on 5/14/2019, 1:19 AM

8K and beyond support.... 8K and beyond support... 8K and beyond support !!

No. I just pray they don't waste their resources on 8K.

fr0sty wrote on 5/14/2019, 4:00 AM

8K and beyond support.... 8K and beyond support... 8K and beyond support !!

No. I just pray they don't waste their resources on 8K.

It isn't a waste at all to allow it. Many owners of 360 VR cameras are unable to get the most of their equipment due to Vegas' 4096x4096 resolution limit, and this isn't even talking about the emerging 8k camera market that will soon have people wanting to edit their video at native resolution. I personally think 8k is a waste as far as buying a TV with that many pixels, but there are valid reasons to acquire at higher resolution, as well as valid needs for VR.

Steve_Rhoden wrote on 5/14/2019, 4:51 AM

TobHammm, Excuse me, waste their resources on 8K?..... 8k output is greatly needed by many Professional content creators for endless reasons, for one example, i consistently create signage and promotional content for billboards and outside digital displays, and their resolution requirements are often for example like (3280x6720) or (7280x3470), and always have to do this in After Effects. So is that a waste for an NLE to invest in presently geared towards the professional market, when even most other NLE already has this?

8k requirement for many editors is not for watching content in 8k and producing 8k content for TV...(which is not fully necessary yet)... it is for the flexibility to have maximum resolution to play with whenever a client comes in needing promotional content for the super bowl or for a thin digital display on top of their store. And as fr0sty also highlighted, 360 VR camera users are unable to get the most of their equipment due to this Vegas limitation, along with more limitations i could mention here.

Marco. wrote on 5/14/2019, 5:01 AM

Yes, both VR and Region-of-Interest editing (which is a fast rising field) at least would benefit from 8k project bases.

JJKizak wrote on 5/14/2019, 5:57 AM

I believe one of the reasons for 8K is for 3D without the glasses. (Two 4K's in parallel)


Dimitrios wrote on 5/14/2019, 6:44 PM

@3POINT Just to make sure but there is no way I can get my custom folder onto the general effects table right?

3POINT wrote on 5/14/2019, 11:50 PM

@3POINT Just to make sure but there is no way I can get my custom folder onto the general effects table right?

Indeed, custom folder only visible in the plug-in chooser, not in the FX Media tab.

3POINT, Theo Houben, Vegasuser since version 5

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Hardware:i7 4770, 16GB, GTX650ti, 1920x1200 display

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Howard-Vigorita wrote on 5/16/2019, 10:22 AM

Enhanced multi-camera operation. Like not throwing away track fx when combining to a multicam track. And not throwing away crossfades when expanding a multicam track without saving muted clips (ok that's probably just a bug fix because it doesn't do that if you keep muted clips). Also, make a lut fx standard but make sure it works in both clip and track fx... the optional ofx lut plugin freaks out as as a track fx when it encounters crossfades between tracks. And how about bringing back clip sync using audio?

Kinvermark wrote on 5/16/2019, 10:33 AM

Something like "Load to project media FOLDER" whereby you can select the wanted clips in the Vegas explorer window, then hotkey/button to create/name a project media folder and load those clips into it in one shot. SAVES TIME.

Also, a way to lock the ALL MEDIA part of the project media window to list view so as to prevent re-drawing thumbnails of potentially hundreds (thousands?) of clips. The sub-folders with smaller amounts of media would still make scrubbable thumbnails.

Radomir wrote on 5/18/2019, 2:17 PM

My wishlist:

  1. Volume envelope / pan envelope, like on track, but for audio events. Old premiere had this function. If I want to lower volume on music, need to add this envelope into track, but then I need to watch it every time, when moving movie, event or etc.
  2. This same also would be nice for Composite lever of video event.
  3. Close Gap as button to add in timeline toolbar or main toolbar. Long time I was using custom made script for this.
  4. Smart rendering for unused or covered higher video track. If I remember correctly, much older versions of Vegas could propertly recognize, that lower track was completely covered by higher track. Now, even if higher track has video over other, still rendering time is slower. This also works well for empty track, but now it's better to mute unused track.
  5. SeMW like rendering window. Levels also.
  6. Smart join parts of rendered videos. It would help to render movie in parts, and then render it in all. Some of codecs can be used for this, but it isn't clearly described. And still parts of this files still be reencoded.
  7. Batch render can be done by custom script (with shutdown after complete) but it would be nice, to has in-build. Also maybe better batch render at all.
  8. Customise proxy format. I'm living in PAL region, mostly record movies in PAL, but proxy always is rendered in NTSC. Maybe I'm exaggerating there, but still.

Enhanced multi-camera operation. Like not throwing away track fx when combining to a multicam track. And not throwing away crossfades


Marco. wrote on 5/18/2019, 2:48 PM

"'I'm living in PAL region, mostly record movies in PAL, but proxy always is rendered in NTSC."

You probably mean the frame rate. But this something almost always misunderstood about the proxy workflow. When Vegas Pro switches to the proxies by switching the preview setting, the proxy framerate will aways adopt to the source file frame rate. There is no need to customize.

Radomir wrote on 5/18/2019, 3:53 PM

Yes, framerate. 25/50 vs proxy 23.9.

There is no need to customize.

Well, im would be way calmer :) Good thing is, Vegas handles very well files with different framerates, but still.

Marco. wrote on 5/18/2019, 6:20 PM

Proxy clips are not handled as 23,976 fps. Proxy events read the frame rate meta data from its source files.

karma17 wrote on 5/19/2019, 3:15 AM

As a nesting alternative, I render scenes (usually 5-15 mins) as AVC MXF files (often requires no recompression) then when all my scenes are complete, I import all the mxf files back in and place on a master timeline, and render that out. If I need to make individual changes, it is easy enough to go back into the individual MXF file and make any changes there and reimport it to the master time line.

Perhaps it is a little funky, but I haven't noticed any degradation in quality doing it that way and usually once a file renders successfully as mxf, I don't have to worry about it glitching or freezing up later. I did a 90 minute film project this way and thought it worked pretty well.

Howard-Vigorita wrote on 5/19/2019, 12:37 PM

I've noticed that still-photos that are imported to an HD project get treated differently when rendered to letterboxed SD as is necessary for most catv delivery. HD video clips can be letterboxed but the still shots seem to bypass it. Some may like this 'feature' but a preference choice would be nice. I convert stills photos to HD mxf files without an audio track before import to get consistent treatment.

Kinvermark wrote on 5/21/2019, 10:42 PM

SPLIT (two or more) "viewports" in the project media and Vegas explorer windows, so one can, for instance, drag media from multiple open source folders into a storyboard - a more visual way of working.

Norbert wrote on 5/22/2019, 12:52 PM

My Vegas 17 wish list:

- Stability. Sometimes it still crashes for no reason. For example when you use ripple edit while playback or if you are 'faster than Vegas'.

- Optimizing RAM preview, it just won’t load properly into the ram the selected loop region.  

- When editing in multicamera mode the second monitor’s preview sometimes just disapears for no reason even though the FullScreen is still on. I know when this happens I need to restart the program because it’s about to freeze. It’s an ancient bug I’ve been experiencing since Vegas Pro 8.

- Smart prerendering while playback on timeline. No matter what you do, at each new video event you experience frame rate dropping, and when editing the user wants to see how the edit feels like and you can’t „see” how an edit feels like if it drops exactly at the edit point. I need to prerender lots of times and it’s time consuming.

- When editing an event show the last frame of the previeous / following video event’s first picture – it’s in Premiere.

- Maybe it would be strange but I would like to be able to „nest” a new composite for After Effects. As Premiere now supports this feature when you can just nest clips and work with them in AE, it would be a game changer if Vegas Pro supported this function. I hate Premire’s editing style but I like it because it’s easier than ever to edit while using complex AE compositions.

-  Optimizing Mask to „Color Match” and „LAB color”. I mean when these fxs are added as event fx the egdes become green when mask layer is applied.

- When you try to export a project to work on it in Premiere the file won’t work in Premiere. It’s a bug I think.

- Built-in Vegasaur. It’s a real gamechanger and makes editing 100 times faster than in any other NLE out there!

-  Better and hardware accelerated Lower Thirds animation presets.

- Faster and more quality render outputs. Optimized render hardware acceleration, better ram usage.

- Better GPU acceleration!

- No freezing during rendering, at least without a normal error massage that tells the user exactly what the problem is.


Thank you for still working on my favorite NLE!!! :D

Norbert wrote on 5/22/2019, 2:49 PM

Plus ideas as features:

-          Add an „Add a note to this event” feature to event buttons, so users could add labels to events that would appear on the selected event(s) on the left corner of them – as their name – take - information appears on the top of each event when Active Take Information is on. An event could get more than one note at a time. And add a search window, too where you can search for given events' keyword(s) – it would highlight them on timeline, and you could see them one by one ( - the same way you can see every keyword in a .pdf when you use „find” - ) with given keywords on the timeline. It would speed up the „selecting usable media” part of the editing. Yes, you can create subclips now and name all of them but it wouldn't be the same not so optimal algorithm of editing and it would speed up the “search for given kind of events” processes.

-          Add a marker list window, where you can overview all your markers and you can jump to the given marker, or search for a given marker by name.

-          Maybe more marker colors than orange?

-          Ability to open more projects and timelines in one Vegas Pro.