ShowRecDat - Display and use recording data within Vegas pro


riu wrote on 3/31/2020, 8:15 AM

It is a shame for me. I hope you will in the future.

Peter_P wrote on 11/5/2020, 3:28 AM

Since Vegas pro currently has no easy indication for HLG / S-Log2+3 files, I was asked by a user to add this to ShowRecDat and this is now included in V3.4.3. This works for Sony XAVC-S files only.

In addition I added  a Fuji X-T4 bitrate view and for JPG files directly out of a Sony digicam the ambient temperature is shown.

There was almost no interest on the FR-CSVtoVFR.exe for DJI flight record integration. So I removed this from the package and added a new PDF for installation hint.

RogerS wrote on 10/1/2022, 4:51 PM

Hi @Peter_P do you have another way to download this program? The link in the first page doesn't seem to work any longer. It's a valuable tool.

Peter_P wrote on 10/2/2022, 1:07 AM

Hi Roger,
sorry the provider has changed some thing and so I have to renew the links. Will do that in the next days.

Peter_P wrote on 10/2/2022, 10:53 AM

The link and password (see first post) are now changed and an updated version has been released.