34 GB of app/data/local avi files?

Philip wrote on 2/4/2019, 10:30 PM

(Please forgive me if this is a repeat; I can't find the post I made earlier today on this.)

I am using MSPlat 15. After a recent W7 reinstall, data restoration from a backup, and re-installation of programs, my C drive is almost twice as full as it was when I took the machine to the shop. One big chunk of files, as revealed by Wiztree, is 34GB of avi files in C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Sony\Movie Studio Platinum\12.0\Movie Studio Platinum Prerendered Video File, I haven't even been using v12 for nearly a year, nor do I see the real files -- pardon my lack of the technical term -- anywhere on my drive. Is there a way to view these? Can I safely delete them? Are there associated files I should delete as well? (The are 253 files in this folder, about 30 of which are these prerendered, and a couple of wave and .avi.) Will they go away if I uninstall v.12?



Musicvid wrote on 2/4/2019, 10:33 PM

You probably need to take the computer back to the shop.

j-v wrote on 2/5/2019, 4:03 AM

All the files you name here can be deleted without a problem for the computer.
But if you need some of those files again you can store them first elswhere
When you start VMS15 again, that program make only new ones that are needed to use the program.
When you have started VMS 15 go as fast as possible to Options/Preferences and change the temp files location.

Also it would be better in the future not to store sourcefiles files or (pre)rendered files on the default location VMS ask for, but at your own wanted location.

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