4:3 Video done in 720p

ingeborgdot wrote on 12/15/2021, 8:31 AM

I got a video from my brother awhile ago that is an older video that he had in bluray. It is excellent quality, and I can't believe he had it. Well, anyway, it is in black and white and I wanted to mess with it and try to see how colorization works on it.

The problem I have is not with colorization, but with the way he did the rendering process. He took a 4:3 video and made it 720p 16:9 format. It has the standard black bars on the side when you watch it on the TV, but when I bring it into Vegas Pro 19, it makes it 720 16:9 with no black bars, and distorts it slightly, as it stretches it.

I am not proficient enough with 19 to know what properties I should use when I import this video, so it keeps the black bars on the side, and does not stretch it. Also, what should the render settings be to keep it at an HD level of quality?

I hope this all makes sense. 😕

Thanks for helping.


Musicvid wrote on 12/15/2021, 8:39 AM

Start in a 4:3 Project, uncheck Maintain Aspect Ratio in Event Switches, and that should do it.


If you need further help, upload a sample of the source to Drive or Dropbox.

ingeborgdot wrote on 12/15/2021, 9:14 AM

I think I figured it out. I thought it was more complicated than it really was. I kept W & H at 1280 x 720 but changed the pixel aspect ratio to 1.3333, which gave me the black side bars back, and narrowed up the people to regular size. I needed to check the box that says Stretch video to fill output frame size .... I had forgotten to do that.

In the render settings, nothing had to be changed, other than from going from 29.97fps down to 23.976

It is working well.