A lot of preview lag

Mashbanana wrote on 3/6/2022, 11:54 AM

I have made a post about this before but nothing has seemed to work. So every time I need to edit a video I start dreading it because I know the lag i'm about to go through. I usually edit a 1440p video in 60 fps because when 1080p the quality looks bad on youtube. The preview window is always at 5fps and I have tried everything, including making a video proxy. But nothing has worked. I have tried changing the preview window ram as well.

My Specs:

ryzen 5 5600x

gtx 1660 super

16gb 3200mhz ram




I also am using movie studio platinum 17.

also just wondering if upgrading to windows 11 would effect the performance at all


Musicvid wrote on 3/13/2022, 11:46 PM

If it is because of heavy source material, then Proxy rendering was made just for you.

If it is because of heavy timeline FX, then Prerendering is your ticket.

Since it probably isn't your system, we can probably figure it out from your details or your project and your media properties, neither of which we can possibly guess. Start here: