Auto Bak up files saving at Photoshop

anne-m wrote on 4/6/2020, 10:28 AM

I have a constant problem with crashing on my latest project whilst importing .mov files. I have ticked the enable the Quicktime plugin box in Depreciated Features tab. I can see the footage, and and audio, but each time I try to add more than about 10 clips Vegas crashes. My auto back up in my c drive is however a PS file, even through its file extension is veg and described at bak. If I right click to "open with", Vegas is not an option. This is a recent problem, since by auto saved projects were previously easily reopened as .veg files in Vegas. I cannot find any solution as to where to change the setting for my auto save to be VEG files. Please advise. I am using Vegas Pro 17, with Desktop with Windows 10. I have build 421. P3-*****




j-v wrote on 4/6/2020, 10:44 AM

Use the "Advanced Save" option in Tools

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Musicvid wrote on 4/6/2020, 11:04 AM

1. For your mov files, tell us:

2. Windows "Open With" method:

anne-m wrote on 4/6/2020, 12:21 PM

thank you! Now sorted. I was struggling to find the icon for Vegas, but thanks to your screenshots, now fixed it. Very grateful. Anne

rraud wrote on 4/7/2020, 10:40 AM

FWIW, for customizing Win context menus and such, I like the "Default Program Editor". File types, icons, descriptions, ect. can be customized as well. 'Default Program Editor' is a portable utility (not an installed program).