Black and white lady effect..

EarthGuest wrote on 5/15/2019, 7:13 AM

When I look at it , I say wow. - I know that there are some tuts out there to achieve a similar effect, but I have not seen anybody pull it off as good as they have in the early 90's - Thirty years later and I am still wow'd by this


Hi there =)

EarthGuest here. You may or may not know me from posts like :

"new blue titler "hangs" for 2 seconds..?! "


"moving clips in the timeline "


I have come back to praise a special video effect and see if anybody here would happen to know anything about it...


What effect am I speaking of?

It is the "black and white" effect from in living color (Velma Mulholland) from the early 90's.


Here are some examples:

- here only the lady is in black and white

- here everything is black and white except for the robber


(the quality of the clips is terrible, but I cannot post clips from youtube here with "starting at" tags.. ;) - I am sure that you can find this is good quality;)


Does anybody know how they pulled this off so nicely?



Thanks, and, you have yourself a nice day now, y'hear? ;)




Musicvid wrote on 5/15/2019, 9:52 AM

I'm thinking there is a good b/w colorizer plugin with tracking available. Like you, I have admired the effect on everything from well-shot monochrome movies to Coca-Cola and budwater commercials.