Camera under 300 $


Marty111 wrote on 12/7/2019, 6:29 PM

Well the GH5 has good slow motion compared to other cameras. A guy in his blog even said it's the best camera for slow motion. That's why I wouldn't buy anything but a gh5. But if you say a cheap lens would waste the video quality, then I have to find a expensive one for cheap. I also have to get an idea of how much is expensive and how much is cheap when talking about lenses. And I have to know what are the good ones.
If I can afford one I will buy it and buy the gh5, otherwise I won't buy anything and I will wait until something great and affordable comes out. And if nothing affordable ever comes out, then I'm better of not becoming a cameraman, and continuing stealing other people's work to illustrate my music. Even with a camera I would probably use other people's work anyway, because I can't travel back in time, can't really travel to other places just to shoot, can't hire actors except a few friends, and more importantly I refuse to be limited artistically by some copyright considerations.
How about this one ? I don't even know if it fits the gh5, but the guy says its condition is as new and sells it for 500 instead of 850€ :

I certainly wouldn't like a bad result like that : The image has some distortion and it's blurry : ( Also the cameraman is shaking)

Marty111 wrote on 12/8/2019, 9:26 AM

What is the cheapest nice single focus anamorphic lens for the gh5 ?

Musicvid wrote on 12/8/2019, 10:28 AM

What is the cheapest nice single focus anamorphic lens for the gh5 ?

Google is your friend, Marty. What I suspect is that you've added a zero to your initial budget.

Marty111 wrote on 12/8/2019, 12:25 PM

Google is an rogue American company that needs to be heavily taxed as our beloved and inspired president Macron said 🇫🇷 💖

Yes I've been looking a lot but haven't found a clear answer yet.

Let say I'm considering the "ask daddy for some money option" 🐱 But before that I wan't to make sure I'm buying the right stuff. At that price there's no room for mistake.

Musicvid wrote on 12/8/2019, 5:51 PM

There are many search engines, Marty.

That said, politics don't sit well with our moderators. Sticking to your own topic is appreciated.

Marty111 wrote on 12/9/2019, 11:24 PM

Yes but it's not like there is a centralized and detailed comparison of each single focus lens usable with the gh5.
I don't mind artifacts and little defects on the anamorphic lenses, flares and strong light burst, those are part of the style that these lenses bring. But I don't want some bad blur and bad distortion. I don't mind if the image looks a bit dirty, but I want to avoid motion sickness and such.

It's funny to have artifacts. I'm also thinking about buying an old analog camera. I think this Russian guy uses one for his sketches, you'd really think it was shot in Russia in 1989. Looks pretty cool :)

Marty111 wrote on 12/11/2019, 7:12 AM

Is there Anyone shooting with anamorphic lenses on the forum ?