Can my project be rendered 5.1 in a .mp4 for streaming video?

Derg wrote on 9/15/2021, 3:41 PM

Back when I did wedding videos I experimented with ac-3 5.1 surround on my DVDs. This was at a time, & maybe still is, where audio & video were separate files added to DVDA. It was an interesting experiment to say the least!

But now, 20 years later, I'm wondering if any of the rendering formats can render video & 5.1 audio for video streaming. I see where Vegas 19 Project settings can be set for 5.1 surround & the within the timeline, too, but not within the rendering templates I've see.

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Musicvid wrote on 9/15/2021, 7:19 PM

Mp4 video supports AAC 5.1 audio, but it is entirely up to your streaming platform if it makes it through or gets downsampled to stereo.

Marco. wrote on 9/16/2021, 1:06 AM

If you want to render MP4 with 5.1 audio from Vegas Pro, select "Sony AVC" as render format, select one of the internet presets and set the audio to 5.1 in the audio tab of the Custom Setting window.

Alternatively, you could use Voukoder or HOS (Happy Otter Scripts) as renderer.